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Orientdoll Joong reviews (tiny nudity)

Oct 22, 2006

    1. this doll is so nice, I thought I'd share! Please add reviews and questions too ^-^


      Joong means 'medium' and they are 20cm dolls.

      Proportions: though they are tiny, their proportions are very similar to minis, quite slim.

      Joints: nice simple joint system that works well. They don't have huge range of movement but the are quite good. don't kick.

      Sculpt: sweet slim body. lovely delicate expressive face (I have Ha)

      Weight: suprisingly heavy for ther size!

      Clothes: I only know that 4everbestfriends fits except legs need to be shortened. I presume all similar size (small 1/6) clothes fit.

      Wigs: Barbie wig fits, not sure about others

      some terrible quality photos to enjoy, please excuse flash and poorly cut wig:

      Tinies are so fun you can hang them off wine bottles XD

      next to a Dollmore mini. so tiny small!

      just wanted to see if this would work and it does!

      what kind of pose is this......

      and a nice photo of my Joong

      Hope that was helpful please ask any questions you like and I will do my best to answer!
      ad if you have a Joong please write a review here!
    2. Thanks for that teriffic review--you are tempting me to order one. I relly love the little boys and this one has such a sweet face.
    3. I had looked at these little dolls for quite a while and finally caved when I saw "real" pics of your little guy......my Joong Wol arrived last week and I am very pleased with her. She has a gorgeous little face and while quite petite she poses very well....no jumpiness at all on mine, very delicate face paint and gorgeous lashes. I was expecting her to be able to wear Kish's Riley doll clothes, but Wol is taller than Riley and slimmer....some tops work and shoes work with socks, but most pants are too short. Tonner's Tiny Betsy shoes work well and some of her dresses and tights work, but pants again are a tad short. I have a pair of 4 Ever Friends cargo type pants that work really well.....I have also found that some of the older Mattel Skipper outfits work on her (not Teen Skipper, but the earlier versions, pants are still a tad long, but skirts and some tops fit). I am so pleased with my girl that I am thinking about adding another Joong boy this time.........Wyn( my Wol) really could use a brother. I'm attaching a picture of her here with my Serendipity Cumi so you can get an idea of scale......Cumi is sitting on a stool here, but the scale seems to be right for them to be siblings (in my eyes anyway). Wyn is wearing a pair of 4 Ever friends pants here with a Kish Riley top....and Kish Riley shoes as well.
    4. Oh they are so cute. Wow, you guys are tempting me. I'd love a little boy. I don't have a tiny boy just my Secretdoll Yoi who is petite ai size so not too tiny.
    5. Thanks for the information. I've been considering getting a Wol for quite some time, and its good to know a bit of what they are like before-hand :D
    6. I've drooled over this doll several times! Soooo cute!
    7. I cant say enough about the Joong either
      great price , great value for money , lovely quality ,
    8. I was just noticing in the Q&A section that orientdoll is making vamp heads for both the Dae & Joong types. (Dae-type is bing made first) Oh dear, I guess I'll be getting one of these for sure now.
    9. I like my Joong as well. I used a Joong boy body for a Lati Yellow Miel head, and they work.... so sorry for a little Sam spamming!


      I keep thinking about another one, for a different Lati Yellow head....ack...just a very happy combination! Love the Joong body--stands right out of the box!

      If it wasn't for his ginormous head, he'd fit in better with my tinies, but he's just lovely with my big girls...he loves all the attention they shower on him.
    10. don't forget they are hung better then many SD sized dolls >.>
    11. haha I was a little shocked too!
    12. ROFL
      I thought I had read that wrong for a second LOL
      had to do a double take ....but yeah LOL
      I do like my boys to be boys
    13. my poor cheon got stripped and displayed yesterday at a doll meet-up. she was lik e"hey maya your little guy is flash- oh my god!"
    14. My Joong Ha named Nev (short for "Never"), on the boy body--faceup and depeenification by Ravendolls:


      I wish she posed a bit better, especially in the wrists, but she's so cute and delightful that it doesn't really matter. I love her portable size. I can wrap her in her futon wrap and stick her in her box and take along the whole shebang, so she's really protected when she travels with me. :)
    15. Ooh, so cute! I like OD dolls more and more! So tempting...

      Margarita_rosa, is your Miel's head more in proportion with the Joong body? It certainly looks it in your photo.
    16. It's just really funny that it works.

      Here he is in the umm, alltogether....


      I just wanted an "all boy" Lati yellow, but since they have the angel bodies, I can only dream, until this body... of course he's about twice the height of a Lati yellow, but I'm pretty happy.
    17. 0.0 Cute! I didn't know there were dolls in that size with those proportions...
    18. I loved seeing all these photos of the Joong size dolls! Plus such detailed information on them. It really helps those of us who don't have other collectors near by to see their dolls in person. I always hesitate to buy a doll I've never seen, especially when you spend so much money on them. This size looks great. I do have a question on the clothing...4everbestfriends....I'm not familiar with this line. Who carries it? Thanks.
    19. I believe the 4 Ever best friends line has been discontinued as I haven't seen much of it around here lately, just what is left on clearance. I bought mine at Kmart, and last year I saw some at TRU. THis week when at TRU though, I couldn't find any.