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owning the not so popular molds

Jul 18, 2009

    1. if this is already been stated or asked and discussed, my apolagies, I didn't find a relating topic.

      I have a couple of dolls that aren't the most popular molds, of course I love them to bits, but hardly anyone else does. Have you ever run across something like this? do I need to feel offended, or just not bother?
      Like other owners I like to take my dolls places and show them to friends. and I like to take pictures of them too, but I hardly ever bother with putting them on the internet, because of the rather dull response I usually get.
      share your thoughts! have any of you experienced the same thing?
    2. Who cares what other people think! Personally I think it's sorta fun when there's more unusual or uncommon/unpopular mods, cos it adds diversity. It's fun to have dolls that not everyone else has. Also, if you're in a friendly enough environment or on a community where you have friends you will get comments even if the mold isn't possible. And myself, I always prioritize commenting on posts with few comments, provided I've something to say about it.
    3. Don't let the dull responses get you down! You love what you love! My first and still favorite sculpt is the Iple House Soo Ri. :) I love him to pieces, and now have several versions of him. I'd be a bit miffed if no one ever responded to posts of him, but regardless, after three years, I'm still in total love with him, and don't give one whit what others think of him (or me for loving him), and I seem to have a need to post pictures, so everyone just gets to suffer! :mwahaha
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    4. I'm not really sure how popular my dolls are, but I don't think it's really something to worry about. If you enjoy your dolls, that's the main thing. You forked out all that money for them, so I think you deserve to enjoy them and not worry about what others think about them.
    5. There's no reason to be offended--people like all kinds of different dolls. Unless someone is rude to you about it, then there's no reason to take offense. There's also lots of reasons why pics don't get a lot of comments: it's a big forum and threads get pushed down and and out of sight quickly, there's a lot of competition for viewers' attention, there maybe things the photographer needs to do to make their pics better etc--it's isn't necessarily because people don't like your doll.

      I have some dolls that seem to be less popular, but the difference between them getting comments or not is usually the quality of the pics I put up. In order to take pics, I have to borrow a camera, so I don't take them often or get a lot of practice so sometimes my pics don't turn out as well as I would like--but sometimes they do turn out pretty ok and those are the ones that people tend to comment on. My advise is to buy the dolls you like, have lots of fun with them, and don't worry about popularity--it's really not important.
    6. a few of my favourite sculpts are in the "not so hot" range, butI still love them and it does not stop me posting them (not that I post photos much anyway) You should not be offended, it is like anything, the "popular kids" get attention, but trust me, so do your dolls, there are people fangirling and fanboying over them that you don't even know about. A lot of people do not feel comfortable commenting on photos etc, it is NOT a reflection of your dolls at all :)
    7. Funny, I'm the exact opposite. I prefer a sculpt to be more obscure, so that my doll will become synonymous with the sculpt's name :lol:
    8. true, it is a big forum, and the gallary is HUGE, like others I scan through what I like and don't like. I have a volks Irvin for example, I hardly ever see other owners show their's. He's my only SD and is likely to remain so, and I couldn't love him more.
      in the end everyone likes something else (it'd be real boring else)
      I'll of course keep spamming my pics, like Aernath said, they'll just have to suffer, hihi..
      I'm not really offended, even if some reactions of people can be very annoying, I'm just curious if owners have experienced the same kind of thing 8)
    9. You must not be offended at all, it isn't so easy to get comments on this big and so appreciate forum :)

      + 1
      People often make a new thread when the doll has a new thing (outfit, eyes, face-up,...) or just for the pleasure of sharing a pic.
      That makes a looooooooooooooooooot of new threads each hour !
      I try to have a thread per doll (for 1 I have 2, it's a mistake, huuuuuuuu) and to upgrade it with the new pics and not creating a new one each time :)

      It's impossible to see everything (or you must not work and not sleep :o).

      I appreciate rare dolls. I mean : may be the "unpopular" dolls are more unique than popular ones that you can see in XXX threads every day.

      And who knows what mold would be popular tomorrow ? ;)
    10. Well, my pictures never get many comments but that's probably more because my camera-work is so-so and I don't post often. XD. I used to get sad when I didn't get replies but now I have other places where I post my pics and get comments, so the comments on here are just bonus!
    11. Like Taco said, people like all sorts of different dolls. As long as you like your own dolls, where's the problem? :)

      Most of my dolls are the more unpopular ones, they're not roundly hated by the community, but not so many people seem to have them! I quite like having minority dolls, although when it comes to finding specific information on a doll (like Dollfie Dream) it can be annoying if they are minority dolls.
    12. As effigy said, there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable commenting on photos. I have a couple friends who never post comments in the gallery no matter how much they love the photos because they're both pretty shy. My one friend is really unsure of herself and always says she doesn't know what to say and then the other has a very bad habit of being very self conscious and she's constantly saying that she doesn't want to seem stupid or lame ((she barely even posts comments on my gallery posts!)).Though they're both missing the point that everyone appreciates comments even if it's a simple. "He's cute! Nice work!" ((I've gotten them to post by saying this but it's still very rare for them to do it voluntarily lol...))

