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Orient Doll So vampire heads

Sep 19, 2006

    1. How big are the orientdoll tinies? I love those heads but are there any other bodies they fit on? I know it's unlikely but just curious.

      I like how one of them has the pointed ears and the other has the floppy ones. XD So cute!
    2. they are tiny , about 12cm ?
      there are som comparison pictures on my picturetrail

      they do fit on Lati white bodies (but you cant buy them seperatly )
    3. Thank you! :) *starts planning evilly*
    4. oh man i love vampy ui SO MUCH. i hate how relatively inexpensive (compared to others) tines are... i just wanna gobble them up. i think i'll wait till she's available with makeup though before i decide anything.
    5. ugh double post.
    6. I'm with you Moonsong, I loved Ui when she first came out but decided I should wait for a "vampire" version to go with my "vampire" Ji. I thought maybe I would be safe and they wouldnt release one. Darn them and their great customer service! The fans ask and they deliver. I'll wait for the makeup version though.

      I also noticed they now have optional So hands. Has anyone tried switching them out and restringing?
    7. I'm quite tempted to get a veny tiny vampire x3
    8. I got the optional pointing and tiny fist So hands and they are TOO cute! I think the hardest part was trying to get his little hand out enough to grab the elastic in his arm. The hands are tied on to the elastic with thick string, and they quadruple tied it, and stuffed the knot in his forearm. It was pretty difficult to get that knot out. I didn't use their string to tie the pointing hand back on, but rather used a heavy duty button thread since it's easier to tie and no where near as bulky as the string they used.
    9. giggles to go with yout tiny Devil ?and Angel?:)

    10. oh wouldn't that be so sweet! x3 ohhh *ponderponder* so many cute tinies x3 I think I would very much like the worlds littlest vampire in my house xD
    11. Darn Orient Doll anyway--More dolls I want from them.

      I do adore the way they each have different ears; Ji is different from both these others.

      Off to buy a lottery ticket--how else can I afford the entire line from OD & the other dolls I want, oh, yeah, and food, rent, gas, &c.

      note to self: don't let Giotto (OD V-Ji) see the OD site.

      Ann in CT

    12. Are you visiting Illinois anytime soon Margarita? =) The thread you used, is it just called "button thread" or does it have another name? I was trying to pose my Ji one day and pulled her hand out of the wrist and that knot came out. I havent been able to get it all the way back into her body since. I tried pulling on the elastic but I was afraid it might break. Its not to noticable now, but if I could fix it with the button thread, I'd like to try. It would also be nice to have some different hands for her.
    13. *sings* I'm not looking, I'm not looking!
      I don't see those wee-cute ears. :love
    14. Another name is buttonhole twist.
    15. Hi Tinybear,

      I just put that head (edit: UI Vampire) on a boy body and I love him! He looks good bald, but I think he might get a wig when the new girl with green hair gets one! :lol:

      I don't know about the rest of you, but I wish they hadn't named him Dong. (You have to be from the 70's!) :lol: