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Paging Leroi and Amy the Yu

Oct 12, 2008

    1. Alright, I don't know if this really belongs here, but I've lost my patience with this particular Artist. Below is a quoted post, well two posts, of mine expressing my displeasure with the company.

      I would not recommend ANYONE to deal with Abio Angel until this is resolved as they will probably never get their doll and if they do, I would be not only astuounded, but rightfully pissed off.

      On November 14th 2007 I paid $305 USD to Divinity Doll for a pre-order Tan Ling from Leroi who is the artist of the Abio Angel dolls through Divinity Doll that is run by Amy the Yu.


      I have recieved multiple promises from DD about my doll and on all occassions I was deeply disappointed. They have told me that they are too busy too look into what Leroi is doing right now, (because of occupational commitments, wich I do understand to a point) but they have also told me that Leroi lied to them about starting work on the doll on many occassions. I'll take this at face value, but to tell a customer to wait another month when they've already waited almost a year for an expensive product is totally out of the question!

      Where is my doll? :x

      And no, I'm not going to apologise to either of you two for making this thread. It takes a lot to piss me off, and it take even more to make go to this point as to make this thread. I have been civil, patient, and understanding, and I'm not going to be for much longer.

      I just want my doll, is that too much to ask? :huh?:


    2. Let me point this out Abio Angel,

      If I don't see my doll by November 14th or a FULL refund of my 305$USD I will make this issue more public than it is and take official measures using the law to get my full refund, because as is stands, you have STOLEN my money at this point by not giving me the goods that I paid for.


      That would be ridiculous and bad for business to make me pay.

      I have been more than SAINTLY in dealing with you and being patient to godly extremes but when it takes TWO WEEKS to get a reply to my emails I start to get a little pissed off.

      It has now passed the ELEVEN MONTH mark and I have lost my patience.

      I think I've been more than reasonable.


      Let me tell you, you've pretty much ruined my love for these dolls with the situation you've put me into and you should be ashamed of yourselves as professional business practicioners and artists.
    3. whoes abio angel?
    4. Abio Angel is a doll type/company like Luts or DoD for example.

      They make dolls and then other dealers sell them internationally. AA are made by former Mythdoll artist Leroi.
    5. I've contacted Amy the Yu for you about your situation and she has been quite busy with her full time job lately (along with overtime I believe) and hasn't been able to check out DoA for sometime now. I'd advise you to contact her through email since you do have her personal email and it would be quicker to resolve this than waiting for her to keep up with the threads. She has been however, pestering the artist for a while now with the new skintone and every time she has been very frustrated that the artist have given deadlines that they haven't been able to meet only to be kept pushing it back. Due to her current job workload, it looks like she *might* go on hiatus for further orders. However, all currently processing or processed orders are still being worked on being filled.

      I'd probably advise you to get your money back at this point because of the difficulties getting an honest date out of the artist, but, I assure you that Amy the Yu has been bugging them with the little time she has between. There has been a shipment of dolls from Leroi since last week to DD, although she hasn't received them yet; she can't guarantee that they'd be the tanned dolls that Leroi has promised but I hope they are since I understand it is unsettling to not get the doll you've been much anticipating for.
    6. Oh dear ...you have just said the name Mythdoll ..and Leroi

      try Wishel as well ...and I suspect you will be inundated soon with all too many bad experiences
      for my own experience ..I did get my dolls ...and my wait wasnt half as long as yours

      Im not so sure others did ...although I think they did get there money back ...
      as I said Im sure there are others with more information than I can give you

      only at the time ..there was a lot of bad feeling about the whole situation
      I have tried to find the threads for you about Wishel and Mythdoll ..but my Search is lousy ...
    7. Yes, unfortunately Leroi seems to be notorious for this... They start a company that has great promise, with good dolls for good prices, and then they run the company into the ground. There was Mythdoll, and also Wishel, and now, it seems, it may be starting with Abio Angel/Divinity Doll. After my own experience with Mythdoll, I swore off any and all associations with Leroi and any company that person had any association with.

      There are several posts on Mythdoll and Wishel, they just take a bit of sifting through to get to, and to get the relevant information. The best bet is to put the company name and search via titles:
      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=87488&highlight=Wishel (You have to go to near the end to start to get to the end of the company)

      Most of the information is unfortunately scattered, and can be hard to piece together, but I'll summarize: New company starts- customer service is great, people are very pleased and spread the word, increasing the company's business. Eventually, customer service begins to waver a bit, but the company is still functioning. Suddenly, all communications cease, the order load may have become too much for them - yet they don't do anything smart like temporarily marking their dolls to 'sold out', etc. while they catch up on orders, people are furious and are left threatening the company with legal action if they don't get their money or their dolls. Company lies and gives excuses to try to deal with the customers, dragging out the situation as long as they possibly can. Company folds, many are (unfortunately) left in the lurch. Heck, Mythdoll still owes me some money. Do I expect to ever see it again? Not a chance. It's only about $22, but still.
      Every time I hear about this sort of thing happening, it makes me really angry. I'm a pretty nice person, but the way they treat their customers sometimes... it's beyond terrible.
      It's hellish, and it's horrendous. Is that your first doll too? My utmost sympathies go out to you. I've been there.

      I really hope that this company can clean up it's act, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
    8. Abio Angel and Divinity Doll are seperate entities, DD being a representative dealer for Abio Angel. But I'm still upset with the way DD has not been totally with it as far as communications goes. It's absurd that I have to wait upwards of two weeks to get a reply.

      It's saturday now, and I sent another email to them yesterday afternoon and still have not heard back from them. It takes minutes to reply to an email, surely they're not that busy that they can't reply to me. I just wish a mod would get around to paging them already so they can see that I'm serious about getting this cleared up.
    9. AND NOW LADIES ANG GENTLEMEN (if there are any guys here)

      The news we've been wating for!

      Divinity Doll has finally gotten back to me and offered me a full refund at their expense. :o I think this is really generous of them, since they will be losing money with this.

      I still recommend Divinity Doll to everyone who's looking for doll stuff in the GTA and North Eastern North America areas and even the west coast (where my friends who also purchased from them live). DD has been great in dealing with this and have been polite, albeit a little slow due to life commitments (which is uderstandable). They have been diplomatic and understanding, and for this, they get my full satisfaction as a customer.

      Though I still recommend DD as a Dealer for dolls and doll articles, I will never recommend anything by Leroi again.

      I feel a little sad, but I will not be joining the Abio Angel family. Sorry guys. ):

      Note: I do not want Divinty Doll to recieve any flack for this, they have been more than professional in trying to deal with this whilst juggling their lives and work. Please make note of that. :3 <3