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P.T. Doll / PresentDoll

Sep 17, 2011

    1. I am curious as well!
    2. They also go under the name 'Present Doll'. I ordered an Arlen with a free gift Alysa head from their Hong Kong dealer last month. I'm now waiting for them to arrive.
    3. I have an Arlen, but I bought her second hand. If you want the name of the person I bought her from, please send me a pm. :)
    4. I have an Arlen as well, I was told when I got her from Liewenjie0310 she was a Doll-Love doll but when I received she was in a P.T. Doll box. I couldn't any info on her either, but when i received her I fell in love instantly she's a beautiful doll, one of favorites.
    5. Oh, forgot to mention that Present Doll has an official site now but only in Chinese.
    6. Thanks namika.
    7. Does this mean perhaps that they might be sister companies?
    8. I don't think so? It seems like usually dolls from sister companies have similar skin tones, don't they? I have both a normal skin P.T. Doll and a normal skin Doll-Love doll, and their skin tones do not match at all.
    9. I have no idea HoushiChan. I didn't see her on the Doll-Love site and her box ad certificate said P.T. Doll. I don't know if the dealer said it was a Doll-Love doll because that company was a better known company, I have know idea, i have know when i recently looked on recent ebay listing for Arlen it states Present Doll, I believe before it didn't state what company I had ask before I bought her, and Liewjie0310 stated it was a Doll-Love, go figure. Needless to say, i'm doubly confused now, I've mentioned her in the Doll-Love discussion group hear on DOA but maybe we need to start a discussion group for Present-Doll? If anyone wants to see my Arlen, her name is Carmilla I'll post a pic if you'd like.
    10. I'd like to see her, Lizparent! :)
      I've only seen my own Arlen and the company sale pictures.

      I've always called her 'P.T. Doll Arlen' because she arrived in a P.T. Doll box...
    11. I purchased the Arlen doll, and she is gorgeous. The wig, however, is nothing like the pictures. The face-up is terrific, but the seller (same as mentioned, Liwenjie) did mention that the artists skills can fluctuate, but I was fortunate with one that was well-known.
      The options are very, very straight forward but I would be very clear. I wanted a white skin, and she came with a normal skin, although she's still very pretty. Her joints are nice and tight but her mold feels pretty plastic-y. Her hands are nice for her quality, but feet are dorky flat. She stands on her own, but won't as soon as she loosens up.
      The clothing seems well made with nice ruffles and fabric, & the wig sent was nice, but not what was shown. The seller claimed that I was a problem since I asked for the free wig that was offered in the listing (never sent), yet told him it was not the right one sent, in the first place. My guess is the language barrier.
      Would I do it again? Not for the price I paid, I would not- I'd easily pay for a Doll-Chateau by the time I purchased her again, with full face-up and fully clothed. As a first time BJD owner, I'd say she's amazing, she's photogenic and very easy to pose. She's still fun. :D
      If you have any questions about her, feel free to ask away. ;)
      Sorry, still cannot figure out how to post pix, LOL.