Orientdolls choco vampire discussion

Jan 24, 2007

    1. The Tommy shoes fit, but the Kelly shoes are just a bit too small.
    2. Mela
      Thank you! I have a bunch of Tommys and Kellys along with clothes and shoes from my B____ collecting days. Now I have a reason to dig them out of storage.:lol:

      I have a Ye normal skin vampire, with wings on order, but it won't be for a few weeks until his arrival. I also asked for a wig and extra eyes and fist hands. And now he'll have a wardrobe as well! But then on second thought, all my resin kidz are better dressed than me!:doh

      I'm thinking of naming him "Puck"; he'll try the name on for a while to see if it suits him.:roll:

      Everyone's pictures convinced me I needed a tiny too!:love Thanks!:daisy
    3. You're welcome! I was rather disappointed the Kelly shoes didn't fit...my little one is currently stealing clothes from my daughter's Kelly dolls. <.<; I bought her a set of clothes for Barbie that included a Tommy outfit and shoes, and the shoes (and outfit) fit her perfectly. <3

      I need to post some pictures of her - I ordered a So Dong Vamp with wings, and she's just the most adorable thing ever. She's a bit impish, so I named her Loki. I wasn't sure I'd like a tiny, but I find myself absolutely adoring her. I think the best part is that I can cart her around in my bag and play with her while I'm bored. I need to take her apart and suede her; I think it will fix the kicky knees and improve her posability. wewt.
    4. LOL Puck is what I named my Vampire with wings!! It just seemed so perfect for him!
    5. Hee! I almost named mine that, as well. Then I was going to name him Robin. However, at the last minute, I changed it to Merry. He just looks more like a Merry than a Robin. :lol:

      Went to the TrU here, and no Tommy/Kelly stuff at all. None at the Squallmart, either. I'll have to prowl Ebay.
    6. i went to walmart and meijers and only meijers had any kelly stuff and you had to get the doll to get the outfit. i might head to toysrus if i have time. i did pick a name: eddelle. i also changed her eyes which look pretty good but did take a lot of fiddling with. the more i look at her the more i like her. she needs clothes and some hair might be nice. did anyone get the OD wig? its huge...is that normal?
    7. Are you also attending Dollectable? Maybe we should see how many Pucks are out there!:D

      Originally posted by Mela
      You're welcome! I was rather disappointed the Kelly shoes didn't fit...my little one is currently stealing clothes from my daughter's Kelly dolls. <.<; I bought her a set of clothes for Barbie that included a Tommy outfit and shoes, and the shoes (and outfit) fit her perfectly. <3
      As for the Kelly shoes not fitting--are they too small? Maybe then can be stretched a little by dunking the shoes in hot water (may need to experiment HOW hot) then quickly putting them onto your vampire's feet. --> But be sure to wrap your vampire's feet with plastic wrap to protect them in case the shoes bleed color. I've done this for other plastic shoes and this technique has worked. :)

      CAUTION! Some of Mattel's shoes DO bleed color!!! So don't let your tinies wear them too long; or put sox on them first. I ruined an older Midge's feet with modern Barbie shoes and never able to remove the blue stains...:x :x

      If the shoes are too big, maybe stuff some Uhu tacky putty into the toes. I use this putty also for eyes for my bjds and it's great stuff!

      Have fun!:daisy
    8. Yes I am! I will be there with ALL of my Resin Babes.... And I am running the Dealer's room and the Artist's Alley. Look for the nut in Purple hair, that will be me. Puck will be there! I have a cage to display my Wee Tinies in.
    9. Terrific! I'll be there too! I'll be helping per JennyNemesis' call for volunteers for the Dollectable BJD Convention.

      I was wondering if I should bring any kidz or not. With so much going on, I'm concerned that I'll lose or possibly hurt them. But then, Puck is so small, he can stay in my pocket or carrying bag or 'something' around my neck. Nervous mom! *lol*
      I'll be sure to look for you. I tend to be the stealthy type observing and lurking.:roll:
    10. Yeah! Volunteers!!!

      I know it's hard to decide if to bring them or not. I would only bring dolls you could Carry On the plane with you if you are flying, as I would NEVER check mine. I may not bring ALL of mine, but a good assortment. Surely a Yo or two, Puck, the Wishel, and of course the remade Daeron. If my "big guy" arrives in time, he will come too. I like bringing dolls that not everyone has.
    11. Excellent advice about NOT checking in the kidz. The few times I've flown, I too always carry on my kidz.
      I see you're "Nor Cal". Me too--I live in SF, we're kind of neighbors and I'll probably arrive via BART to Dollectable. I am SO LOOKING forward to the event. :)
    12. I just got some tiny bratz baby clothes and they fit my chocolate girl really well. I'll take some pictures soon and link them up.
    13. Yeah, I carry mine on, or leave them at home. I can't wait to travel with my Sabik, I may have to buy him his own seat!!! Yes, I will be at Dollectable, I am running the Dealer's Room, and Artist's Alley. I will be there with several of my kids... We will see who behaves, and then who gets to go. I live over in Castro Valley, so yeah, you are close to me.
    14. Well, drat. OD finally responded to my question about optional wing parts, and the answer was no. Boo. Looks like if I want white wings for my So, I have to buy a whole doll, or figure out something else.
    15. you could blush them with white pastel to lighten them, maybe.
    16. WIsh I could go to Dollectable too!
      My little Ji is currently dressed in a Kelly laydybug dress while she waits for me to finish her Ducky onesy that I am knitting. Will post pics when I do as I make them for sale for Leeke and soon the So dolls.

      Good to know that the Bratz baby clothes fit. Ye is running around nekkid until I can find him something non girly or make him a onesy too. I get the feeling when I finish the onesy it will be all his LOL!

      Just in case you want a sneek peak at the onesy here is the link with my Leeke showing hers off.
    17. That is so cute. I am so jealous of everyone's little ones. I am still waiting, sadly.
    18. I got the message from Denver Doll Emporium--they've received their white chocolate shipment.

      I sent off my money to pay off the layaway as fast as can be.

      Come home, sweet Nelly!

      I hope she likes her name when she's here in the resin.

      Ann in CT
      doing the happy dance.
    19. Yeah, I just heard that my dolls are here and they can ship them, but since I am going out of town this weekend I asked them to hold off, so they show up when I get back from the Con. Yeah, my lovely tinies will be here by monday.

      No clue when my tiny Dong will be here.
    20. Heh, I also just got my shipping notice. Can't wait to see them... and start figuring out what color wig goes best with chocolate skin!