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OTT Service

Jan 29, 2017

    1. I have been thinking about my experience buying BJDs/BJD items and watching box openings and I kept coming back to these thoughts of how I felt as a customer when opening my purchase. I usually felt like it was my birthday but lately it feels less like that and I feel more like a customer as in I'm "Order # 0097562". I love being treated as a bit more than an order number and was wondering which BJD companies go above and beyond and give that OTT service. What did they do? Give freebies? Send your dolly to you wearing underwear? Put the doll name you chose on the CoA? Maybe it was a 1 month check in letter? Share and let us know! ^_^
    2. Whenever ordering a doll from Junky Spot, he always throws in some freebie toys. I've gotten socks, toys, candy, and more. It's always nice to order from him. :) Really feels like he appreciates my business.
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    3. Resinsoul and their contact "Sun" are pretty great! I thought that Sun had been really kind to me--letting me order random doll parts in custom colors for other dolls, and promptly answering my questions, but they've also been unbelievably nice to others.

      You can order hybrid doll combinations, an elf sculpt with human ears, etc. It's really crazy!!

      I also really have a soft spot for Impldoll. Like Resinsoul, they are really good about answering questions--even if I have many follow up questions, and they impressed me with their willingness to make a really muscular female body that seemed outside of other companies' comfort zones. And like Resinsoul, they do custom resin colors.
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    4. Every single time I've ordered from BlueBlood Doll--not just dolls, but even as simple as a wig or shoes--I get apersonal email from Medusa that always starts out with "Dear Julie," and usually also says something sweet or personal to the point I feel more like I'm buying from a friend than a company.

      I also like Mint on Card because they used to send marshmallow candies with my orders, then notices my email starts with "vegan" and Lindsey took the time to ask me if I am actually vegan/vegetarian because the candies are not veggie-friendly due to gelatin, and then stopped including them on my orders, which I found very thoughtful and unexpected. They also get excited with me when I pay off a layaway and I usually get a congratulatory email with exclamation points and an idea of when my doll will ship--this feels very personal to me, and it's not like they're just shoving merchandise out the door, but they are joining in on welcoming my new doll home.

      Lastly, Little Rebel is SO personal! I have two heads I ordered from her, and every time, Kat has been very friendly, and even liked or commented on the photos of my boys that I posted on Instagram. It feels like she's checking in on how they're doing, which I find very cute. <3
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    5. Angell-Studio's email person, Lemon
      She made my order with them so smooth, even when I made a few special requests. They even asked me how the doll was after she arrived!

      I think it really made an impression on me since I keep going back to check on their dolls rather than other companies.
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    6. Granted it has been a long time, but I got a cute little rubber duckie with my last order from Denver Doll. They as well as Oobiedoll and Fabric Friends and Dolls have always been great with special requests and personable emails. Oobiedoll even let me have a crazy long layaway to get one of my dolls.
      Luts has also been great. No freebies from them, but their customer service is spectacular.
    7. Musedoll, definitely.

      - Beautiful packaging
      - Doll arrives in underpants!
      - Generous free gifts. (With my Re-Che body I received a hand made, prototype doll size hand bag!)
      - Personalised, hand written note.

      Absolutely wonderful service (and products), really.
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    8. One that hasn't been mentioned yet here is DollPamm; Dr Mes is always very friendly and personable when answering questions, and the dolls he sends out come with extra strings, a little teddy bear, and a package of candies--there's even a spot for the candies built into the boxes!
    9. I ordered from Alice Collections and they where great! I asked them a few questions and even made a change to my first order and they where so friendly and helpful! They even use smiles with their text and that always makes me feel it's more personal. :)

      My mother got an order from junkyspot and she got wonderful service too! They where fast to reply and answered all her questions in a friendly manner. They even included some really cute gifts! Makes me wish I wanted one of the dolls that have next, but I already have my eye on one they don't carry.
    10. Carol over at Angelesque ( A UK/European dealer) always has lovely service. She's one woman running the business from her home and every time you email her or ask her a question via her facebook you always talk to a person. She does use Automated emails but any questions are promptly asnwered and it's lovely!

      Alice's collections is also amazing. When ordering a doll, I though a qualified for the free shipping if you spend over $100 on clothes and other accessories but I didn't because I ordered company clothing(from ringdoll) not AC clothing so didn't qualify. I was gutted because I'd spent all my xmas savings and got an email in which the first line read something to the effect of "I'm afraid you don't qualify for the free shipping because it's only for clothes from the clothing section not ringdoll. The shipping would be $97" and by that point I'm freaking out. $97!? so I keep reading and it then says "But I'll only charge you $34". I had never been so relieved. I still couldn't pay but my dad was a star and helped me after seeing how freaked out I was. Then when I got the doll, I had a couple free gifts of stuff I had desperately needed for my dolls (eye putty and magic erasers!) 10/10 service.
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    11. Cleaning out my closet again and what do I find? Old dolly stuff from my orders. An old calendar from crobi, a doll size magazine from 9nine style, and booklet from DollHeart, plus a bunch of image cards.....I really like calendars that some companies do, hopefully I will see more of that in the future/
    12. Seconding the mentions of JunkySpot and Resinsoul-- I've never made a large enough order through JunkySpot to get some of the out-there freebies, but even with the smallest orders I've made, I've gotten candy and little things like an eraser shaped like a teddy bear for the small off-topic doll I'd ordered. I recommended Junky Spot to my youngest sibling when they were in the market for an Obitsu and they wound up getting a tiny bag of TINY gummy bears as part of the assorted candy thrown in-- we were over the moon at the fact that the candy itself was doll-sized.

