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OrientDoll Joongs?

Jan 14, 2007

    1. Hi there! I've decided to buy an Orientdoll Joong Ha, I had some questions about Joong dolls. Could anyone help me out?

      What size wigs do they wear?
      Where can I get wigs that small?
      What kind of clothes can they wear? (i.e. Barbie, Bratz, ect.? Anything like that?)
      Where can I find patterns for Joong sized clothes?
      How long does Orientdoll take to ship?
      How would you rate Orientdoll's service?

      Thanks!! I may add more questions if I think of them.
    2. I have a Joong Choo. I ordered her directly from Orientdoll and was very pleased with their service. It took about 2 weeks from point of order. However, www.denverdoll.com also sells these dolls and you will save on shipping plus get him in 2-3 days from point of order. My Choo is wearing a Riley Kish sized wig by Monique. They make specific wigs for Riley in size RD-4. There is a short wig named Hannah that would work for a boy if trimmed a bit. As for clothes, it's hard to find a perfect fit unless custom made but I have had Barbie and Bratz clothes on Choo. The length is the problem more than fit. Bratz boy's shorts work best for length or the pants if you cut them off which looks ok on denim. There are no patterns just for Joongs only patterns used and then adjusted. Here is my Joong Choo wearing Bratz boys jeans trimmed to be ankle length. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL72/459134/12046100/200776794.jpg The little one is OD So Ui...so you can see a comparison of size.
    3. Oh, thank you so much bjdconfused!! <3 So if I wanted to get a different wig, would 4-5 size be the closest?
    4. Where can I get wigs that small?
      -Search Ebay for Barbie and Dollfie wigs, the head is similar in size.
      What kind of clothes can they wear? (i.e. Barbie, Bratz, ect.? Anything like that?)
      -They fit 1/6 size (Licca, Jenny, Blythe, Dollfie,Barbie etc) in the torso, but they have much shorter legs.
      How long does Orientdoll take to ship?
      - They shipped my Joong Ha the day I paid. He came with make up so I presume he was a sorta extra one they had prepared and had an order cancelled.
      How would you rate Orientdoll's service?
      - Very good service, but no free gifts! hehe.
    5. Thank you babytarragon! I'm still confused about wig size.. it is 4-5?
    6. oops sorry, it's 4.2 inches according to Orientdoll ^-^
    7. Hokies, thank you very much! ^o^ It's off to Monique with me, then. >w<
    8. I bought an OrientDoll Joong "Choo".. and I ADORE her.. but to answer your questions more specifically;

      What size wigs do they wear? Size 4 I believe. They wear regular DOLLFIE wigs, and the like.
      Where can I get wigs that small? Ebay, And I do believe you can get them off BJDollarama. ^_^
      What kind of clothes can they wear? (i.e. Barbie, Bratz, ect.? Anything like that?) I've heard BRATZ clothing fits, along with DOLLFIE clothing. ^_^ I make all mine. ^_^;;
      Where can I find patterns for Joong sized clothes? I would look at more barbie sized patterns, but resize them a bit to fit. I DO know however, there are some websites WITH patterns for tiny's. I just can't find the link right now. -.-;;
      How long does Orientdoll take to ship? I bought mine from www.denverdoll.com, and it took about 3 days from ordering to receiving. :D And I live in WI.
      How would you rate Orientdoll's service? I didn't personally get from OD, but, in my communications with them, they're WONDERFUL! :D

      The quality of the doll is fantastic! Mine however, was strung a BIT too tight, so her arm and leg pop a lot. -.-;; And the knot they made, is at her shoulder, so it doesn't sit quite right. HOWEVER, it's nothing that can't be fixed. :P

      Also, their face up's are adorable. Mine came with everything done FOR me. (eyes in, etc.). If you BUY from OD, you probably should just get some stuff off their website right away. ^_^

      Hope that helps!!! They really are TOO adorable!!! ;D
    9. Waaaah!! I wish denverdoll.com carried a Ha BOY. You know, like he's SUPPOSED to be. That upsets me.

    10. I'm sorry. But, I would contact DENVERDOLL! Maybe they can switch one of their boy bodies for you (As it seems they have ONE boy body on a head. Maybe they can just switch the heads?)? ^_^ It wouldn't hurt to ask. :D Good luck! They were EXTREMELY nice! ^_^ *nodnod*
    11. Not a bad idea! I went ahead and emailed them. Thank you! ^^
    12. I adore my Joong Choo, she's wonderful, and I can't say enough great things about Orient Doll as a company. The one oddity is that you may have to put the eyes in yourself, but the eye putty they send is top drawer, I use it for more than my OD's :)

      I find I like Bratz and Only Hearts clothing the best, they seem to fit better than Barbie. Here are some examples:

      Pidgeon in Ony Hearts

      Pidgeon in Bratz

      I have her in Blythe shoes, they're a smidge big but they look good. 25mm's work the best, I think.

    13. you're very welcome! I hope it works out for ya! :D If they DO do it for you, the great thing is, they do EVERYTHING for you! Where as if you order from the company, YOU have to do a few things. ;) Not that they're *hard* mind you, just, better to get it done already before it arrives. ;D hehe.

      And CLOCHETTE, where did you get that plastic playhouse replica?? My daughter has a playhouse just like it (or it looks like it from that angle)!! It'd be awesome to get one of them! :D
    14. Little Tykes did a dollhouse line a few years ago, you can still find pieces on eBay. I have the playhouse, the jungle cube w/slide, a tractor, the blue pool w/slide, and a few other things. They rock :)
    15. ooooooo thank you! :D I'll go check for them right away! ^_^!!!!
    16. Hey KittiePink,
      I'm in WI too. Whereabouts are you? I am in Southern WI.
    17. Hey there! I'll PM ya! :D
    18. I got a So Ji from orient doll last spring and I was impressed with the turn around time on my order, she came in just under two weeks. I was a little concerned because she came strung way too tightly so that even by the time she arrived some of the elastic was wearing away and fraying. Since I was planning on blushing her anyway it wasn't a big deal to restring her.
    19. I'm at the "promise point" in my hunt hunt for my perfect bjd, and I have decided at this point that I will save up the money for the specific purpose of buying a Orient doll Tae, but I was curious as to what other members here would compare the resin quality to some other dolls.

    20. Well, I have Volks dolls, and a DOD doll with my OD. heh. And in my opinion, I would have to say their quality is just as good as they are. :D They seem VERY well made. *nodnod*