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Orientdoll Mini Discussion Thread

Jun 10, 2006

    1. I hate to ask what might be a really obvious question... but I'm thinking of getting an OrientDoll Tae, but I'd heard some rather dispariging words about his joints. As my future dolls will be photographed pretty frequently, poseability is rather high on my list of 'wants'... I quite dig his face and body sculpt, and his price tag ain't nothing to wag at, either. (orient doll orientdoll tae)

      Can a few Tae owners comment on his joints/poseability?

      I tried using the search function, but nothing comes up for me when i search for 'orientdoll tae' 'orient doll tae' and 'tae', 'tae joints' and etc. Apologies if the thing was simply behind the milk.

      Mod Note:
      This is the discussion thread for Orientdoll Mini Dolls
      Photo thread: Clothes that fit
    2. I have a Tae....is there something specific you'd like to know? Joint appearance isn't any worse than your average Luts, but he isn't the best poser I've owned by a longshot. Mine was restrung looser than he was originally (which was so tight it pulled through the resin loop on the wrist), so it takes some work to get him to stand. On the whole, he's got similar posing limitations to the large Elfdoll girls.

      Hope this helped.
    3. I have a Tae and an Il and the posing is about the same for any doll with a one piece torso. I also have a SD10 boy's body and they pose about the same. I wired Tae's legs to get rid of the kicky legs and both my orient dolls stand nicely now. The feet have to be balanced but that's the same for all my dolls. There are a few shots on my incoming doll thread. I will say they look really cute when they are sitting leaning back against their arms. They pose better than the AR cien boy that I had as well. I think it's just a matter of taste. Some people like the added flexibility of a jointed torso. It is harder for the orientdolls to sit up but possible with a little work. The sculpt more than makes up for the shortcomings and with wire and maybe sueded knees you shouldn't have any problems.
    4. I also have a tae and he's can be hard to pose, but mine doesn't have shoes atm so sometimes having him stand is hard, but im not sure about how the shoes would change that. Mine doesn't have too bad of a kicky leg problem. He tends to fling one of his arms, but i think if i actually restrung him it would be better.
    5. Mine stands fine and sits beautifully....he's just a bit more tense with his body language, which really is playing into his personality, which worked for me. It might not for everyone. But he poses well enough for me to play with him. I think if he had wrist and ankle balls or something, it would help with that posability of his hands and feet...they just don't move that much. But he's just so gorgeous and charasmatic (to me!), that it's all ok...
    6. The website says 5.4 inches..... Is that really so?
      It confuses me -_-; because DOD said that a DoC Si's
      circumference is 4.8, while the circumference of ankle is bigger.
      In fact, 6.5cm -_-;;;
      I know that DoCs are quite slimm, and I thought Orient Dolls would be too.
      Does anybody have a Tae or a Il they can give me the REAL
      measurement of?

      DOC Si is 15~16cm
      So it means that A Il would be actually thinner -_-;;;
      Around 14cm.

      Hm... anybody help?
    7. I LOVE the Orientdoll tae but of course he is a little bit short for my other MSDs... I fear he wouldnt go with them...But hes got such a beautiful face! So, does anyone think there is an MSD out there that looks similar in the face to a Tae that would be a good substitute? ;)
    8. In all honesty I've looked long and hard for MSD boys with a similarly mature face :( The most mature MSD boys I have seen are Narins and B-els. Limho also looks like he could be very mature with the right face-up.
    9. I found that Tae will fit in at least in my family he does. If you look around you, people come in all sizes. He is the equivilant of a 5'5"- 5"7" or so man compaired to someone of six feet or so. He looks so handsome that I can't bear to hold his height as a reason not to get him. Think of him as a Tom Cruise type..... or maybe not. Just my opinion. My grandma was 5'10" and my grandpa 5'5". Maybe I am just used to short men.
    10. This is true...I really need a think about Tae, I keep coming back to him, but would like to look around first...I am a 5'4 man myself!
    11. I agree, the OD minis fit in to a certain extent. They're a similar height, but their proportions are closer to a 1/6 scale doll than a typical 1/4 scale bjd. Here's a pic to illustrate that - from left, a CP Ttori, one of the larger headed minis, an OD Il, and an OD Tae.


      Some people would find this not so good a fit, if they meant the OD boy to pair romantically with a standard mini. Personally I love the face and body sculpts so much on these OD boyz that I really don't care about the scale issue.
    12. Taes are gorgeous, and not as significantly shorter as you may think. He's about the same height as my friend's Bee-A, maybe even a smidge taller. And with shoes there isn't much height difference at all beside an MSD. The only issue is his proportions- he is very realistic and masculine, and slender. So he could look a little awkward around MSDs, but around more realistic-style SDs, I think he looks fine- just like a tiny version of them. I had concerns over how he'd look next to other dolls, too, but he's so beautiful it just doesn't bother me. It is hard to appreciate them for what they are until you see one in person.
    13. Thanks! I think the OD boys, both versions, are spectacularly handsome, legs for miles, and very sexy. The Il and the Tae seem to be perfect foils for each other. Tae's more serious and even cranky. Il's a bit of a clown. Don't be scared off by the negative things you might read about these beautiful boyz. Sure, they have their idiosyncrasies, but their good looks and personality more than make up for those. Here are a few more pics of of Turiel, Takira's Tae, and Tabris, my Il:


      You might find a few more scattered throughout my other albums. Feel free to look.
    14. If I hit the lottery tomorrow, I'd buy the rest of the Orient Doll line, and double up on everybody, so I have a white and a normal skin of each sculpt. Loves on the OD whole line.

