New Feature Our BJD-making section is open!

Nov 17, 2018

    1. Back in 2005, Den of Angels opened our first BJD-making discussion area. Years later, this was separated to a different forum called The Joint, owned by @armeleia. Today, we are happy to announce that The Joint has been merged back into Den of Angels! :cheer

      Our ‘new’ Making a BJD section includes content spanning thirteen years. If you’ve ever posted about making your own doll, either on DoA or the Joint, please check your threads to make sure that your images still show.

      We removed accounts with little activity on the Joint, and we merged accounts for people who already have a DoA account. If we missed you and your accounts still need merging, please post in Ask the Moderators.

      We know you may have questions, so feel free to ask in this thread. Here are some that we’ve been asked so far:

      Do the dolls we make have to be on topic?
      No – this is an off-topic section, but please note that it’s only for ball-jointed dolls. BJDs made of porcelain, clay or other materials are all welcome. If you want your doll to be included in other areas of DoA, you will need to submit it for inclusion.

      Is it ok to post about preorders in the Making a BJD section?
      Preorders should be advertised in News. This can only be done after the doll has been submitted for inclusion on Den of Angels.

      Should we have a project journal for each project, or can we have one thread with multiple projects?
      We recommend single project threads, but it’s possible for projects to involve multiple dolls or be based on a theme rather than one doll. (Here’s an example.)

      We know that members have been interested in discussing BJD-making here for a very long time. :) Due to a lot of unforeseen issues it has been a long time coming, but we are incredibly happy that we can open this area now! The mod team will be continuing to clean and organize over the coming months, and we have plans to consolidate information and curate primer guides, but please feel free to report dead images or anything you might find that you think is particularly helpful in the meantime.

      We hope that this area will become an invaluable resource for new artists and sculptors for many years to come!
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