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Packing your dolls away for Summer? (Or exteme heat/humidity waves)

Jun 4, 2010

    1. When you're out and bring your doll somewhere, do you ever leave him or her in the car and go do something else?

      Why I'm asking this is that I'm planning on going to a doll meet, but going earlier to the area so I can hit a store I want to shop at. I'd have covered parking, she'd also be in a carrying case in the trunk, but it's going to be upwards of 90 degrees.

      I obviously don't want anything to happen to her, but I can't lug her around either, as she's huge and heavy..

      What would you do?
    2. How long do you think you'll be?
      To be honest, I don't think its a good idea. I knew someone who once left a doll (in her case) in her trunk while she was at work (to go to a meet after work) and the faceup was damaged by the heat. (I don't think an hour would hurt her but all day certainly did to this doll!)
    3. The faceup could get damaged. ;_; I thought I'd be right back at a convention... but we couldn't figure out how to get back in the parking garage. It took so long their face ups melted... It was really hot in that parking garage!
    4. To add to the warnings about potential face-up damage...don't forget that heat can, and will, yellow resin faster. So if your doll(s) are more prone to yellowing in general, you really don't want to leave them in the heat in the car. When I take mine with me, I NEVER leave them in the car, the risk of damage, theft, and faster yellowing isn't worth it to me. When out with dolls, if I'm going anywhere I can't take them with me, and would have to leave them in the car, then I plan ahead to have enough time to swing back home and drop them off so I don't have to leave them in the car.
    5. I really wouldn't take her if it's going to be that hot in the car, unless you're going to be very fast. We have previously left Seimei-kun in the car when we wanted to make a quick stop on the way home, and we covered him with blankets to protect him from the sun, but it really isn't recommended because the heat will still yellow them...
    6. There's a thread in customizing about this very thing... with stories of resin yellowing and softening enough to break the feet and hands, and other awful things. I'd say if you're going to be in and out VERY quickly you'd be OK, but I wouldn't leave a doll in a hot car if I could help it. On a cooler day it'd be OK, but not a super-hot sunny one.
    7. Does this store you want to go to have carts? Upwards of 90 doesn't sound safe to me.
    8. No! Even yellowing and melting aside (I live in a very hot, desert climate) I never leave my dolls in the car. Even if I am just getting down for a short time I will take my doll with me. I only own SD (mostly larger than 60 cm, an EID man or Soom MD for example) dolls and I have never found a place that bothered me about taking a large doll case draped over my shoulder into their establishment. I have taken my dolls into restaurants, stores, even banks.
      Hehe, I'm sure you can guess that I would recommend just taking the doll with you. ^_~
      They can be a bit heavy, but it's honestly better than the alternatives of damage or theft. It would just drive me crazy to leave something so valuable and sensitive in my car.
    9. First thing I thought when I saw this was: CHILD ENDANGERMENT!

      You wouldn't leave your child\dog\cat in the car, would you?

      Or your computer\cellphone\purse?

      Would you leave the car unlocked with the door open?

      Of course not!

      Even if she's heavy and it won't take that long, don't leave her!

      I carry mine in a bag and put them in a cart when I can. Of course, I also do it so frequently, I think I've gained muscle from it. O_O Fidelis\Stephen\Amaranth are good for building that upper arm strength... XD There should be BJD weight lifting or something... once you get to a certain point, add a tiny here and there... XD

      Anyway, back to the point. Even though 'I'll be right back', I still take them. Because you never know what might happen. A crazy gun toter or an earthquake or a sudden drop in sugar or someone might hit you with a cart or a long line at the counter. And you're delayed. Or worse! Car theft! Or a truck hits your car in the back and CRUSHES your baby!

      Never leave your dolly unattended.

      That needs to be a shirt. XD
    10. I totally agree. The doll may be heavy, but why would you take a chance on ruining an expensive doll? And with heat like that, it very likely would.
    11. I wouldn't want to take the risk of heat damage. If you have a doll bag for her, you could always bring her in with you--that would probably be your safest bet if you want to shop first.
    12. If the store you want to go to has a shopping cart available, by all means, take your doll with you and keep it in shopping cart! It may impede your shopping, but it's definitely worth the hassle . Also, some stores have those package deposit stations. I know a lot of department stores do, as well as a lot of other stores as well, so customers can shop more conveniently. Maybe, if the store you want to go to has one, you can leave your doll with the security guard or the attendant of the package deposit. :) But, if not, shopping cart works wonders. And, if there's no shopping cart, just take the doll with you. The minor inconvenience of carrying her around is better than the major problems of faster yellowing, face-up melt, and other such craziness that leaving her in the car in that heat may bring.
    13. I stopped at a pizza place with my husband and my friend for an hour lunch. We parked next to the window where we had our table so I could watch the car like a hawk. It was hot, but we got her in the shade in the car. I hated every minute of it! I couldn't enjoy any conversation with our friend, I couldn't enjoy my nummy pizza, all I could do was worry about my girl getting stolen or melting. I found that I couldn't enjoy myself having left her in the car.

      I'd say it isn't worth the worry. Bring her with you or skip the shopping altogether. Shopping while distracted is a pain, even if your doll is safe and sound. Mine wound up nice and cool and completely un-bothered, but if I were to find myself out to lunch while in possession of a doll I'd just bring her with me into the restaurant and deal with the stares. I don't even have a carrying case for her--I'm talkin lugging a big ol' box with me to avoid that kind of stress!
    14. Nooooooooo!!!! Don't do it. I've yet to take my dolls anywhere
      but if I did I think I'd actually enjoy carrying them with me....
      especially into a store where someone might watch me thinking
      I'm putting things in my bag. How fun would it be for them to stop
      you to look in your bag only to see a "creepy" doll staring at them? :lol:

      I would never leave them in a car unless someone else was in
      there waiting & had the air conditioner on. Whatever time or energy
      you might save by not lugging your doll in & out of a store/your car
      is not worth any potential damage to it. Unless that sort of thing give
      you a danger rush. :lol:

      edit: would you really leave your doll with a stranger at a store??
      IMO if the store doesn't trust ME why should I trust THEM? Most stores
      have security systems for theft protection. I would simply tell them my
      doll is very expensive so unless they want a lawsuit filed if something
      happened to it then they can simply check my doll bag when I leave.
    15. I had to leave Yoru in a car once, after I stayed at a friend's house and she was taking me home right after church. I could NOT concentrate the entire sermon. >.< Thankfully falls in Washington are fairly cool, and a buried him under fabrics to avoid direct sunlight.

      Overall, it's a bad plan though. If I was going for a quick shopping trip I'd just carry him with me. ^_^; People can give me weird looks all they want; I don't care.
    16. Could you stick her in a cooler with maybe like one cold-pack or something?
    17. Why not take him to church? I've had my children with me. XD Old women love that sort of thing.
    18. Honestly, I've seen mothers lugging around 3+ kids through
      stores........carrying even a MA sounds easier than that.
      But it's your doll, so obviously you can do what you want!
      I wouldn't put my doll in a cooler, but perhaps you could take
      along several ice packs to make the air in the trunk "cooler"......
      but at 90 it probably won't last long. I recently saw a thread where
      someone's doll's lip color was melting off :o not a pretty sight and
      certainly not something I'd be willing to risk:sweat
    19. This particular church is REALLY crowded. XD Not a lot of elbow room, much less space to hold him.
    20. Pretty unanimous against leaving in the car. I agree with everybody else--take her with you or don't go shopping.

      A large cooler sounds like an interesting idea, but that'll leave condensation all over your girl instead. If you can get a trusted babysitter or find a secure area, that could work.