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[....Oyaji? The Old Man] (mature, older-looking head sculpts)

Oct 3, 2005

    1. This just came to me last night... And I guess I'm just wondering if this is me alone. :oops:

      Well, see, I think nearly all of the BJDs are created to be teens, no older than that, right? They all resemble bishounen in so many ways, and they are absolutely beautiful. Nothing wrong with that! Of course. ^_^

      But then.... There's no OLD MAN in BJDs!! XD;; You know, those sexy old man like Snake from Metal Gear Solid (oh, fine, so he's about 30s, but he looks old enough XDDD) or Auron from Final Fantasy X... I think I've seen one where Shirou was painted with beard, but that just looks like a teenager gone rebellion... :oops: What I'd give to have a sculpt take after Auron. *dreamy eyes*

      Rant over. Any thoughts? XD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    2. mmm.. i'd love for one, actually.. old men need love. *__* i'd be totally happy~ *has a thing for oyajiiiii* XD
    3. Someone else thinks Snaku is too hot for his camoflage....? :blush

      Well, if Volks releases a SD16 line, maybe they will eventually work their way up to SD30.... :wiggle We can at least dream, right? :wink:
    4. How about Richard Dean Anderson eh? :wiggle
    5. ...
      Sean Connery as a BJD.
      Mmmmmm. So what if he could be my grandpa XD

    6. Oh. My. God.

      I saw my Gmail informing me somebody replied to this thread and I was thinking of Sean Connery in that exact moment.

      SQUEE FOR SEAN CONNERY!!!!!!!!! *plays 007 background music*

    7. Sean Connery could have ANY PERSON INTERESTED IN MEN that he wanted ....and probably even some that aren't! It's the charisma, I tell you!

      ...Strangely, I didn't like him when he was young, but now that he's all old and wrinkly... :?
    8. Older men are so sexy..like..Alan Rickman ^^ or the guy who's playing Lucius Malfoy, in Harry Potter..he's so sexy O.O I know someone from costuming, who's around 40, but he's one of the most beautyful men I've ever seen.

      An older bjd would be very cool..
    9. *dies* If they ever come out with an Alan Rickman BJD I am so installing one of those recorder thingy so I can hear him talk. He has THE. MOST. SEXIEST. VOICE. EVAH!!!!!!!!!

      Yeah, we should all write to Volks or CP or other companies about having oyaji dolls.... *droooool*

    10. *adds to the Alan Rickman love* teh SEX
    11. Older BJDs would be appealing. You've mostly got me thinking about which older male actor I find attractive, though (no interest in Sean Connery or Alan Rickman).
    12. Oh god, I was just thinking the other night that I'd die if there was a BJD I could transform into Snake. Snake is ultimate hotness. At least... he was. Now he's like... really really old *_*

      But Otacon got kind of hot.
    13. I'd like to see older womyn as well--in their 30s and 40s. Madonna's still got it... so why not?
    14. I'm just like that when if comes to David Bowie. He did not look good to me at all when he ws young, but now that he's older he looks GOOOOOOOOOOD. *__*

      This is an issue I have with Quay, actually! XD he's like.. 34, which isn't all that old really but so few headmolds *look* that old! Which is why I modded a heath head for him, as it looks more mature than most out there. And also why I paint in the bags/lines under his eyes. XDDD With the proper mods, I think an F-29/17 could also look way older than many other molds out there as well, but you'd definitely need to sand down those chubby cheeks! XD

      In terms of women... Happy Doll Margo! She looks older to me as well, I've always found her quite interesting because of that. X3

    15. *also adds on to the Alan Rickman love*

      I thought he was the smex in Dogma! Spread those wings baby!!
    16. JASON ISAACS YES! He's so awesome. <3
    17. I was thinking of Alan Rickman when I read the first post! XD

      Him and Harrison Ford for me :D
    18. Oddly enough, PherretLord and I are making our in-house BJD to be an older man >.> We both want a more *mature* male, so we're going to do it ourselves...nothing against all the young pretty things, but we want some "manly" men.

      OT--Add me to the Alan Rickman/ Jason Issacs love...and the David Bowie love...and the Snake love...(and I'm married to Otacon's exact clone, so add me to his list too...)...and the Sean Connery love....who am I fooling? I like older men.XD
    19. I prefer the young, pretty ones.

      *has interests bordering on shota, but it's okay, since they're my age anyway*

      But it'd be way, way cool to see Viggo Mortensen or Johnny Depp-like BJD.
    20. Give me Alan Rickman any day! YUM!