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Ozzy's Children or I Love You Bambicrony, the new CBs

Jun 8, 2010

    1. Yep...on the Ciao Bella thread I said that I must be one of the few that absolutely LOVES them! I adore Sisley because she totally looks like she is up to no good...I really love the faceup on Kumi...its GORGEOUS and just what a little vampire should look like! My third favorite is Roko...she looks like such a sweet little bloodsucker!!!!
    2. Ah ha! I knew there were more crazies liking the lil bloodsuckers. I am going to hop over there, thanks you two!
      I love Pepe, also prejudiced, but I also LOVE Toto.
    3. LOL, i was interested the second i saw Yoon post her teaser pics on flickr! i thought vamps first, but i'm guessing fanged devil children? but honestly, it's the chocotan that did me in!

      it was a tie for me with Shy, Roko, and Kumi. but i finally decided Roko was too incredibly adorable to be a devilish anything :lol: ordered a Kumi, she kinda looks like she has bags under her eyes LOL i thought the perfect demon child ;)
    4. OooO it may be Kumi for me too. Eeep they are all insanely cute.
    5. I ADORE Kumi's faceup...it looks like the little vamp isn't getting much sleep :lol:
    6. I looove Ozzy Pepe! :aheartbea
      Although I don't know if it is a he or she but it will make a cute little devil boy!!
    7. Okay I was thinking these dolls were named after Ozzy Osbourne, but I guess not. They are cute with their little fangs and wings and horns. Don't think I can save up and get one, but can't wait to see owner pics.
    8. Actually, I think they ARE named after Ozzy :)
    9. They must be named for Ozzy, the bat thing? The biting the head off thing? Anybody as old as me here?
    10. That's what I assumed too. That the Ozzy was for Ozzy Osbourne. Unless it is some weird Wizard of Oz thing (extremely weird)! The little tails and wings and horns are a nice touch! I guess actually they are more devil children than kid vampires. Somehow I like them more that way - Claudia in Interview with the Vampire always made me so sad!
    11. At first I got a little confused with the Wizard of Oz thing too because there is a Ciao Bella named Toto and one named Judy and then I thought Judy? That doesn't make sense, but after I saw them I realized it wasn't Wizard of Oz afterall, they are little demon Ozzy Osbourne kids :0)

      Awfully cute little demons though...as most kids are...:)
    12. I ordered Kumi! it was the tan resin and the cute face that sold me.
    13. I can't wait to see all the Ozzy BCs when they start arriving! They are all so cute! :D
    14. I can't decide between Kumi (emo girl) and Toto. Also Sisely is very sweet. Sigh.
    15. Good choice, Stella Maris! S/he (think that one could pass as either) and Sisley are definitely my favorites!
    16. They are just darling and I can't wait to see owner pics of them, I think Ozzy would think they are cute too.
    17. Opps. I thought the latest releases were stick on ones. Sorry. Not sure I'd be brave enough to sand them off if they are molded.
    18. I sure do like them! Now I'm trying to decide if I really want one.
    19. With these limiteds, I always ask myself if, six months from now, I'll still be sorry if I don't get one. I seem to be leaning heavily towards YES!