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Overwhelming support of your hobby?

Jun 6, 2007

    1. I've seen the thread about people disliking your hobby (read: obsession >_>) but I'm curious as to how many of you all have experienced only GOOD feedback about your dolls! ^_^

      I don't have a BJD yet (omgplzarrive) but EVERYONE at my work has seen me sitting around behind the counter, making little dolly clothes for her and I've discussed her with all of them and they're all like "Oh wow! Cool!" "You'll have to bring her in when she gets here." "Oh, I'm interested. Will you bring her in to work when you get her?"

      Even when I was just saving up for my first doll, everyone was totally behind me on it (even when I thought I was gonna get a $600+ Ipsae ^^;..).

      Anyway, have any of you ever had only positive feedback and no dissenting voices?
    2. I brought my dolls with me to a Harry Potter convention, and some of the people there were really interested in them. They would hunt me down to see which doll I was carrying each day. So that was a very neat/positive to for my hobby.

    3. Adults find interest in my boy. ^^ They're always saying how pretty and detailed he is and ask where I got him. This one girl asked if she could hold him after I walked out of a movie theater. She called him her "homie." =D
      And my friends just love him. In fact, some of them are saving up for their own. ^^
    4. The only overwhelming support I get is from myself!
    5. I brought in one of my dolls as a visual aid for a school project on BJDs, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people really interested. Even the usually snotty "popular girls" seemed really interested and gave me lots of compliments on him and asked a lot of questions. :D I wasn't expecting such a positive response, so it was really nice.
    6. My girl friends love them and coo over them, and my guy friends roll their eyes and make affectionate gay jokes. My girlfriend, who I introduced to the hobby, adores them and has more dollies than me now. My parents are neutrally supportive. So really, nobody whose opinion I value dislikes or disapproves. :] Which is all that matters to me.
    7. My friends think it's awesome and they all want to take pictures of my boy when he arrives. ^_^
      My fiancé helped me pick out his eyes, hair and clothes ^_^...

      My family, apart from my sister, doesn't know I'm getting one... hmmm... My sister thinks it's really cool!
    8. When I take one of my dolls out in public, I usually get atleast one "wow, what a wonderful doll" from some random person. I've even had people want to hold them. But there's usually a lot more stares then compliments haha.

      And my family is pretty nice about it, my mom puts up with me and my dad asks me about my dolls once in awhile.
    9. :| well, I told my therapist today about my new hobby, and suprisingly he was very supportive. I expected him to go all weird like my mom and ask me if my atachment to a doll was very healthy for a person my age (20 :sweat ). Insted, he ecouraged my enthusiasm and was genuinly intrested about how I project different parts of my personality and inner self onto my doll. He was very intrested and even asked for me to bring him in next time I visit. :)
    10. I think my mom is starting to really approve of Beatrix. That may put me at a good advantage. . . XD
    11. My Hubby's the only person so far to see Remy, and yes he cracks the 'gay' jokes. But he's pointed out doll sized props in shops to me, and happily drove me to Derbyshire to collect a fainting couch I won on Ebay. He even loaned me some money so I could get Remy!
    12. My husband at first was really negative about it - told me I didn't need another expensive hobby. That was until he saw actual photographs of the dolls (not just the company website stuff), then he fell in love with them too. :lol: Now my first doll has been ordered and he plans to get a Soony of his own when we can afford it. LOL! We haven't told too many other people though. Our families certainly wouldn't understand so we won't ever tell them. Some of our friends know and some don't. Almost all of us are reenactors (ergo a bit crazy to begin with) so don't think it is anything other than another hobby, really.
    13. I've had some rude comments from people at cons, but for the most part, people's responses to the dolls has been very positive. People who have never seen them before are, for the most part, genuinly interested. I took some of my dolls to my parents' house a few weeks back to get take some pictures, and my mom really liked them. While my dad and brother aren't really interested in them, they've never said anything bad about them.
    14. My boyfriend supports my doll hobby. He convinced me to get Vintage Ai Charlotte and I discuss my dolly plans with him. He approves of all my dolly dabblings.
    15. I haven't gotten anything negative at all really. I think the "rudest" thing was someone called Caleb a bondage doll, but I thought it was funny.

      The only person have a little problem with is my dad. The doll doesn't bother him so much as the price does. But I think he's getting to the point of it's my money so he doesn't care.
    16. My husband isn't big into them, but my family love them to death! My Nana always asks my mum about my dolls before anything else. (I'm going to make her one for next time I go over).

      I don't know if it would be different if my dolls were bought though, since they are hand made maybe people see them a little differently, at least family?

      Though I showed my mum and dad some of the others out there and they were amazed. I think my folks just love em!
    17. The lady of the cafeteria at our school loves Sumiya *laughs* I took him to school and she wanted to hold him and went like 'oooh look at this doll, isn't he gorgeous! So cute..look at his little hands and his little nose..so pretty!' and then she asked what dolls like that cost, so I told her, and she said 'oh, that's a very good price!' so that surprised me xD I haven't really had any negative reactions just yet, I always love explaining people about them, some people say they find dolls(in general)creepy, and that's okay, it's not a hobby for everyone after all, but I've never had someone be rude about it.

      My parents like my dolls, my mom even wants one for herself(but when I asked her 'which type?' she said: 'as long as he looks nice with the furniture' so I advised her to look around some more XD XDI'm thinking of getting her one, but I first want to try and find out what kind of doll she wants..)and my dad..mainly has fun posing Vasy and Sumi in compromising positions when I'm not looking *sweatdrop*
    18. My husband doesn't like them much. But he interacts with them every once in a while. When I catch him at it and ask him about it he admits it's just the eyes that freak him out. Everything else is okay. ;)

      Now, at work is another story! :sweat
      The boys get overwhelming support there!
      I'm always getting asked on Fridays, since I always bring a doll on Saturdays, who am I bringing in this time, and what's the story/plan. Then I get suggestions. :XD:
    19. Good to hear positive feedback for a change ;)

      I don't take my doll out because there aren't a lot of conventions and such here where I could have that opportunity, and taking him out to the street is out of the question, portuguese people are NOT ready for that :lol: but I did show pictures to a lot of people and the usual response is: wowowowow what's that? Cool! Some of my friends got really interested in them but... when they are told the price they freak out :lol:

      The people who have actually seen my boy love him, my brother keeps telling me I should spend more time with him and buy him more stuff and get him this or that tattoo, wig etc It's really funny :lol: My mother is always willing to help out in the making of his clothes and my boyfriend never complains about going shopping for my boy and actually points outs things for him that I for some reason haven't noticed :)

      So it's not all bad ;)
    20. Well, several of my friends keep saying he's creepy, but that could actually be taken as a good thing, after all, these are people who adore Cthulhu... I've got one friend working on making shoes, and I think he's evaluating whether he could make money off of this.

      And the only negative comment I've gotten from my family was my mom questioning whether buying him was a sound financial decision (I rechecked my budget 4 times before I placed the order, it was fine, tight, but fine). After that question she's been positive, though I think she may wish I'd gotten an MSD sized boy, to go with her 18" Miss Revlon (predates Barbie), she's often talked about looking for a boyfriend for her. She does keep asking about whether I want a case to keep him safe and dust free and such, so I haven't quite told her I'm carrying him around campus yet. And the first thing she told me when she called the other day was how the stringing had gone again in one of her old dolls! Quite frankly, it's hard to tell whether my dad had any reaction at all, as usual. I think the fact that all my family is into expensive, artsy (and sometimes freaky) hobbies helps a lot. I really wish I had someway to introduce him to other relatives before next Christmas, I bet I'd get some really neat gifts for him if I could.