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OT (only slightly) Obitsu 60cm BOY!

Nov 29, 2005

    1. I just heard that Obitsu is releasing an real BOY!!!! Not just the chest plate. It was slated for Dec 2005, but may get pushed to Jan 2006. Emory from junkyspot is my informant! Oh I hope this means that Volks has a Boy DD in the works, puuuuleeezze!

      Not sure if I am going to buy the Obitsu, unless it is anatomically correct, not a perv really, just like my dolls far removed from the realm of "barbies".

      Come on Volks, we are routing for ya!!!

    2. That's good news since we can finally have a less expensive boy body :)... the one with just a chestplate looks too thin (esp around the waist) to be a boy.
    3. Hopefully this will push Volks to release a male Dollfie Dreams.
      Nothing against either company, but Obitsu heads are cuter, and Volks bodies are nicer. (Collaborate, damnit!)
    4. I just choked on my coke "Collaborate, damnit!"

      A DD boy would be the best thing -ever-. Oh... oh my. Would a DD2 Male have... squishy... parts... as well, then? That would amuse me to no end, really. XD Oh lord, I'm such a perv.
    5. LOL, collaboration between the 2 is highly unlikely as both companies got into a dispute over some 1/6 stuff a while back.
    6. No, keep them fighting! It keeps them on their toes, and us in cool new doll types! I can't wait to see this new guy.
    7. First, and OT, vanillashine I love your icon. Hamada and Matsumoto win. XD
      Second, and ONtopic... Given that the DD is more like fanboy wish-fulfillment than SDs, I can't imagine what a male DD would look like. Would it have a more 'idealized' sculpt like the curvy DD? And would it lean more toward the cuteness of female DDs, or go for a more masculine look?
      I'd definitely love to see one, especially the head molds.