Owning 20+ dolls...what is it like?

Feb 23, 2017

    1. I have 50+ dolls. I bought them because I fell in love, or wanted to support the dollmakers. Or they looked really good in multiples. Definitely didn't plan to have so many. I have only enough attention, clothing and faceup funds to give to one at a time, so I think of myself as being a temporary custodian of the others rather than owner.

      What do you do with all of them?
      I just admire them. I love poring over beautiful, detailed faceups, clothing and accessories. Sometimes I go through their items and just feel happy to be able to have lovely things near to me.

      What is maintenance like?
      Maintenance is opening up their boxes a few times a year to air them and make sure everything is in good condition other than expected yellowing from some companies.

      Are you happy with a lot of dolls or do you plan to down-size?

      I enjoy having dolls and figures around. I don't have display space for SDs, so I'm literally downsizing to smaller dolls with groups of similar sizes. Then I can build some shelf-rooms for housing them safely. I have more dolls on my wishlist, so I think the number will only grow.
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    2. Well, I do not think I am quite at 20... but 10+ (if we take out the pets and the little girl). But I am already starting to panic. My dolls do not even all have their main outfits nor are they all finished in any other way. So some of them are in their boxes, some are shoved onto a doll sofa, and some lie in pieces on my table. So, so sad.

      Problem is, as soon as I consider a character as "cool", I want to have him in doll form. Not the small kind, no. It has to be a 70 cm, big doll. So they take up really a lot of space. And are expensive (even if the majority of my guys are "affordable" Impldoll Idol men).

      A way to cope with this might to let each idea "rest" a certaint time (just like it is recommended with the sale of dolls). If I cannot get the idea out of my head, I may have to put it into reality. I loose interest, it is not that important.

      As it stands now, I do not want to sell any of my dolls. I really like them a lot. They are just big actionfigures to me, and I find them absolutely cool. But I will really try to limit myself in the future.
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    3. I currently own 23 dolls of various sizes. Some were gifts, but most I paid for out of pocket either pif or on layaway. I've purged my collection already a few years ago, sold the ones I had no attachment to and were impulse purchases. So everyone that I have now is more than likely to stay.

      I keep them all in a display set up, on a large dresser. Often I will take a doll down to play with and photograph, but once satisfied, they go back into the set up alongside my wife's dolls.

      Maintenance is a hassle, I put it off as long as I can since I have so many dolls at this point. I admit, several could use a cleaning and restringing, though all in due time.

      I'm actually happy with my current collection, but I can see myself adding to it. I'm just out of room in the set up at this point... I'll soon have to buy another shelf! I already downsized a few years ago, but, as mentioned before, the ones I have now are more than likely to stay!

      Here's the current set up of everyone.
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    4. Reviving a dead thread! :XD:

      I'm at 19 full dolls, most of them SD or larger sized, with another on layaway and one I'm waiting to ship. And seven floating heads in The Headbasket that I plan on getting bodies for someday. So I think that I pretty much qualify as "having 20+ dolls." :kitty1

      How do you manage to give all of them love?
      I take them to meetups, change their clothes, have photoshoots and work on outfits for many of them. About half of them I don't consider "finished," so sewing, finding or buying things for them is also a huge part of what I do to show them love. Not to mention taking them to the craft store with me. I used to carry one with me everywhere I went, but I no longer feel the need to do so.

      What do you do with all of them?
      Photoshoots, sew things for them, change their clothes, sit and watch a movie or TV show with them, talk to them, pat them on the head sometimes, things like that. They make me smile, so the least I can do is smile back at them.

      What is maintenance like?
      I was out of the hobby for a bit due to health issues, but now that I'm back, I've dusted them off, move some of them around the house to different places to show them off, and now, I'm in the process of changing their outfits. Since I have mostly SDs, its a bit of a chore to change more than one or two dolls' outfits at a time. For me, its fun going through their clothes and shoes and deciding what they're going to wear. Restringing usually doesn't need to be done but every few years, so that's less to worry about.

      Did you ever plan to get that many?
      Not at all! I was going to originally get three, the members of Nittle Grasper, a band from the series 'Gravitation.' Welp, that idea fell by the wayside! I now not only have character dolls from a few more anime, but I also have quite a few OCs from stories I plan on writing someday. Its kind of cool to have the OC members of my original stories around to inspire me. :)

      Where do you put them all?
      Some are in my bedroom on top of the wardrobe, some in my partner's bedroom on a bench and long table, and currently, two are sitting on a kitchen chair against a wall. I should change who's sitting there, these two have been there for a long time. I usually change who sits on the kitchen chair every few months, so they all get time in the spotlight. I plan on getting a IKEA glass-front display case for my bedroom, and stands for them all, since SDs take up so much room. Those that have their own chairs are going to continue sitting on top of my wardrobe, they seem comfy there. My seven floating heads are going to continue sitting in The Headbasket on top of my bookcase. They will all eventually have their own bodies, so that brings me up to 26 currently. And that's not including the two I'm waiting for, and any others I see that I want. The only thing limiting me is the size of our small house. :kitty2

      Are you happy with a lot of dolls or do you plan to down-size?
      I have no plans to downsize. As a matter of fact, I'm waiting for my first LittleFee to ship, and I have a DC Nicola on long layaway. I have a few older grail dolls that I'm keeping my eyes open for. My partner also has two dolls, one floating head and one doll on layaway, so we have quite the Crew!

