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Original or New names?

Sep 7, 2019

  1. Original! (Brand, model names)

    3 vote(s)
  2. New! (OCs)

    82 vote(s)
    1. Kind of a mix of both. If I had a character in mind before I bought them they get that characters name, but if I bought the doll before having a character they usually keep the original name.
    2. So far all my dolls have gotten new names. Though a few are still in progress. :XD: I enjoy creating backstories and personalities for my dolls. Currently have two stories just so I can have more creativity with them. One is modern and the other medieval, so I get to come up with lots of fun names!
      Though I also love a few companies compete dolls (fullsets that seem to have a character already) or creating a doll form of a character from a show or game. In those situations the doll would keep their original name.
    3. For the most part, I'd say that I go in with an idea in mind, or looking for inspiration for a new OC.
      Especially if I were to buy only the faceup, or just the base body/head. Though, I agree with the idea that if they are from a show/game/etc that I previously enjoy or know of, I would probably keep their name that way and treat them as the previously established character.
      In that case though, it's more just because most original doll identities don't really have much story or anything behind them on the website for me to really feel a connection to that specific identity. Some are made really well and tell the story well enough through the pictures alone though?? So if I felt particularly interested in that, I might decide to keep them like that and expand upon the character already established.

      But overall, I'd say original like 90% of the time probably.
    4. If I was buying a full set of a character (especially one from an established fandom) who already had an established name and personality, I would keep the name and personality as intended. However, right now I'm looking to shell out two existing characters, so their name is already set and came BEFORE the doll. I can't think of any situations where I would come up with an entirely new original name for a doll.
    5. For one, I am a huge LUTS fan, however I don't think the names they choose for most of their sculpts are fitting at all. Honestly, I don't know how they even come up with them Lol. So for me, I always give them a new name. I like to feel out the sculpt, see what kind of personality would match with their facial expression and dress style and choose a name based from that. I often use baby name websites to find names that describe what I'm looking for. Like "sweet and innocent"..which is how I came up with Yoko's name.

      My new boy that I am expecting is originally named "Loid". I never was a fan of that name (which is odd, cause my grandfather's name is Lloyd..don't worry, I never knew him Lol). With his smoky eye makeup and hard set expression, I have given him the name Sebastian (with "Bash" being his main nickname). I will see once he arrives if he will keep that name or not and if it fits his personality. :)
    6. Currently I'm referring to most of my dolls as their factory names because I'm still debating on what to name them for their characters. I'm very indecisive so it's probably going to take me awhile!