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Others holding your dolls - HOW TO POLITELY SAY NO

Jun 21, 2010

    1. I tried searching but didn't find anything....please tell me if there is another thread like this~ :sweat

      So I am going to Anime Expo soon, and will be cosplaying as Serah from FF13, and my little Alice will be crossplaying as Snow! :D But I am really over-protective with my doll, and worry about her safety if other people ask to hold her...:(

      ***My question is: How do you politely say "no" to someone if they ask to hold/touch your doll?

      I was thinking maybe like, "Aww, I'm sorry but Snow (Alice) doesn't really like to be held by other people~" What do you think? What would you say?
    2. Hm, considering some people (non-doll people in particular) might find it odd to say Snow/Alice doesnt like being held by strangers, it might be more worth saying something like, "Not saying you wouldnt handle her well, but she's very special to me and I'm really overprotective over her, so I'd rather not let anyone touch her." Usually people will be really respectful of this. Especially if you add in that you trust that they'd be good to her, but that you didnt want to be rude and start judging and upsetting people who ask to touch or hold her.
    3. "Sorry, but it's for your own safety. Zoe doesn't like to be touched and people don't like to be stabbed." ;)
    4. I would say, "Sorry, she's too fragile to be touched by others"
    5. How about "Sorry, I'm just not comfortable letting other people hold her"? If they pry you can say that she's rather expensive and you've spent a lot of effort on her costume, and you'd hate to even risk something happening.
    6. "Sure, you can hold her... If I can hold your wallet/purse." ;)
    7. I would just say, "I'm sorry, no. Not at this time." or 'Not right now'. This way your not fully saying No, and it's just not right now, it's not the right time for such things. Later if they bug you, you can explain things. At conventions people are rushing around and so busy, just telling them the above is usually enough.
    8. I would just simply say the cost of her. That would scare away someone who has never heard or seen them before XD
    9. I think as I tend not to let other people besides my real close good friends who are dollie people touch my dolls in general its ok to just say something like, "Thank u so much for the interest but she's really rather special to me and as I am sure u be kind to her I don't want to take that risk of something happening but u can look at her from here," make her wave or something. I don't know I tend to be a bit more direct in just saying No don't touch her...but sometimes that comes off as being rude so.
    10. I'd thank them for their interest but explain that I don't let anyone hold her. Use a polite but firm voice. I also think if you hold her close to you, that will help fend off the question. When I met the young lady at Akon with a doll, she kept her close and just turned her so I could see it better. She never gave off the impression that I could hold her, so I never asked (not that I would, I wouldn't want to harm it!). Some people that won't respond to verbal cues will understand body language.
    11. Here's something I just thought of. If you put a little "No touchie please! (:" Sign on her, people probably won't ask in the first place. That's prolly what I'll do at my next convention.
    12. I would probably just give them a little smile and, "I'm sorry, I'd really rather you didn't," or something like that. I'm usually not very good about people holding my doll unless it's someone I know very well, or at a doll meet or something... so I'd probably be a little freaked if someone tried to grab mine. xD;
    13. Agreed. Non-dolly people wouldn't really get more acceptable in-jokes here. An "I'd prefer you didn't because she/he/it's fragile" should do fine.
    14. Thanks everyone so so much for all the help and advice! :D
    15. I would just say politely that the doll is really expensive and that you wouldn't want then to have to pay you back like $500+ dollars to replace it. I know some people get upset and silly, but its your doll, not theirs. Just let them know that you'd prefer it if they just looked, if the get upset, its their problem
    16. Just one thing i wanna pointo ut, cause i dont think anyone else has mentioned it....It might not be a wise idea to mention how expensive the doll is, especially to a stranger in a public venue. While it'll deter most people from wanting to hold it and they'll repect the value, others might take the opportunity to try to steal the doll somehow. Not saying it'll happen, but its certainly possible ><

      It's probably safer just to say that the doll is very valuable to you, or that it's fragile, but either way that you dont feel comfortable with others touching or holding her ^.~
    17. say 'please no' with a calm yet serious tone.
    18. It's easy, like this: "No."

      If your tone is calm and respectful that's plenty polite. If they can't handle a simple answer they need to go put on some big kid panties or go home. *shrug*
    19. My experience with carrying dolls around at cons has been other asking to see whomever I have and that is what it has to mean. Being asked to see a doll means looking and not touching. Usually it a quick look and then I go back to my protective hold while walking around. Even other owners at the cons, you should ask and not just grab anyway. A simple no should do for most people. If someone keeps asking inform them of the price and trust me that person will back off rather quick.