      I actually own Tae, Il, Hong, and a little Vampire Ji.

      They don't match any of my other dolls, not the MSD, not the c.30cm tinies, certainly not the 60-70cm lot; kind of cute with my i-elf, who treats them as a climbing toy.

      I don't plan to sell my other dolls, mind you, but I very much like all the Orient Dolls.

      Ann in CT

      p.s. MARSH! Where are those fabulous boots from?? They look Great.
    15. The boots are actually Dollheart from January. They fit very well, better than they fit any of my other minis, because they're cut quite slender in the leg. Also there's a strap wound around the sole right in front of the heel, for some reason the OD boys (and maybe Takira's Sharmin) are the only ones who can actually stand in these boots so they now 'belong' pretty much exclusively to them.

      Show us pics of your Hong!
    16. Yay Tae! I have appallingly few pics of Turiel, all things considered, but here are a few:

      The shirt, btw, is a CH Little Junior one that fits him great; and no, his arm doesn't bend all that way on his own, I cut out my thumb pushing on his arm in that pic. -_-;;

      ...yes, he can be hot. ^_^ Mostly this was to show off his body blushing, which their white dolls really do need or they wash out badly in pictures. Tabris (Marsh's Il) is fine without, but Turiel would look like a ghost without it.

      OD Tae vs. Seredipity Sharmin. Turiel is wearing boots so they might be making him a little taller, but overall she still beats him out by just a little bit.

      The real difference is when they sit down. Most of Kitsune's height is in her torso and most of Turiel's is in his fabulously long legs. The shirt he's wearing happens to be a Volks WTG Boyfriend shirt that's a bit tight across the chest and the sleeves are a teeny bit short, but I loved the logo too much to pass it up.

    17. honestrabbit my boy is a normal skin. Here is a photo of him. And he's in the default wig from OD.
    18. Turiel's white skin, yes; I got him as an unpainted head/body and did the faceup and body blushing myself. I blushed his body with watercolor pencils by rubbing the tip of the pencil on a piece of rough paper until a powder built up, then dabbing a dry paintbrush in the powder and dusting it on his skin in the appropriate areas. I sealed the body with MSC both before and after blushing--didn't disassemble, just held it up by the elastic and sprayed roughly around the whole thing.

      MSC also takes off that shine the resin has; it's vaguely pearly, actually, and Tabris (Marsh's Il) has the same feel/look to it even with the different skintone. I don't have an NS Tae at hand, but here are a couple pics so you can compare the two skintones side by side:



      Personally, I really like that Marsh has one too and lives close enough to me for them to interact; they really do look a little odd next to regular MSD-scale dolls, so it's nice for them to have someone their own size to pick on. ;)

      Good luck finding your Tae!

      edit: D'oh! I forgot about the wigs! They're about a 5-5.5" sized head, so it is difficult to find wigs for them. Turiel's wig there is a Charles Josef wig for Tyler Wentworth dolls. Monique also carries wigs of the appropriate size, but the Johnny style is about the only male style they have. Tabris' wig is a tibetan wool wig that's a little too big but it's fluffy enough you don't notice that it's been squashed down a bit. Fur wigs come with them and I've experimented making my own fur wigs with some success.
    19. Latidoll yellow wigs are 5.8" and so might fit. They have lots of styles and colors, though normally whichever wig you want will be sold out. They do restock almost often enough, and the quality is pretty good.
    20. You're singing my song. That has been my search/challenge/frustration for more than half a year. They have the faces and bodies that are more mature, but the size is just not proportioned to the MSD girls and if the Orientdoll Girls were made with a smaller bust or a more natural pose, I would love them. I really love how the the Tae's and Il's look, but honestly, the size of the head in comparison to even Narae Mini's is significant and didn't photograph well together as a couple.

      It's really not the height difference between Tae and MSD's at all, you can stick him in clunky boots and keep your MSD in flatter or no shoes, but the proportions, and primarily the size of the Tae head is substantially smaller than MSD's. It was almost like putting a Tonner guy with my Narae's.

      My suggestion at this point (because this is where my search ended) is Limho. He really came the closest to being both more mature and taller (he's really perfectly proportioned to a Narae, Limhwa or Supia mini). He's not a mini-Dollshe (wouldn't that be awesome) or mini-SD16 looking guy, but you can get him to look more mature than a Narin or Unoa. With that said, he still has a head that is much smaller than MNF, DoD's & Volks MSD's, but he really is perfect for girls that are smaller-headed like Unoa, Narae, Limhwa or Supia.

      Happy Hunting!