Overprotective of your dolls?

Aug 8, 2018

    1. I wash my hands before touching them, never touch the face and keep them in their boxes with their pillows, but after 13 years they are slightly yellow anyway. I don't know if yellowing can be completely avoided, because my dolls have spent very few time outside and never under direct sunlight. They are not banana-yellow, but definitely not as white as they were when they arrived. My only concern about breaking them is with noses or fingers, I never leave them standing without support, only sitting and making sure they're stable.
    2. First off, accept the fact that the only surefire way to keep your doll in pristine, perfect condition would be to seal it in Lucite and stick it in a light-proof, waterproof, airtight, lead-lined box and then put it where no one and nothing can touch it, ever. Like the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

      I'm getting my first on-topic BJD in a month or two, and I'm sure I'll have a fine case of first-doll jitters...but I'll try to remember that, at the end of the day, she's made of a durable plastic, not spun sugar. Wear and tear is to be expected, but very little damage is irreparable, and most mishaps can be avoided by taking ordinary care.
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    3. I try to be as careful with my dolls as I can be. The shelf they reside in is in a room that is blacked out most of the time. Even then, they are far from the windows. I try to be careful in handling them. I've had only one moment when my volks yo-tenshi una fell off a shelf when I was posing her for a photograph. Yikes! My heart stopped in my chest.
      So I'd say, I like to be careful with them so they last.
    4. Yes, I'm extremely careful with my dolls, to a point of being obsessive. They are kept in a dark cupboard, and only handled with freshly washed hands, and never left in dark clothing, etc. I still enjoy them, taking them out for a change of outfit, photographs, etc, but in the meantime, they're safe from sunlight, being knocked over, etc, as I have other hobbies, and other forms of crafting which can often leave my room rather cluttered for days,which also isn't an ideal setting for anything which I consider to be precious (definitely my BJDs!).
    5. I would say I am definitely not the overprotective type. I mean, sure they cost a lot. But I paid that sum to be able to play with them and enjoy them.

      It helps that the first doll that came to me is a second-hand doll, even though it was a LE. While the price was heavily discounted because of damage, it was mainly marks on the box, some loose threads in the clothes and a few scratches on the body. These damages to me are hardly a deal-breaker and I will inadvertently but inevitably add a few marks while I play with him. Can't be helped! There are so much things I want to try! Even if the face up was damaged, I would take it as an opportunity to learn.

      Before I got him, I thought BJD would be a lot more fragile, but it's actually fairly sturdy. I wouldn't be too careless or drop him from a window, but I am not going to lose sleep over it.

      Well my Maskcat Yael will probably come soon and it would be straight from the company, so I will see if I am more overprotective of her that I am of my second hand doll. But I doubt it and will probably treat them about the same.
    6. I keep my dolls away from any windows and usually in the darkest part of my glass-covered bookcase. Like others, I don't leave them in dark clothes/wigs.

      Any time I handle them, I try to wear cotton gloves, and If I don't have the gloves handy, I make sure to wash my hands.
    7. I am both overly-protective and chill with my dolls. I loaned one of my dolls to my new friend for a while, so she could find out if she wanted her own BJDs and she could get some photography done. I just told her to be careful with her and keep her away from sunlight (except if she was taking pictures outside). I think that was pretty chill, right? But I have never just kept my dolls as decoration because it stressed me out. Nope, they need to stay in their box so they don't get any light whatsoever.