Original or New names?

Sep 7, 2019

  1. Original! (Brand, model names)

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  2. New! (OCs)

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    1. My dolls all have their own names and it depends on the doll and character that come to mind when naming them. Sometimes it's almost instant other times it's after the character and faceup. I already have a few storylines going so any new dolls (other than tinies, they're my happy dolls, so they don't usually get a story behind them) are fleshing out those stories. For instance, my fairies all have flower/plant names. When I got Hemlock, I went through a bunch of "poisonous " plant and flower names. But when I got Tea Rose, I knew her name instantly before I even bought her.

      Sometimes just going through baby names and/or a thesaurus helps to inspire names. Other times it's just what comes to me. I've searched for a specific theme for my dolls before and then came up with names based on what popped up. It really depends on the person and doll.

      As far as just using the sculpt name, I feel like it's a bit impersonal? Like, here's something that's just going to sit on a shelf and I'll look at it maybe twice a year type of impersonal. Now, this is just my opinion for how it feels to me personally. If someone else likes just using the sculpt name, all the power to them and what they're happy with.
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    2. I always rename my dolls, because it makes them more personal for me, and I've never bought a fullset intending to keep the doll exactly as I got it from the artist/company. I have to tinker with things, or it's not very fun for me.

      I used to figure all of it out beforehand, but my most recent doll was on short notice, because I got her through a trade with a friend, and didn't have any plans for her until I actually opened her box and looked at her. But I pretty quickly knew what I wanted to do with her, and the kind of name I wanted her to have.
    3. Had to comment on this because I too have a doll named after a hurricane! Matthew came tearing through in 2016 and my Happydoll Arthur arrived the morning before the hurricane ripped the roof from my apartment. Needless to say, it was a memorable experience. My BJDs were packed up for safety already so Matthew the doll, as well as my other dolls, survived. (The apartment did not.)

      This is the most Florida thing I have ever posted. :lol:
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    4. In the beginning I tried to give my dolls Asian sounding James from animes my son and I watched. Then after a few years of that growing old, I picked James I liked depending on how I saw them. A child like doll got names like Sam, Charlie, Annie. The teens got names like Parker, Edmund, Christopher. You get the idea.
    5. Mine are pretty much either named after the OC they're based on, the existing (TV series) character they represent, or given a name I felt suited them (ie.: in the one case of a bjd not being based off a particular character, my Lumedoll Atik got renamed Keone as I felt it fit he and his aesthetic more).

      I got into bjds to shell existing characters. The original sculpt names are like shell identities to me in a way; they're like the identification for a specific line of clones without a separate, unique identity from one another. Once I change that shell identity into something different and unique from it's origin source, that name is no longer suitable for that sculpt. The sculpt has taken on a new identity, and so therefor needs a new name to match.

      In a strange way, it's like the Clones in Star Wars: the Clone Wars series. They could've all either been IDed by the number associated to them at birth, or identified by the name of Jango Fett, their DNA origins. But, as each of the clones grew and developed their own personality, they took on their own unique identities—names—and their own separate person-hood from one another and their originating benefactor.

      That's kind of how it is for my crew. Each sculpt came from the same mold as many others, but their identity is unique and separate from their original template—the name and identity their sculpt was originally given, in other words.
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    6. I think there is a disclaimer on my answer about giving my dolls completely new names. While most of my dolls have names unrelated to their sculpt model, I have kept some dolls with their original company name such as fairyland Haru, Rus, and my vampire Sylvia.

      If I really like the name, I will keep it. Also, if the sculp has the same name as a family member, I will also keep it.

      So far, I've kept:
      Iplehouse Victor, Oscar, Mari, and Planet Doll David. :D
    7. All of my dolls are character driven, so I search long and hard for the perfect original name to represent them. For me, it’s an integral part of the character process. Once I have the character, only then do I seek out a sculpt to match...so they pretty much already have an original name before I ever even begin looking at company offerings.
    8. Only ONE of my dolls kept their sculpt name and that's simply because nothing ever jumped out at me for her and I couldn't just refer to her as "that doll there". All the rest have names and characters (even if sometimes that character is very vuage).
      But to be fair, most of the sculpt names in my collection are pretty random lol. Bjds get random names man.

      Oh.. my big hujoo boy kept his sculpt name too, but that's because I thought it suited him.

      And a few of mine are terrible jokes. My Song is called "lyric" for instance, and I have a Berry named "logan". I'm a terrible namer lol.
    9. I love that you used pun logic to name some of your dolls. Huge respect.
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    10. I love giving them new names, but I'm a bit uncreative, so their names are usually based on their sculpt, with the exception of Foxen, and soon, Akantra. My Elle is called Athena, because her fullset was a gladiator type thingie. I have no idea how to pronounce Nian, but reading it made me think of Nyan Cat, so, Rain! And then probably my worst: Juno is now called Juliet. >_> Well, at least she fits the name pretty well.
    11. The name the company gives is the name of the sculpt. Those sculpts are owned by people all over the world. The one that lives in my house gets their own name.
    12. If it's a licensed character doll or if I really, really love the fullset and associated character (some of Soom's dolls come to mind) I would keep the name and character. But if I'm making up my own character for the doll, I feel like it would be a little weird not to change the name.
    13. New names, so far. My dolls are either OC's or characters from books and mythology. But I was tempted to keep DC Colin's name because it fits both the sculpt and the character well.
    14. You need a survey option for "both" or "depends"

      Out of aroudn 50 BJD (not counting the onbes that have moved on to new homes) I've got 3 who have their sculpt names. Pretty much because I liked the names and they fit the doll, the rest are all names I've given them. I couldn't have stuck with the sculpt names for all of them anyway as there are severl of the same sculpt and severla where the sculpt names are numbers or number/letter combinations. I wouldn't, for example want to call one doll R20J, let alone stick four of them with that name.

      Some of my dolls have taken a looooong time to settle to names, one refused all the name options I susggested and settled on one I don't even like.

    15. All of my dolls have their own names other than the sculpt title. I do not have characters/back stories for my dolls though, I just prefer to give them names which I find suit the sculpt and my tastes.
    16. With the exception of pet dolls like DF-A DuoDuo or BoBo, I hate keeping company names. All my dolls are pre-existing characters, and I want everything about them to be uniquely mine.
    17. For me the names can be fluid. I research names for what sounds good in a story I am writing and it attaches to the doll. It can change if I like something else better or start to develop another story. I like the poster who gives a full first, middle and last name.
    18. All my dolls have their own names. Sometimes it takes time to understand what name suits the doll, and sometimes the name appears immediately. For me keeping company names is boring, creating new ones is a part of the game.
    19. They get their own name and character. It used to be based off of stories I wrote, but I since decided not to shell characters from my written stories, and instead make them whole new stories specifically for the doll hobby so I don’t have to worry about spoilers.
    20. I believe New ones! My reason is my dolls are my OC's~ I think new names will help with bonding and being closer to your doll. :hamster: