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Paging Avenger

Jan 27, 2007

    1. I hate to do this out in the open >< but I haven't heard anything from her in awhile, I've pm'ed and emailed but haven't heard anything back yet and its been almost 2 weeks. If anyone can tell me how to get ahold of her or have her get ahold of me, or can tell me anything, please drop me a pm.

    2. Avenger is in Vietnam visiting family, and should be back sometime soon (the end of this month, beginning of next, at least as far as i remember her telling me last time i saw her). if you don't hear from her after the first week of February, PM me or mizunoseiryuu, we can try to get a hold of her for you.
    3. I was wondering that too, since Im waiting to hear about a Leeke order gone wrong
    4. eep! well, hopefully she'll be back soon and replying to your messages.

      anyone else waiting to hear from Avenger?
    5. Thanks so much for clueing me in para_chan214 :)
    6. anytime! glad i could help. ^_^
    7. I am so sorry about that! I didn't have internet access in Viet Nam but I was able to get info from my sister about that package from Leeke. Well, I finally got it yesterday (2/2/07) and have sent what's left out to everyone.