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OT: Ebay price hike

Jan 13, 2005

    1. Ebay sent an email out today announcing it was upping many of its prices on eBay store listings:

      Closing Price: $0.01 - $25
      Old Price: 5.25% of the closing value
      New Price: 8% of the closing price

      Closing Price: $25.01 - $1,000
      Old Price: 5.25% of the initial $25, plus 2.75% of the remaining closing value balance.
      New Price: 8% of the initial $25, plus 5% of the remaining closing value balance ($25.01 - $1000)

      Closing Price: Over $1,000
      Old Price: 5.25% of the initial $25, plus 2.75% of the next $25.01-$1000, plus 1.50% of the remaining closing value balance ($1,000.01 - closing value).
      New Price: 8% of the initial $25, plus 5% of the next $25.01 - $1000, plus 3% of the remaining closing value balance ($1,000.01 - closing value).

      Gallery, eBay store, and Buy it Now prices were also raised, if anyone wants the exact details, I can forward the email with all the info.

      Bad news for us doll sellers - those 1,000+ price hikes are killer.
    2. GAH! This is why i call it evilBay
    3. I wonder what Yahoo Auctions charges...? Amazon...?
    4. Dunno... although there was some questionable content on Yahoo Auctions... like ripped DVDs... back when I used to browse there. :/
    5. Yes, those fees listed above are for stores, and they said some Business and Industrial listings will change but the other prices (BIN, gallery, etc.) are for the regular listings.
    6. >_> I was going to post some books to sell to raise money for the Red Cross, too. That sucks, if you have an auction that only goes for $5 or something like that, both ebay and paypal basically take all the money. It's really sick. I've never been able to make money off of ebay ... with their fees along with paypal's, I've always ended up losing money.
    7. Holy crap, that's a big fee hike... So much for creating a seller's account...
    8. I hate FeeBay.....unfortunately, in order to fund my bjd addiction, I am forced to sometimes sell there.
    9. There's no charge to list on Amazon, but they take about 25% commission on the sale.
    10. YEUCK. Evil Feebay. It's not like they don't make enough money all ready with all the extra features and advertising...? *shakes head*

      Unfortunately, Ebay's got the most secure selling system, and the big name that makes buyers go there... so in that way it's kind of got a monopoly on online auctions. XP

      That's why I like the Marketplace here so much. <3
    11. Yes, the Marketplace here is a good option, except there's no real protection for buyers.

      We should find some less expensive auction site and move there en masse in protest.
    12. The other problem is that ebay is international. I think Amazon is too, but last time I checked, they'd closed the UK Yahoo auctions.

      Although it just occurred to me... I'd save an AWFUL lot of money...
    13. How would you save an awful lot of money, Lynn...? By switching to Amazon...?

    14. The sneaky thing is, I never notice the eBay fees until they come round at the end of the month and - WALLOP!

      There's a big hole I wasn't expecting in my bank account.

      (......) (a big hole)

    15. This really does blow the big one. I don't have an eBay Store but I sell fairly often and the fees as they are now DO hurt.

      As glass_mountain pointed out it's that invoice at the end of the month that kills. When I was trying to win those Unoa's on eBay recently I went to bid on one and I got the whole stupid, please pay your fees first or you can't bid, so I go to pay the fees and it was almost $70!!! How's that for denting the doll fund?

      I've noticed sellers adopting the method of listing stuff cheap and tacking on a "shipping/handling" fee that makes up for the actual amount they want for the item in order to save on fees on eBay, though you still get gouged on Paypal.
    16. I do tack on a little handling fee - but that's because sending things is expensive! Every time I go for shipping supplies like tape and mailers, it's $20 - $50!

      That, on top of eBay and Paypal...ouch.

      Edit: And by a little, I mean like .50 to a dollar. And half the time the online mail calculator gives me the wrong amount, and it goes for postage. :crushed
    17. Oh man, I can't say how many times I've had miscalculated postage that ends up being more and then I have to eat the difference myself, it totally blows.

      I've been so good to so many buyers on shipping, I've been cracking down on myself for that lately. I don't think a small handling upcharge is a big deal, the way I used to handle that was by rounding everything up, but that isn't gonna work anymore :cry:
    18. Someone said if you sell here on this marketplace you lose the protection of ebay, but that isn't always true. If you use paypal (evil subservent of ebay) there is still buyer protection in the event of a problem. You just have to act quicker (30days). Added protection is using your credit card where you can dispute the charges if the item isn't sent. Someone also mentioned starting a doll mall of our products, I wish we could get that off the ground.