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Orientdoll so size with 6mm eyes?

May 6, 2010

    1. Has anyone replaced the 8mm eyes with 6mm eyes? Even with paying attention to iris size, I am wishing my gal had more white in her eyes.
    2. There may have been somebody that tried in the thread for OD so. Now you have me guessing. Will go home and see if I have 6mm tiny sized eyes in my possession and try them on my little ones.
    3. Glymmer has MP eyes in 6-7
    4. ^^^Thanks so much for the pic. I really appreciate it. I am going to order a pair. I will post pis when they come.
    5. Can't wait to see the pictures! I have one of these dolls, but have never thought about changing the eyes as they are so tiny!! Do you use a tool or anything to hold them while you put the putty in? Where do you find such tiny eyes? I have only seen the 8mm. Thanks!!
    6. I take the head completely off. It's not that hard, they have an s-hook at the neck, you pull out the slack between the head and neck, clamp the elastics underneath the head with a hemostat, remove the hook, take the head off. You'll have the two loops of elastic (one with a knot) sticking up from the clamp. I use Mack's ear plugs for putty. When you are done, you replace the head onto the elastics, re-insert the hook through the loops, then release the clamp. So heads are actually big compared to some, like Elfdoll tinys. My Kai uses 4mm eyes, and my Olivia uses 2mm.

      Masterpiece eyes are silicone and come as small as 5-6mm, but they're pretty spendy. Artistique also has 6mm eyes in many colors, as does Glib.
    7. Thanks clochette! I printed the directions and will give it a try! I haven't really done much at all with my teeny tiny girl, she rather intimidates me being soo tiny! Just changed her clothes and such. Now that I have directions, think she needs some new eyes!!