      Besides that if you have a less popular doll I think that taking photos of them in interesting situations or places or with a very interesting set up can really help encourage more people who may not even like the sculpt to comment on your interesting pictures.

      With all that being said, you should never let anyone's opinion sway your love for your dolls and there are definitely a few people out there who probably like your dolls' sculpts just as much as you do!
    13. @SilverLining: true, There's more places to show off the dolls we love so much. and I do so too, because they're worth it yes? my pics aren't brilliant, but I do practice a lot, so one day I can take the pics I really want to take and have them look great 8D
      I always appreciate every comment I get anywhere, and give comments too, If indeed I have something usefull to add.
    14. I really like it when someone has a mold I personally do not like, but they somehow make it work for me.
      I have three Resinsoul dolls, of which two are only just starting to catch the attention of people. And people always seem to be suprised how they look, because the pictures on the selling website aren't that great.
      I like how you can change people's minds xD but I don't think you should be offended. It's all about personal taste, unless someone says something like: Eeeew why do you have that ugly dooooooolll D:
      I personally like unpopular molds more than popular ones. Not out of principle, but it's just a coincidence I think.
    15. My first boy isn't very common, and for a while it seemed (at least to my sensitized-by-love eyes) that almost everyone else who bought him was putting him up in the Marketplace with "Just can't bond" comments. And I ached for being unable to give them a home. I also got almost no notice of basic gallery posts of him. Then I got into photostories, and people loved them. Now I simply haven't felt like putting together stories for a while, but I will eventually get back to them.

      On the other hand, it's really fun when people are surprised by his mold... I'm always hearing things like, "Really? That's an Achernar? I thought he looked horrible on the company page but your boy is darling."
    16. I'm beginning to think my first doll is going to end up being a fairly unpopular sculpt. But he's going to be mine. I picked him out of all the other msd's I could find. And when I get him, I will love him. Unless someone just comes out and calls him ugly, I really don't care that other people chose other dolls.

      I'll post pictures of him. And maybe it will interest people and maybe it won't because he isn't a Shi-Woo, hard to say. But someone will see them and enjoy them. And really, as much as we all want comments, we're really posting them for ourselves. To share something that brings us fun and joy. Keep sharing, maybe the more people see the sculpt in different lighting and outfits they will begin to like it more.
    17. I’m kind of the opposite. When I first started in this hobby (around six years ago), I thought I didn’t care much if the sculpts I liked/owned were popular or not, but I’ve recently discovered that I do mind. ^___^;; I’ve discovered this, after seeing the “sudden” growth of DZ Mo-Wen owners – I got mine around the time DZ first released the sculpt, and there weren’t that many for a while (he was released in ’06, if I’m not mistaken, and for years the Mo-database only had about 8 of them). For me, it kind of takes the “magic” away, in some way, to see so many – I don’t love/enjoy my Mo any less than I did when I first got him, but it does make the desire (that I feel with my other dolls) to take photos of him, a bit less motivating than before.

      Overall, I think I much rather own dolls that not “liked/loved/owned” by everybody –but not because they are “LE,” “SE” or things like that, I think I prefer owning dolls that are just not liked by everyone, and/or discontinued at some point. XD I’m a weirdo; owning dolls that are not widely-liked/popular reminds me that I’m a odd, and that is what my dolls should be as well. It is not something that I try (or tried in the past) to do on purpose, but all of the dolls I own (with the exception of Mo), are extremely unpopular (or discontinued due to their unpopularity!) –I would truly love it if it stayed that way. XD

      - Enzyme ^.^
    18. Oh the joy of the unsung beauty. I have a passle of under appreciated molds in The Horde (Soom Godo, DiM Belita, Unidol UH14, Jollyplus Jise, just to name a few) and each of them is a jewel to me. However, I am in the same place where others enjoying my dolls supliments my own joy in them. I've found the appreciation a doll evokes in others is based more of the care you take with a doll, more than its sculpt.

      Take my Belita, for instance. I did some subtle mod work on her nose, gave her a face-up that suits her features, and dress her with care. At meets, people coo over her asking what mold she is and how they've never noticed her before. I love her, I take care of her, and it shows. My enjoyment in her is in no way diminished by the fact that most people can't name her sculpt.

      Deliberately, I didn't say, "if you love a doll is doesn't matter" as that's been addressed.
    19. I don't care whats hot and whats not,if i like the sculpts thats all that matters,i bought them for me.^_^ its all personal preference,i see dolls that arnt for me but thats fine because they have an owner who adores them..so no i dont mind at all.
    20. Sometimes I get a little sad about the lack of response to some of my posts. But it doesn't really bother me most of the time. The few responses I do get are always really nice.

      I like the sculpt, that's all that counts. It's not that I own dolls that are "unpopular" Just that some of them are a little more uncommon to be seen on the board. I own one head that is practically non-existent here.