      I fell into this hobby headfirst, and am still falling down the rabbit hole! :XD::chomp:

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    5. If I include the floating heads, I have 32 (I think...I hope I'm not forgetting anyone!), though one is more of a decorative piece (a Ghost in the Shell Gynoid doll). I only have one room to display them in, which is also my bedroom, and it can be challenging. The upkeep isn't too bad, but it's frustrating to be running out of room and still have characters I want to do and bodies to get for the floating heads. But the most frustrating thing about it is since I have such limited space, I have had to tape my windows up with black trash bags to keep as much light away from them as possible. My room has a LOT of windows, and there just isn't enough shadows otherwise. So I don't get to enjoy the scenery outside my window, or have any natural light in my room. I can go outside, of course, but it would be nice to be able to enjoy my windows. Someday, I'll have more space...(imagine to the tune of "someday my prince will come")
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    6. I have 28 dolls, of which 11 are BJDs. Like others have said years ago, its fun but can be a lot of work. I normally am out of energy to do a photo shoot after I've dressed/styled everyone so it requires a lot of planning ahead. I usually use one week just to dress everyone, enjoy their company, and jam to some good music. No rush or pressure. But that way, the next weekend, everyone is ready to go for pictures with a few minor fixes as necessary. It's a pretty reliable process unless I'm doing a promo shoot or something.

      One thing that is apparent, however, is some dolls just seem to require more attention than others. Not physically but mentally. I'm... I'm not sure exactly why that is.
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    7. I have ... 35 at last count. There was a point I had over 40 but I sold a few. They mostly sit in a few cabinets with doors to keep the dust off. My biggest girls (Dollmore Lusions and Trinities) stand in my closet. I have amassed a huge collection of clothes, wigs, and eyes over the years (which I should probably sort through and sell some of it, TBH), but nobody is ever in need of anything to wear, that’s for sure.
    8. Lol, I am shocked every time I am asked to count!
      Counting off topic dolls (one ABS, one pet doll), I currently I have 28 full dolls (29 if you count my husband's one he got to partner with one of mine) and three floating heads.

      I got my first doll in December of 2006. I thought she would be my one and only... then by the end of 2007, I had three. The inflow has been pretty steady since, though there have been two years where no new dolls have come in.

      How do you manage to give all of them love?
      I am not really concerned about "giving them love" since I personally do not view dolls that way, but I do feel guilty if someone has a blank face for too long. Right now three of mine full dolls still need face ups.

      What do you do with all of them?
      Mostly I just display and admire them. Occasionally I will change up an outfit here and there, but they all have set eyes and wigs. I'd like to do more like take photos and craft for them, but I never seem to have the time.

      What is maintenance like?
      I keep them covered with a large piece of blackout liner so that helps keep the dust off them and protects them from what little light gets in through the blackout curtains in my hobby room. I will suede and resting them as needed, though with them not getting much "action" that is a rare event.

      Did you ever plan to get that many?
      Heck no! I still wonder how this happened. When did I become one of those "crazy people with all the bjds"?

      Where do you put them all?
      After getting our house and my own "hobby room", I was gifted a large buffet. The dolls all sit on top of it and overtaking it. I need to invest in stands to make more room for them as they are starting to get a bit crowded.

      Are you happy with a lot of dolls or do you plan to down-size?
      Part of me would love to downsize, but the other part of me just screams NO and kicks the first part of me in the tender bits. All of my dolls save two are limited or discontinued sculpts (and my pet doll is a memorial to one of my kitties, so he is NOT going anywhere), so replacing them should I regret selling them would be problematic.

      I love having so many dolls, but at the same time, I feel like I should have been a bit more restrained. From the start, I had a bad habit of going "Oh this is nice, but LIMITED!! If I do not get it now I never will be able to!". Thankfully very few new dolls are catching my eye, but I am still tracking down the ones that "got away", so now the secondary market is my friend.
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    9. <—— The reason Tonboko’s doll habit escalated so quickly.

      I currently have 27 full dolls, with one more on the way and another on layaway. I also have nine heads, not all of which will get bodies. My first doll came in early 2009, and the stream of dolls started slow, but hastened with better income and the power of long layaways.

      I don’t give all mine “love”, sadly. It does make me sad, but there’s no where right now to display everyone. Most of them are in boxes in a closet in the basement. I’ll pick out some of them to display for a bit and dress up, but those are mostly the dolls that are near the top of the pile and easier to get. Most of my doll heads need faceups still, but all my new doll money goes towards new dolls because I’m a hoarder. I’m hoping to get my ADHD treated soon, and maybe I’ll be able to calm down and focus on not buying dolls for a bit. I did recently buy a number of outfits I had always wanted for my dolls, and it makes me really happy to have nicer things for my dolls. I have a few very nice things, but I want to shift my attention from dolls to doll clothes for a while.

      I didn’t want my collection this large, and I still don’t, but I don’t want to downsize. I do, however, want to not have as many full dolls from now on, so I want to convert any future dolls into just heads on head stands. I feel these would be easier to display and be cheaper, since they don’t need clothes, just wigs and eyes.
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