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Pabol Doll Eyes (2009)- Feedback- Problem Company

May 28, 2009

    1. I ran a group order for Pabol Eyes. I put in the order, paid and got a confirmation on the order. I waited about a month and the eyes still didn't ship out.

      I had been trying to get a hold of pabol through phone calls and email. The only email I got was a response when I first placed the order and they confirmed the order had been received. I got an automated email with the confirmation as well as a personal one.

      After a couple of weeks of waiting I sent another email asking about the progress of the order. I got nothing in response. I sent a couple more with other email addresses just incase the original email didn't get through. Still I got nothing. I had to use google checkout to pay so I sent a message through google. I also didn't get an email back from pabol through google.

      I then tried getting a hold of them through the phone. I kept getting the machine. I tried various times throughout the next few days. I finally got a hold of a person. He took my name and phone number and said he would get back to me about the status of my order. I waited til the next day and got no phone call in return. I tried calling several more times and still just got the machine.

      Another person also wrote me a letter through LJ and told me that Pabol might not be in existance anymore. I thought they would be a reputable company. They have been going to big cons promoting there items lately (that's how I heard of them). So I wrote Pabol one more time with an ultimatum and also tried to call them a couple more times. Still nothing.

      Finally, I decided to contact google checkout to mediate and help me get my refund. The google support was excellent to deal with. They tried to contact them both through email and phone calls and got no response. The sent me the refund very quickly.

      I also saw that some other people on Zone of Zen (another BJD board) were also having problems getting there eyes and were trying to get refunds.
    2. Me too. I ordered eyes in February and have still not received them. I have tried to call, tried to reach them...help????
    3. google? support?
    4. I have decided to place a dispute against the Pabol company. When I finally reached them I was kind to them and understood them overlooking my order. The man assured me the eyes would be sent out quickly and I would receive them before a month. It has been waaaayyyy over the month timeframe and no eyes. I have politely and kindly emailed them several more times. I understand overlooking orders and problems but I am not so sure about this talking to them and then still not receiving them...
    5. I used the google checkout option rather than the paypal option. To get my refund I had to go through Google. The support team at google was wonderful. They were quick to respond and got my refund really fast.
    6. I tried paypal. I will try google now...I sent them 60+ dollars for eyes. No eyes...Anybody else with problems? I have tried to be kind and nice and still no eyes. I ordered them in February.
    7. ohhhhh I didn't use google checkout, oh no....
    8. July and still no eyes, no help from the company and no refund on my eye order from February...