      And Resinsoul was just... I mean, first, it was the first time I'd ever ordered a doll with that level of customization where it involved a lot of back and forth emails instead of just filling out the form on the site, and Sun was very patient with my hundreds of questions (at least it felt that way), and very reassuring about how I wasn't asking anything that they couldn't easily do. (and compared to some of the beautiful things I've seen them do on request, I can see how simple my request was in comparison, but wow, they'll go over the top and beyond for their customers!) Plus ordering directly through Resinsoul means you get the carrying case instead of a box, which is so handy for meets and such! I love the case my girl came in, it was just one more thing that made me feel like her arrival was really special, even if it wasn't a personal touch-- I loved that they put that care into all their orders.

      Also, not a major company, but when I'd found a doll seamstress with a shop on etsy that I went back to for a second order, I'd told her about how perfect the first thing I'd bought from her had been for my hard-to-shop-for boy and had put up a picture of him as part of my positive review of the shop, and got a free hat with my second order-- and all I bought was a shirt! And the hat had my boy's favorite color as part of it and wound up looking so good on him, it was just really a lovely gesture. (and I was already sure I'd be going back to her, but that made a serious loyal customer out of me. I'm contemplating shopping for a doll I don't have yet just because she had the perfect pair of leggings in stock...)
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    13. I've had 2-3 OTT customer service experiences:

      Purchased a Roxydoll eun-u head off ebay a million years ago. I don't even think they are in business anymore. Came in a really nice 2 piece box done up as a present with a bow and everything.

      When I lived in Japan, I won a one-off in the Sato lottery back in 2011. My VIP membership had expired, so they called me to ask permission to open the box and retrieve the VIP membership stuff -apparently a one-off come with a year's membership, so I could get points on my purchase. At roughly $1200 not an insignificant thing.

      Unoa Alchemy is amazing. I asked for a specific headplate for my Zest last year -the decadent one- and not only did I get that, I got every elder boy faceplate available plus unicorn horns, etc...
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    14. In general, I feel now much cooler about my dolly purchases. One reason is that Impldoll is such a great company. They even went that far that they made custom arms for their latest male body (though it may be possible that anyone can order these more mobile arms on request). That is really fantastic customer service IMO. I felt so safe every time I ordered from that I can really only recommend the company.

      And even if their dolls are not the most expensive, they feel somewhat special to me.
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    15. junkyspot has been mentioned a few times on this thread already, but they really are amazing to order from! when i bought my limhwa mari she came to me with a pair of naruto socks, a korean drama dvd, and a bunch of cute little toys and candies :fangirl: i love watching box openings from junkyspot just to see what emory put in other people's orders haha.
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    16. Resinsoul customer service is great.
      My first resin doll came from them and absolutely tragically arrived damaged. Sun was great, immediately reassured me they'd recast that parts and sent me not only a new head, but new arms and legs as well (which weren't broken, were just cast the wrong colour because I wasn't clear enough in the order. MY fault, not theirs but they sent me replacements anyway! SO generous)

      The dolls arrive in a sort of leatherette bag.

      The little deer taurs get their own box too, with the bag inside, which is so cute. It's a solid box, then bag, then inside the pillow and doll. But it looks like currently only the little deers get that extra bit.

      Resinsoul also always send their dolls, even the blank ones, with eyes already installed so you get a small wad of putty and a set of eyes right from the go. I like that, it means the doll feels more complete out the box. And their eyes are actually really nice. Someone sits and actually seems to put some thought into the eyes depending on the skin tone of the doll. My custom aqua boy came with these amazing lilac eyes, they aren't their standard blue and they're so dang pretty. My tan boy came with lovely brown eyes. My blue girl came with yellow eyes which contrast gorgeously and husband's dark grey came with these really lovely hazel eyes.
      I'm not sure how many different colours they actually have, so far i've seen 2 shades of blue, this blue/purple, hazel, yellow, brown and green.
      I really like that someone putting the doll together considers what colour will look nice and they're always matched really thoughtfully. It's a cute touch.

      It also cracks me up their emails are always "to dear *name*"
      They always always use your first name which I assume must come up in the email info or paypal or something. I don't remember ever telling them my first name via email but they always use it. It's cute and makes it feel more personal.

      As for Angelesque, she's a nice lady. Being just one person means you might need to wait a bit for a reply but she tries hard to solve problems and chase things up. She doesn't include anything other than her card in parcels but she does keep you updated.

      Doll Chataeu also come with a nice box and their photo card/certificate. I like their boxes, they're shiny and super posh feeling lol.
      I know it's a tiny thing but I do like me a posh feeling box. It makes the purchase feel all that more special and deluxe you know?