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owners of Narae, Hana, and unoa-how to you store your face plates?

May 22, 2007

    1. i have a unoa, and i am planning for a Hana but im not sure how to store their extra faceplates, what do you do?
    2. I keep mine wrapped in bubblewrap, stored in a little box.
    3. Hi, I have a Unoa and I wrap her faceplates loosely in tissue paper and then store them together in a box. The only problem is that sometimes the eyelashes get a little misshapen or they start to come off. I suppose a separate container for each would be better. Janus :)
    4. i plan to take her around alot would a ziploc bag be alright?
    5. I'd get one of those plastic face covers, like the ones on Luts here, attach with a rubber band or a loop of the soft white plastic tissue dolls often come wrapped in, *then* put in a ziploc bag. Just to make sure the face doesn't smudge and the eyelashes don't squish.
    6. i meant for a hana
    7. I remember someone has posted about storing Hana's multiple faceplates inside a tin box. The faceplates have magnets so they attach to the base of the tin box. Pls correct me if I'm wrong. I can't find the post.

    8. what a good idea !
      I have 2 Hana ...thats a lota faceplates and the boxs are so big

      I have a Sist
      I will have 1 Lusis Unoa face-plate extra ...but I orderd one of Kayz heads
      so I will make a Hybrid ...
      I would hate to have her so I couldnt see her

      I used to keep them in my Pon box ...a little metal chest the Nari Pon came in ...perfect
    9. to they sell those seperatly?
    10. I keep mine in a round wigbox from Luts - I used cardboard to make dividers, leaving 4 pie shaped spaces, each of which fits a face wrapped loosely in soft tissue paper. Works great, there's no direct pressure on the faceups or eyelashes. I'll add a picture at some point today.
    11. I keep my Hana faces in hard eyeglass cases. Three faces fit in a row; different color cases to tell them apart. A 6" or so square of soft white velour keeps them from knocking around in there. Works for me.
    12. BTW - I don't know how well they would fit Unoa and Narae, but http://www.junkyspot.com has face shields for 44cm (and SD) dolls in the Supplies section of the store.

    13. I keep my Hana's faceplates in her original box
    14. I think a box that might work nicely for faceplates would be a box with a bottom liner to hold them. I am thinking the base of the liner could be made from cotton covered plastic canvas, or something stiffer and covered with white cotton. Attached to it would be two tightly stuffed white cotton tubes, positioned faceplate-height apart. The stuffing would make them closer.

      The stuffed tubes would softly grip the faceplate at the top and botton edge, and could be pushed apart to place or remove a faceplate.

      Just an idea.

    15. mine are stored in a small drawer in my cabinet, they are not wrapped or anything, they are just face up in the drawer <smile>
    16. I keep mine in a little box.. not wrapped, just loose.. Arlene