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OrientDoll DAE/TAE head size

Aug 9, 2009

    1. edit: Bumping up to see if anyone has done body swaps for these heads. Will they fit on any MSD bodies?

      I'd love to see them on top of/next to:
      Fairyland c-line
      Fairyland Minifee
      Other slim mini bodies

      I haven't been really able to find anything solid on this so I decided to make a thread and ask

      Are the OrientDoll DAE and TAE heads made for MSD sized bodies?

      Because I really want to get a Fairyland Active Line boy's body but the TAE head is sooooo gorgeous. And if it will fit on the body then I'd love to do it. Otherwise, I'll stay with the Shiwoo. I noticed that the DAE regular boy said something about 40cm but I wasn't sure exactly to what they were referring to.

      I'd like to know the neck hole size and figure out if the head will even fit.

      Thanks! I'm sorry if this question has already been answered - just point me in the right direction and this thread can be deleted.
    2. [​IMG]NO NO NO NO NO NO.

      I got a orientdoll Il thinking the same thing(same size as the TAE/DAE), the haed is only 14cm /
      5.5 inches and the neck is only 5.5 cm. it is very pretty but it is TINNNNNY. I will post a pic of it next to my bobobie msd head(which is actually a little on the small side for a msd) to show scale

    3. Oh wow, I'm glad I asked. Also, because I was looking into a Bobobie 1/4 Boy Song head too that'll be a nice comparison as well.
    4. sorry about the pics, crappy camera, but yeah there is a big difference. i would deffinatly reccomend bobobie, they are really pretty in person, like way more than the company pics
    5. Holy crap that is small.

      Fffff, decisions decisions.

      So wait - would a 1/3 head from Orientdoll fit better then the MSD. I mean, that is Really really small. Are all the heads extra small?
    6. i dont know ive been trying to figure that out too, but i cant find any measurements on their site

    7. I might email them. If I do, I'll let you know.
    8. I rescued a OD Tae from Ebay, thinking "Oh what a lovely gent to add to my new msd group." Imagine my surprise when I unboxed him and discovered this dapper little gent. He makes my other dolls look raw and unfinished in comparison, the sculpt is so nice. Still I wouldn't part with hime, even if he doesn't fit in.

    9. I would love to get one but I really love the body sculpt of the Fairyland MSD for the muscular activeline body. Plus the torso is in thirds rather than split in half. If the TAE body was just a little more defined I'd totally jump on him like... now.

    10. I'm sorry if you've found the measurements already, but just in case you haven't, here's the measurements for Dae -

      * Tall-40cm
      * Circumference of Head-5.5inch
      * Circumference of Neck-7.5cm
      * Circumference of Chest-17.5cm
      * Width of shoulders-10.5cm
      * Length of "From Shoulder to Wrist"-7.5cm
      * Length of "From Elbow to Wrist"-7cm
      * Circumference of Waist-14.5cm
      * Circumference of Hips-16cm
      * Circumference of Wrist-5.5cm
      * Circumference of the fleshy inside of the thigh-11.5cm
      * Length of "From Hips to Knee"-13.5cm
      * Length of "From Knee to Heel"-14cm
      * Foot size-5.7cm
    11. if the neck is 7.5cm could you use a resinsoul boy msd body or would it really only look right on the orient doll body or perhaps a rs bao body?
    12. Hey I'm bumping this cuz I need to know what a Orientdoll DEA head would be like on a Resinsoul body. Does anyone have a comparison, hopefully with pics?
    13. ok i dont have pictures but my daughter has an isabella and a vampire orient doll head. she wanted to see about using a bao body with him and popped his head on her ns isabella to test neck size looked really good to be honest , ok the ws head on the ns girls body was a bit off but the scale was fine.
    14. Bumping up to ask if anyone has done head swaps and what bodies these guys fit on. Maybe fairyland c-line?