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Orientdoll So

May 13, 2009

    1. TODAY I adopted Sun ( Luv*it.)
      She is a very beautiful Orientdoll of 12cm



    2. Where have all the others gone ?
    3. There are some threads but they're buried deep in the depths of this section...go to Search at the top of the Tinies subforum and search Orientdoll...you'll get a ton!
    4. Thanks you ReineDeLaSeine14 .
      They are really in the dephts of this section . Disappeared !
    5. She's awesome!!! :)

      Love the wig... I just received a so ye and find it very difficult to find those!
    6. I love her ,she is delicate ! I am glad you received one .
      Sun wears a fairyland puki wig (cocoa) that I put in hot coffee to change the color .
      Congratulations for your So ye.
      Send pictures !
    7. I like lots of pictures of our dolls.

      wig ,dress and shoes made by me.
    8. gilou - Your Orientdoll So Sun is so cute!!! Are those little teeth showing? I am glad you started this thread. I do not see many here. I hope more will arrive and post.

      Guess what? I am adopting an Orientdoll So Dong from the Marketplace here!
      I am so excited!!! I think she will be here in a few days.
      :sumomo: :aheartbea Yea!
    9. Ô Dollightful ! You are waiting for an OD !
      For me , you did a good choice.
      You will be glad to see how delightful she is.
      She can wear all your other dolls clothings .
      At home she is a baby (between 4 or 5) so funny in a Banji dress !
      Lucky you !
      (open mouth or teeth? - answer latter : I have to look at her through a magnifying glass !)



      [​IMG](in a red banji dress)
    10. Hi gilou!!!! :aheartbea

      Thanks. I cannot wait for my lil girl. Yes, I like my choice. I found her in the Marketplace and she was right for me.
      The seller is so wonderful. I hope to get her soon.

      I like your photos. Your dollys are so cute. I like to see so many different tinies together!! Yea!
      Your girls have such cute outfits and shoes. Wonderful.
      Thank you for the photos.
    11. Here is my new Orientdoll Vampire Dong!!! :aheartbea

      I am not exactly sure of her name yet. This is how she arrived. She is very cute.





    12. Congratulations ,Dollightful !
      Yes ,she is very cute .
      She has a very beautiful face and I like her elegant dress.
      We can love our brownies ,but this little doll is absolutely lovable too.(sorry for my bad English)
      Have you see her small body ? for me,she is perfect.
      Such a happiness!
      I hope you send us all her pictures !

      Bintou, Naripon and Sun.

    13. Gilou, I love all your dolls:D I also love the little teenie tiny babies they are holding! I'd love to know who makes them. The one sitting right between your Orientdoll Sun's feet, who made that one?
    14. Thank you Gilou. I luv your dolls and photos too! I am glad you are here with me. :)
      I like your beautiful little toys and baby dolls too.
      I don't have any more photos now, but I will have more later.

      We would be happy to see any more Orientdoll So dollies if anyone is out there? :)
    15. Hi Mitya and Dollightful!
      Fortunately we are here to "debate" about OD.
      Mitya, I found the tiny dolls in second-hand markets since I love finding things in these places. If you want I can add pictures in the hope that someone might be able to put a name on them.
    16. I would love that, Gilou:D I don't mean to be a bother but if you get the chance to that would be awesome:aheartbea
    17. Mitya , it is a real pleasure to send you the pictures .

      [​IMG](the photos are not good; they have bright funny eyes.)

    18. :D Thank you, Gilou! You're a sweetheart:aheartbea I love them all, they're adorable. I have some of the little babies in your second photo, the ones who can link together. I got those many years ago but I can't remembe what they're called now. The ones in your first photo are so cute, I haven't ever seen them before this. I'd love to find some. I hope another member might recognize them. Thank you again, Gilou!:bcupcake
    19. Hi Mitya. :)

      Hi Gilou.
      I have a few new photos! See has new eyes.
      I have changed my Orientdoll So Vampire girl into a..... Puddy Tat!! :kitty2 :aheartbea
      Since she already has the fangs she is my lil kitty cat doll. :kitty1 :aheartbea


      and with her new friend my new Puki Cupid2.

    20. Hey Dollightful:D Oh I love those new eyes on your girl, she's adorable as a kitty!:aheartbea I also love your little Cupid2, they're sooo cute:XD: