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Our dolls shopping vs. our own

Mar 30, 2008

    1. I was just thinking that it's really easy to buy clothes for your dolls; as long as you get the right size it's guaranteed to fit & look fabulous. They will always look like a million bucks with flawless skin and a firm (rock-hard, actually!) body.

      buy what about you? as people, we have real bodies that aren't a 'one-size fits all' type. sometimes it can be depressing going shopping, when nothing seems right for the your body.

      does this make you live vicariously through your doll? does this make you shop for your doll more than for yourself? does this make your doll more fashion forward than you would be yourself? would you dress differently if you had a body like your doll?
    2. No not really. Shopping for dolls isn't actually a piece of cake all the time. Not all are proportioned the same, and since they can't try stuff on before they buy its always possible to buy something and have it not fit right. I have a couple that are a little harder to fit. Two are shorter than average, and while there is stuff that fits, there's not quite the selection there is for bigger dolls. My other tricky one is on an obitsu body, so she's skinnier than the average SD13 girl with a fairly good sized chest and stains more easily.

      When I shop for myself I get to try stuff on, so I know what I'm getting. What holds me back with my own wardrobe is that I'd just as soon spend money on doll stuff, because that's my big hobby. I don't really see myself dressing differently if I were built like my dolls--actually, while my dolls are very lovely, I'd rather look like me anyway. I dress the way I like and dress appropriatly for my job. Having to work really cuts down on what you can do with your clothes and hair--I suppose I get something of a vicarious kick out of some of their hair colors.
    3. How is this a debatable topic?

      And no. I don't live vicariously through my doll. I spend more on myself than I do on my doll, and if my body was like my doll's, I'd still dress the same as I do now.
    4. I'm sure if I was 20 and had a skinny body like my doll I'd wear middy tops and mini skirts like some of my dolls do. The thing is, I already wore most of that stuff when I actually was 20, so I don't have any desire to wear it again.

      Mostly my dolls wear T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, sneakers and stuff like that...and guess what, so do I.

      The only issue as far as doll shopping vs. my shopping is that I only have so much money, so if I blow it all on doll stuff then I don't have enough to buy myself an outfit. This hasn't been a big problem as I don't buy myself a lot of clothes anyway and mostly get a few nice things I can wear over and over again for a long time.

      Sometimes I wish I could wear casual or punk clothes all the time like my dolls do. Unfortunately I have to go to work so I have to wear business looking clothes, but I own all the same casual or punk stuff so, except for the really revealing stuff that I don't want to wear at my age, I can wear all the leather jackets, torn pants and so forth that I want on the weekends.
    5. Well. At the moment I'm BROKE. So I have no money for free spending anyway, meaning I can't order things for my doll [I resorted to enslaving my grandmother to sew my ideas. xD!] But once I get a job, I will definitely have some money on a card so I can order and such. Seeing when it comes down to shopping for myself, all I buy nowadays are CDs and such, seeing most of my clothing is from four years ago.. I still fit it, plus I can never find anything I actually feel comfortable in wearing. Nothing flows with me. Unless I go to a thrift store -shrugs- right now the only thing I want for myself is a Migidoll Miho [go figure, a doll. xD!] and a black and white Shemagh [scarf]
    6. im rather skinny like my doll and i do wear my own style. However im not as brave to wear bold fashions like my doll cause people would talk if i ran around in cute anime costumes and oriental wear all the time XD
    7. I don't tend to buy stuff for myself unless I feel wearing the same stuff for six months has gone a bit far, maybe ill buy a t-shirt. but I look after my clothes, so I hardly need to buy them. I'm on a limited income, so I have been sewing for Ashen. my sewing isn't great, but it fits him and it will stay together for a few years. If i really want something for him (or he wants something badly enough) and I can't make it myself, I'll buy it for him. Like shoes. He's bugging me for new shoes and eyes at the moment. and he does need them, so I'm saving my spare cash to get some.

      So yes, my doll is coming before me. I havent had new shoes in years. my old spraypainted silver and drawn on sneakers look horrible, but are still functional so I put up with it.
    8. The stuff I wear and what my doll wears is somewhat different. Not because I wouldn't look good in what she wears or anything but because our style preferences are very different. I tend to go for casual clothes or whatever is comfortable to me at the moment, like a random babydoll blouse or an ae sweater. Now, what she prefers is fruity stuff with a bit of sweet lolita. I appreciate the style of it but it's not something I would be caught dead in, or so to speak. :sweat

      I guess I initially tried to make her wear that gothic lolita dress that I would have liked to wear had I the money to substain more than one expensive hobby. But it did end up failing miserably after her arrival when I realized that it was not something that she would like to wear at all. So I guess I did try to "live through my doll" to a certain extent, but ended up failing at it. o__O
    9. Oh wow, interesting topic!

      I tend to totally get carried away when I'm shopping for myself, I can easily spend $200 on myself in one store! I'm no size 0 but I'm not a size 10 either, so I can see stuff on those silly displays and be like "I WANT!" So, I do spend much more on myself than my girls, but if I do see something cute, I will get it for them, depending on whether or not I decide to go shopping over the weekend!
    10. nope. My wardrobe is huge. (last time I moved 1 1/2 years ago it took an entire truckload JUST for it..its grown since then). I buy stuff for my dolls because my dolls should look as good as me (hehe no ego right?)
      also I do have the human equivalent of a doll body, so I can pull off the styles the dolls can. Umm..if I was a boy I'd probably dress like my full size doll...
      seriously, my personal shopping isn't influenced by my dolls and vice versa.
      like others on this thread, I don't see how this is a debate.
    11. I must say that my Savannah gets new clothes more often than I do. Its much more fun to buy or to make clothes for her. Myself, I have put on a lot of weight after I gave birth to my wonderful daughter two years ago, and shopping clothes in that size is just depressing. With Savannah I can dream that its myself I shop for or sew for, and then for a short minute forget about my own size.

      - Karina
    12. I spend more money for stuff for Wrath more than I do buying clothes for myself. Whenever I spend money on myself it goes toward school, food, or a movie out with friends. I don't really feel comfortable in clothes that're out right now, I just prefer my jeans and t-shirts. If I had the body to get the real cute clothes, I would. Until I lose what I want to lose, I'll be sticking with my jeans and t-shirts and getting my girl more clothes.
    13. I seriously dislike shopping for myself, I wear my clothes until they are literally ragged and I'm forced to get something new. I'm very choosy and a perfectionist about what I wear. It has to be comfortable and not look stupid. Do you know how hard it is to find women's clothing that is comfortable and not stupid-looking? It's very hard indeed.

      My dolls are at least as choosy as I am, so we are not likely to buy things often, but when we are lucky enough to find something we actually like and could wear, we don't fuss overmuch about the price.

    14. I like dressing my dolls in things I would never wear. I see some fashions out there, particularly the Japanese-inspired ones like decora, fruits, visual...and I'd never wear them, god knows, but I could make those crazy things for my dolls and they'd look great!

      I'm happy with my own body and body image, though. I have the type of body most mainstream designers seem to have in mind when they put out clothes, so I can always find stuff that looks good. There's no disconnect for me...I just know that I'm on my way to thirty now and there are things I simply can't wear, lol.
    15. I feel like the original question of the thread wasn't so much directed to shopping as it was to some kind of comparative doll body image.

      I think most people realize the dolls are idealized bodies, and that the vast majority of human people don't have bodies proportioned like the dolls. Plus, some of the proportions that might look wonderful on a doll, such as extra-long legs or very skinny body, would actually look freakish or at least be hard to dress, translated to real live human size. Thus, enjoying dressing your doll doesn't necessarily mean you envy its body compared to your own.
    16. I don't have a BJD yet, but I think I'd have them wearing casual and cosplay clothing.

      My actual body type isn't as ideal as an ABJD's , but I still wear the kinds of clothing I'd have my dolls wear. The only thing stopping me from wearing some of the 'weirder' stuff is the fact that I hand-sew, which makes upscaling difficult ^_^;
    17. It's odd... but I don't think I am trying to live vicariously through my -future- doll. All the stuff I look at for him, are lower priced. Yes, Megi will have a cheap mommy when he comes home. Same for me. The only things I'm willing to spend over $20 bucks for, besides the actual doll I want, are books, dvds, video games, and multiple items. I have almost no interest in clothes, and I only plan on buying Megi one or two outfits before I just randomly swap the clothes up or when I get another doll, who'll have one or two outfits, the two of them can switch.

      So you could say in a sense that I'm asserting my spending habits on my -future- dolls.
    18. My doll is based on a character I've created. I purposefully try NOT to live vicariously through her, but occasionally I do let my own personality into what she wears. She is, at least partially, an extension of my personality, in terms of being something that I created.

      However, I don't see her as the dolly version of what I want to be. I don't shop more for her than I do for myself, and I doubt I'd go without clothes so that she could dress all fancy-like. I don't like shopping in general, so I'm not any more keen to shop 'til I drop for a doll than I would be for myself. I'd rather make clothes for my doll (and myself), or have her wear something practical for everyday. I might get her fancier clothing, but that's just not the kind of doll I've got right now (it's not really my style, either).

      I'm not sure if that makes sense in the context of the original topic. D:
    19. Er...my (incoming!) doll is a boy and I'm a girl, so I guess no, I most definitely don't want his body or to be able to dress like him! :sweat That said, one of the things that attracted me to bjds was certainly the intricately made miniature clothing, which are delightful in themselves apart from how nice they make the doll look. I love miniature things and I love costume! But I only like to look at it, it's way too much trouble to acquire/dress in unusual clothing myself.

      This is a vague, yes/no kind of answer, I guess. I am willing to dress my doll more nicely, more expensively, more interestingly than I dress myself. Yet, if I were given some sort of magical choice between having a perfect body and unlimited wardrobe for myself versus having the perfect doll and unlimited doll wardrobe...I'd go with the latter.
    20. Does this make you live vicariously through your doll? Yes, insanely so.

      Does this make you shop for your doll more than for yourself? If I was in any way in charge of my own assets, I sure as hell would. Unfortunately, though, Im underage and my work forwards my money into a parent-controlled bank account, so I cant touch a penny of it.

      Does this make your doll more fashion forward than you would be yourself? It sure as heck would. Anything I see thats cute is ether way too small ((which isnt hard, I wear size 12us :/)), or they dont make them anywhere that I can get them ((Im seriously into japanese fashions.....and we've got nothing like any of them over here ): ))

      Would you dress differently if you had a body like your doll? YES. I would look like I had a kick-ass fashion sense instead of plain jeans with a teeshirt and old sneaks =/