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Orient doll tiny clothing?

Mar 18, 2008

    1. Im really thinking about getting an orient doll tiny, but all their clothing is pretty much sold!

      Anyone have any links to the best clothing sites for these? i looked at the ones i could find, and they seem to all be links to the market place :doh

      Can anyone give us a hand??

    2. I buy Kelly/Shelly clothes off EBay for my SO girls.They fit pretty good.
    3. I have a little So Dong (Sprinkle) and I usually get Kelly clothes for her, but the pants are a pain and the little undies in the skirts and dresses need to be cut out. I also have Bratz baby coats, underwear, and skirts for her. Sometimes she can fit into a Bratz Kid skirt, but nothing else and she can wear normal Bratz stuff with the sleeves cut down and the skirts are a bit long and so are the pants, but they're easy to cut down. It's kinda cute though. Also the little Disney royal princess babies (the tiny ones) have cute dresses that fit. My little Sprinkle has a nice blue dress. Some random doll clothes may fit, I'm always on the look out for new clothes that may fit her as I want her to have a huge wardrobe, so I may be able to add to this later.
    4. This is my OD-Ji vamp. Click little pics for larger ones $$$$$$$
      [​IMG] Mad Hatter for Kelly by Mattell
      [​IMG]Wee Patsy by Tonner/Effanbee
      [​IMG] Handmade in Kelly size by Mary-lee, DoA member
    5. Most of the kelly fantasy outfits tend to fit rather well. Regular clothes are a hit or miss most of the time. I knit outfits for these little ones. I am currently offering my ducky outfit (fotos will be posted within the next week) and my hats. Working on a dress pattern. CHeck out my work at the bottom of my signature.
    6. I have something else to add. The Only Hearts club lil kids doll's clohes are a nice fit for my Orientdoll tiny. My sprinkle looks so adorable. I'll edit this with pictures when I can take some.
    7. Sizes 10-13cm Boneka dresses fit nicely. The 13cm are a little long, but depending on the style and your preferences, it can work. Since I like old fashioned little girl dresses, with smocking and embroidery, they are perfect for my dolls. I think 10cm is the size originally designed for Helen Kish's Kishlets.

      The bad thing is they are very hard to find, but I have found them at Denver Dolls, Let's Play Dolls, Annette & Friends, and sometimes on eBay.

      http://www.letsplaydolls.com/boneka.shtml#FOR 4 ½

      Sabrina :kitty2
    8. I like the clothes for the McDonald's Madam Alexander dolls for my So. I found a couple of large collections on ebay. Some parts are plastic and not every thing fits but some stuff does and I found several large collection that made it very affordable. I got some very cute little dresses and a red riding hood cape. Sometimes you have to adjust or add snaps but that isn't to difficult.
    9. If you're looking for jeans you can get them from Denver Doll Emporium. They fit perfectly, have very detailed top stitching, working back pockets and little gold/copper 'rivets'. Here is the link..

    10. Spampy's Puki teeshirts fit if the armholes are wide enough. You can tell her to make them a little wider for the OD So's wider fingers. Spampy's Puki jeans fit well, too.

      Here are the jeans with a teeshirt on a So Ye (left).

      Here are some pyjamas:
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    11. Here is Penny, my So Sun, wearing an Evi outfit (Evi is a Shelly clone made by Simba) and shoes and socks I bought from Dale Rae.

    12. Here is Bunny, my OD So Dong
      She is wearing the Only Hearts Club Lil Kids clothes and Kelly shoes
    13. My mother's OD So Vampire Ji in a Kelly dress with OD bloomers and socks:

      Bodkin (OD So Ye Winged vampire) wearing Kelly/Tommy shorts/shirt:

      Tommy clothes:
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      These are Calvin Klein or something-like-that overalls for Kelly/Tommy.

      So boys and girls can also wear the Licca little brothers and sisters clothing. I think it's called Heartland? I don't have any closeup shots available at the moment to show you.
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