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Orientdoll ui

Apr 30, 2007

    1. I want one so bad!! But I know next to nothing about this company.

      It says that it takes 15-20 days to ship, but some say they get it earlier?
      Is it a reputable company? I heard some funky horror stories about it, too.
      Will it fit other non-BJD specific clothes, like bratz etc?
      Also.. omg the faceup option is so expensive O_O. And it seems UI is not popular? I don't see many pics of it here XD (if you have one, feel free to post!!)

      Thank you!
    2. Orient Doll is normally very fast ...I mean days I have recieved mine:)
      Ive not had any bad experiences with them and found their customer service great ?
      but I always order mine without face-ups
      so it will most likely take longer if you order with
      but the face-ups are worth it ...I had a Joong type and his face-up was stunning

      but I like doing them myself, so ...plus its less expensive LOL
      I have a Ui boy ...Otto , he is adorable (he was a Vampire Ji untill I dropped him and broke his ears off :...( )

      I adore the new Sun too ,I can see "her" comming to live with me as I dont have a little girl at the momment

      I make my own clothes , and they share my PFs shoes , with little socks they are fine
      I think Kelly clothes fit ?
    3. I love Ui!

      I got a normal-skin Ui from my friends (they pooled their money, aren't they sweet?) with the company face-up.

      She's a dream! And the face-up is just formidable, since it's so tiny and delicate. I literally spent hours gazing at her face when I got her.

      As for clothes, I sew a lot, so that is not such a big problem. I think she can wear very commercial clothes like Kelly though.

      I wish I had pictures to share, but I haven't got good camera luck. I highly recommend her to you though!
    4. Gosh thanks! I'm torn between UI and several others, but I'm totally gonna get one.. I'll just have to hide her abit >>; for awhile..

      May I know what the wig size is? >< Sorry!
    5. It says 3.9inch on the website ^^
      That mean's 4" wigs should do nicely, or 3-4 size.

      I think Ui is lovely too. I'm trying to decide between an Ui and a Wol for myself.
    6. I have an OD-Ji and she wears Bratz Babyz as well as Kelly/Shelly clothes. Some of the Kelly shoes are too tight, but the jelly sandals fit great.[​IMG]**click thumbnail for larger**
    7. earl grey: thanks!! I thought those are circumference so it could be different from how wigmakers measure things.. um..:doh

      sistercuervo: ooooo she is sooooo cute!!

      thats *IT* i'm getting one! then I'm staying away from DOA and dolls till 2008!! (yeah, right..)
    8. Haha hope you can get yours soon ^^

      I'm still having to decide (why can't they be a leetle bit cheaper so I can get both?? ... yeah right.)
    9. luc the company is awesome. I just got a winged orientdol ui two weeks ago very cute and very detailed. I'll post pictures tonight. You should have no problem with it. She fits in kelly clothes. Very easy to get tiny accesories for too. I just love my two but my chocolate ye is still waiting for a faceup from me.

      P.s. Nice to see you here
    10. There are 2 So clothes seamstresses in the Clothes..Haute Stuff part of http://www.denverdoll.com - one sells adorable dresses and the other sell amazing overalls. In addition I think member Margarita_Rosa makes some cute clothes for So and her sister Rosa may make little microsuede maryjanes.

    11. earl grey: oh yes! well, my rationale is that my dolls are generally smiley, so I should get a pouty unhappy UI so it won't look like my dollies are all on crack or something.. but the other smiley dolls are so.. sweet *_*

      aree: heyyyy! gosh, i keep mistaking your leeke doll with a UI XD they look abit the same don't they? i cant wait to see pics!!

      carolyn: wow, thank you! I have em bookmarked now!
    12. BTW - If you go here (the Advanced form of search the tinies forum)


      And pick Search Titles Only then search for Orientdoll, you will pull a lot of discussion threads, most of them about So types.

    13. Oh wow!! I didn't know we can narrow searches, thats awesome! Thanks :)
    14. My Leeke has chubbier head and is way bigger. Toby(Ui) is new I hadn't taken a picture of her yet she had unruly bags I just fixed yesterday. She appropriated mauve ginarolo eyes meant for my other doll. AShe has this sweet pouty face that just makes you want to give her a hug.

      Denver doll clothes are are awesome and well worth the splurge for special occasions.

      Toby is my new white chocolate pixie and quite the handful
    15. Wow, their dolls were really cute!
      I would have wanted Special JI ver.1 but it was sold out... T_T I liked the pink outfit. ^^;
    16. Luc here's a picture of Toby as promised
    17. Ooooooooh that is so cute!!! Is that snow or normal skin? *_*!!
    18. She's a snowskin. My only snowskin. I wanted to go with the chocolate theme and snowskin works well as white chocolate. She's named after my favorite white chocolate candy Toblerone.

      Her twin a dark chocolate ye still needs her faceup
    19. Ooooh a snowskin <3 thats very white. I'm thinking of getting a normal skin tho, cos Islington has snow skin and I dont want a faimly of ghosts.
      Mmmm toblerone!! I love it too <3 I frequently make toblerone cheesecake XD easy and fast too <3
      It sounds like the chocolate tinies would be hard to makeup *_*

      I think I'll place my order as soon as I can justify the price for such a tiny thing! XDD

      edit: .........is there a place for me to get a long straight black wig with bangs for this thing? 4" wigs seem rare!
    20. Yeah. I prefer the normal skin too. I like the snow-skin on the other Sos, but I find Ui seems to look sweeter - more natural, maybe? - in normal skin.

      It can be tough to find wigs for them I think. You should try I search, as I'm pretty sure this has been covered before. ^^