Orientdoll Ji

Apr 18, 2006

    1. OOOOOhhhhhh off to have a look. Good thing you posted this here or I would have missed it. You could also post in the Tiny Pictures Link List, just a thought.
    2. but she's so lovely =)
      how the shop is?
      they're fast with shipping?
    3. not too bad shipping , I had to wait 15 days
      but some have ordered reicently and havent had to wait long

      Im going to take som comparison pictures and add them to the tiny comparison too
    4. I think they moved it to incoming dolls since no one has a Ji yet... so we were all talking about our incoming dolls.
    5. Makeup takes longer...there's a note about a delay for those who ordered makeup on their dolls, so not sure what the delay time is. I ordered the same day as tinybear, and mine still says Payment Received.
    6. Soooo... have any of these dolls actually arrived yet? I know people have gotten shipping notices.
    7. She's very cute - I like all the pink.


    8. Yes mine has , and my 1 friend in the US has hers
      so they are on their way ..ours were the ones without a face-up though :)
    9. Thanks for the photo in the comparison thread - So Ji really fits nicely in your doll family.
    10. no problem

      she dose fit in nice
      she can share Lati white wigs , and PocketFairy clothes and shoes
      cool :)
    11. Cool, because I have a ton of those. Yay.
    12. are they the same size as pocket fairy?
    13. double post sorry >_<
    14. Very similar , I put a picture in the Comparison gallery in the tiny section
      Ji is slightly smaller , in height and frame but she has a smaller , more proportioned head , she could share PF clothes I think and shoes
    15. I'm probably late noticing this since Tinybear mentioned many times that the Ji body is "just like a tiny Leeke body", someone else mentioned something in other thread about Leakeworld boy bits and that they should have them and got me to searching for the Leekeworld site . At the bottom, it says theOrientDoll is a "family site"...

      Leeke+boy bits+family site=Boy version of Ji...:eusa_pray

      My My...http://www.ecinter.net/frontstore/I...d=leekeworld&level=yes&mother_catalog_num=560 (careful, nakey Leeke boy bits...)
    16. your quite right Rosa
      wouldnt a teeny weeny Bambi be just perfect :) (with a peeny of course LOL)
    17. I just go a message from Orientdolls that they had shipped my Ji today. Does anyone know how much time from ship to arrival? I think I will call her lilli.
    18. mine didnt take too long to arrive
      and I had the Easter shut down in between too , she arrived in arround 4 or 5 days and that was the UK :)

      I have to reintroduce Goodie
      she has had a little work done to her ...God I love this girl :)