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Osaka Volks SR sale, closing, and reopening

May 4, 2005

    1. I don't know how many people here keep up with the Japanese side of Volks' website, or how many members here this could actually apply to as you would have to be in Japan, but apparently the Osaka Volks show room is closing this month, and re-opening in July with a larger facility.
      ( http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/volks/sr/sr_osaka/index_sr_osaka.aspx )

      Before that happens though, they're having a sale~!
      May 7-8 : 30% off stock
      May 9-10 : 40% off stock
      May 11-12 : 50% off stock
      May 13-15 : final mark-down prices.

      The floors will begin reopening in June, and all five should be open by July 9.

      They're expecting a lot of business during these days, and are discouraging people from creating lines before they open. ^^;; Also, I don't think they're issuing reward points for these purchases, and certains goods (I believe showcase models, etc) and FCS are not on sale, of course. ^_~ (wouldnt THAT have been nice? 50% off FCS...)
      I'm assuming that most stock Dollfie items would be on sale? Clothes, wigs, optional parts? I really can't see them putting the dolls themselves on sale, but... what a sweet deal that would be if they did. A friend of mine is going to check this out in a couple days, so I can let people know what kind of stuff is available if anyone here happens to be in the area and interested in some cheap Volks goods.

      Also, if anyone can see where I've made a mistake reading this, please do correct me; I'm by no means fluent in Japanese.

      EDIT : I am not in Japan. ^^;; I'm sorry for the confusion. A friend of mine is just going to check the place out for me, and let me know what kind of Dollfie goods they have there. I thought I would pass the information along to anyone in the Osaka area who hadn't heard about the closing, or anyone overseas who would want to go through a shopping service.
      Again, I'm very sorry for the confusion. ^^;;;;
    2. Hi muffin,

      I'd be interested in anything they'd have to fit the SD Cute size. My Kaede-Sugar is longing for a pink waffle style wig, and wouldn't mind some more clothes or shoes either! :lol: So please let us know what your friend discovers.

      Hugs, Juli DC :)
    3. I'd be interested in anything Dollfie-Dream wise, or optional doll parts like hands and feet ^_^
    4. Just for the record, Volks has already cleared out much of their inventory in preparation for the sale. This includes anything released in the last three months or so, almost all dolls, etc. Mostly what's left are clothes that were a little too expensive to start with, eyes in 22mm size, a lot of basic stuff like plain tshirts and socks and underwear, and a fair bit of custimization supplies apart from the most popular stuff like MSC. There still are a few optional heads and some of the oldskin optional parts left.

      I will be checking in towards the end of the sale, but I don't expect there to be much left.
    5. Thanks Dezarii. I was kind of guessing that would be the situation. I actually want some of the smaller, more simple things like tshirts and socks, so thats cool at least!
      And only 22mm eyes left? Darn.
      Do you know if there were any wigs left, or were those all taken out too? A friend of mine is going to pick up a set of geta feet for me, and maybe some other things, but she knows almost nothing about Dollfies, so I'm trying to tell her what to expect as best I can.
      Again, thanks for the information. ^_^
    6. minerva -- yes, it's possible, or at least you could get a start on it. I cant take requests, but if you have connections, it would be worth checking out.

      muffin -- Last I saw, there were tshirts available in white, black and grey, as well as the buttoned dress shirts in white or black. There's plenty of underwear left, too. I don't really recommend the socks, except for the lolita ones with white lace trim that usually cost about ¥1,000 but would be worth picking up if the price drops. Same with the pantyhose... but I can't recommend the male socks, and they havent got any nice plain black or white ones.

      Im not sure if they have tabi feet or not, I didnt really look closely at the body parts this week.

      There are actually eyes in other sizes, including both metallic and glass eyes. However, the popular colours in popular sizes are definitely gone. For metallics, it's mostly the flecked style and the plain gold ones, for some reason. There are some pretty glass eyes left still, but none of the more unusual colours and no red. They only have a limited supply though.

      There are definitely wigs left. Fo girls, there are the mohair ones and others mostly in medium browns. There were also some really bright wigs in lime green, orange, etc that are cute. There are some good boy wigs left, but I dont remember exactly what. The 2tone wigs are almost out and not available in silver, again it's mostly medium browns but a few darker or lighter ones here and there.
    7. I'm just curious about why you don't recommend the Volks socks. Are they really expensive? Poor quality / ill fitting? (I wouldn't expect that of them though)
      I need to get some for my doll and a friend's doll because his shoes stain his feet badly. x.x The poor thing. I don't really have any experience with Volks, or any other socks for that matter, so I'd just like to know what's up with them.
      And again, thank you very much for the information about the store. I really appreciate it! ^_^