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Oriental/Asian-looking mini size Dolls?

Mar 1, 2010

    1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if this is the wrong place, I apologize.

      I'm looking for an Mini with oriental/asian features for my character Yu-Na. I'm trying desperately to dolly-fy her, but so far have come up short.

      Molds/Companies with these types of Minis would be appreciated n__n
    2. Dollmore kids Sona, Miro, Vora
      Shinydoll Fragille Hikale
      Alice In Labyrinth Aya
      Dragondoll Huan and Zhu
      Dollfair Dandelion
      Souldoll soulkid Lily C.
      Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Xiao, Kyle, Patrick
      Supia Yisol
      are who I can think of, I'm sure there are others. Good luck!
    3. There's Elfdoll Yumi.
      There's also Nabiya...but she only looks asian if you don't add upper eye liner to her eyes, and surprisingly she looks like a Chinese girl I knew back in the 90's....lol. Oh wait, are you thinking of Yu-Na Kim the ice skater? She's so pretty. I can't think of any doll that would look like her, but maybe you can try DIM mini mee.
    4. No, i wasn't. I didn't even make the connection, to be perfectly honest. I even watched her skate! My idiocy astounds me :]
    5. Hi! I chose Iplehouse I to represent my little Japanese girl, Mirina Matsuko. I is not only a beautiful sculpt, I think she is very realistic as well, which was important to me when choosing a doll for my character.

      Here are some pictures. She definitely has almond-shaped eyes and asiatic features. I did sand down the tip of her nose after these pictures were taken to give her a flatter, more Japanese type of profile. I think she looks more Japanese if she is given black hair and dark brown eyes.




    6. Oh she's very pretty, she does look a lot more asian than their website photos. I love this picture, and looks so much like a real asian girl here. I have a question..does her face have a more roundish cheeks? It looks like it does on your photo, but on the website, it looks narrow.
    7. There is a new Dollmore MSD out, Sona, who is very pretty and has oriental features. Also Dandelion by Narin Doll is gorgeous :aheartbea
    8. Oh thanks for your nice comments! :)

      I has somewhat rounded cheeks but a delicate jawline. Her face can look narrower and more heart-shaped depending on the angle of your photo. One thing I've noticed about Iplehouse sculpts is that the faces can look almost any age. Maybe my I looks younger than the website because I styled her that way? In my mind she is only about 12 years old.

      A really dramatic case in point for the flexibility of Iplehouse sculpts is my IH Amy (in my AV). I put her on a Narsha body and she looks perfect as a seven year old!

      Kayjay, you just reminded me that Dollmore Miro has Asian features too. She is very young looking and cute, and definitely Asian.

      I know you said you wanted an MSD sized Asian, but if you want anyone a little younger, you can't do better than Dollmore Coco (35 cm tall). She is adorable. She represents a little Japanese girl in my doll family, and is a younger sister to my Iplehouse I:

    9. If you're not looking for only mini, there's a new girl at Unidoll called Sua.
    10. I think most Narindolls look a bit asian and with the right faceup they would probably look even more so :)
    11. Here are some more you might want to check out:

      Angell Studio Madarava
      Asleep Eidolon girls have a delicate, Asian look. I was thinking Coral had very pretty almond-shaped eyes
      If you ever wanted a realistic Asian SD size, then I think Oasis doll have the most amazingly realistic and beautiful Asian looking faces around
    12. You are all so helpful! I honestly love all of your suggestions, thank you so very much :] Now I have the difficult task of selecting one :]
    13. oh no..this thread is dangerous for me. I didn't know coco had asian features like that! She's so cute!
    14. Awww - thanks Garden of Dolls. I've noticed we seem to have similar tastes in dolls! In which case you would absolutely love Coco. She is a definite heart-stealer!

      Nagita I would love to know who the contenders are! Who are your favourites so far? Make sure you let us know when you decide on your new girl too!
    15. ShinyDOLL has just come out with MSD-sized dolls. One of the heads, Hikali, looks quite Asian.
    16. Hi Valentinegirl,
      Yes, I love asian faces on dolls. Most likely because I'm asian, and I just feel the inate connection. I do have Miro (love her), she looks like my first child, Shinydoll Yuli & Conone (SD size, both gorgeous)..and also my Nabiya a happa..lol. We should make a thread or do an asian family photo gallery here. Oh, and too bad you live in Australia. It'd be so fun to see your dolls in person. They're so lovely.
    17. I love that idea! Why don't you start one? I will come and join in for sure! I would love to see more of Miro - she is not so popular and there are few photos about of her. I'd love to see more of your other girls too. Yes - it's a pity we are so far away. We will have to share our collections in the "virtual" way!
    18. Ok, I will start one as soon as I can get some nice photos of them together. I have to take the big ones out of my doll cabinet. They've been sitting there like statues. I dont get to play with the big ones because of their size. I like the ones that are light weight and small for me to handle, and mini size is the ones I get to play with most.
    19. Here's a photo for anyone who's interested :)
    20. Check out any of Souldoll's Soulkids, several of those girls have Asian features.