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Orientdoll So-Ji?

Aug 25, 2016

    1. Hey everyone,

      So I kind of dropped out of the habit for a few years and recently became interested in owning a BJD. A tiny doll is all I have ever wanted because it won't be too expensive and I've always loved the tiny builds better.

      Back in the day, I was obsessed with the Orientdoll So-Ji doll. I know Orientdoll is no longer it's own entity but I cannot seem to find any information on the "So-Ji" tiny doll.

      Love this doll because the eyes are a decent size (I do not like the look of the larger eyes on tiny dolls) and the body is an amazing build.

      Any information for this re-obsessed newb would be appreciated!
    2. I believe So was the size and Ji was the sculpt. There were other sculpts. In 2008? They released them in tan skin with magnetic wings and called them chocolate vampires. There were always human and vampire versions of heads. The vampires just had pointed ears, no teeth. I read that they were planning to release the wings in other skin tones but I'm not sure if that ever happened. At some point they closed their website and only sold on leekeworld. I think they were originally part of leekeworld. And at some point they just stopped making them.

      Here's mine.
      The other two small dolls are Felix doll brownie. There's also Fairyland Pukipuki. From the same time/price range. There are many dolls in the same size but many are more expensive.
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    3. Orientdoll made several in the So line (Ji, Ye, Dong, Ui, Sun, and In) beginning in 2006...my first was April of that year.
      I know Denver Doll carried all of the sizes for a while, back in 2006/7. They came out more than a year prior to Fairyland Puki, around the same time as Wishels were making their short-lived appearance. They are a great doll line, even with the one-piece body, and had one of the most stable dark tans...even after nine years, my Chocolate So Ye looks the same as she did when she arrived. They made a slender 16mm size (Joong) which was similar to the TinyDelf 20 line, and a slender MSD (Dae) size. My Dae Tae boy now has a Chicline body, which gives you a comparison to scale with other MSD dolls. I was very sorry to see the company vanish.

      Here's a link to my picture-post in the older Orient Doll thread.
      Orientdoll So
    4. There are two weeks,this beautiful little OD So Ui was still in the tiny market.
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    5. I love the faces because the eyes are not overly large and looks ALMOST human. I'm having extreme issues deciding if I want one small and cute (I want them to have a teacup bed) or do I want a slightly larger doll with a more preteen build.

      I really want a doll that is INFLUENCED by Alice in wonderland (so child like and semi-happy would be perfect), but also has a very regal air about her (since I also want her to be queen over a line of dolls from pipos and coco tribe anthros).

      I keep going back and forth :atremblin
    6. You may want to look at adopting an Elfdoll tiny, then. Adult build in a tiny size.