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Paging Robin/Pretentious Resin

Jul 13, 2008

    1. Sorry to post this, but my dad and I ordered an AoD doll body from her site in May of this year, and have yet to hear anything except the explanation of the way the site works- no order updates, no problems that have come up, no shipping problems.

      Both my father and I have attempted to email her, and I've sent her a PM. We're still waiting on a reply.

      If anybody knows that she's out on vacation, please let me know - her DoA last log in was near the end of June.
    2. I am also seeking Robin. I sent her 5 doll outfits to be sold on her site and while (after a month) she finally messaged me to tell me she'd be returning the outfits its been 2 or 3 weeks since then and I have yet to hear from her again.
    3. Update of the day: My father attempted to file a paypal dispute, but for some reason unknown reason, paypal refuses to help in this type of situation.

      Also, an addendum: I ordered my doll back in April, not May.
    4. The time has expired on it, that is why. You only have 45 days.
    5. Ah, yeah. That was my fear. Darn my giving her the benefit of the doubt! XD

      Do you know if they at least send a message to the other party indicating that the people attempting to file a dispute did so?
    6. I'd suggest PMing one of the mods.
      That's what i had to do just to get Robin to tell me she was going to return my clothes. Of course since then I have yet to hear from her again.

      DoA user Robin runs the site www.pretentiousresindolls.com. We worked out a deal where I would make a limited line of clothes and she'd sell them on her site. Communication was great and everything until I was done and sent the first set of clothes to her (valuing over $100). Once she told me she received them communication stopped.

      Over a month of unanswered e-mails and PMs passed before I finally contacted DoA mods; although Robin had been on DoA multiple times within that span. They must have done something because she FINALLY wrote me back saying she'd send back the clothes; not giving a real reason for the lack in communication.

      It has been a month since THAT promise. Again multiple e-mails and PMs in that time have gone unanswered. My issue with Robin has remained unresolved as of this time and I sadly do not see her making good on ANY of her promises.

      If anyone sees an outfit like this for MSD or SD for sale from anyone other than Medipac Designs (me) let me know immediately! This is MY personal design and I have handmade 5 outfits for her that she has yet to give back. :...(

      As evidence here I am not the only one who has given money/items of value to Robin only to receive nothing in return.

      Again, DO NOT do business with either Robin or Pretentious Resin. Don't give her your hard earned money or clothes you've put your blood, sweat and tears into!!!!
    8. Will do. :) I hope we both find resolution!
    9. Robin has been missing for some time. I'm not sure what happened to her. She started a group order and then vanished before it was placed. I'm hoping something bad didn't occur.

      My suggestion is to look up her contact info in the whois report for the domain name for her company if necessary --- http://whois.melbourneit.com/index.php3
    10. Back in April of this year, my father (on my behalf) ordered an AoD 1/3 Female body. We were told at the time that the site functioned on a group order system and that because of order sizes, it might take a while before the order was placed. However, by a month later, we'd heard no word from her. We gave it until June, when my father emailed her asking about the status of the order. He received no response.

      A few weeks later, I emailed her and PMed her on this site. I have received responses to neither. The $210 I paid has not been returned, and Paypal's time limit of disputes has run out.

      As of yet, I have received no responses and no returned money. I'd advise against placing orders for dolls through her.
    11. Does anyone have contact information for her other than email? She has posted in meetup threads a couple of times about hosting meetups in Columbia, MO. I believe that is where she lives, though I don't have an address or phone number.
    12. She lives in a small town outside of Columbia, MO. Were you also ripped off by her as well? I got her number from a Columbia local DoA user who was VERY nice. I could maybe give it to you if you have a dispute with her. Understandably I don't want to give something like that out in a thread. Bad business practices aside I wouldn't do that to anyone.
      Please PM me.

      Also I was informed by another DoA user that Robin dropped out of a GO thread she started. I hope nothing bad has happened to her. I have a feeling just some much needed communication could go a long way here.
    13. There are currently some ebay auctions for BJDs by seller "pretentiousresin" located in Kirksville, MO. Is this the same person? Best wishes, I'm so sorry this is happening to you folks.
    14. Thank you for letting us know - that's quite... worrying. And as the name pretentiousresin is a bit particular AND she's from the same state, I think it may be.

      Hopefully this'll work out /o\
    15. Yes that's probably her.
      Do NOT buy from her!
    16. No, I hadn't participated in a transaction with her, but I saw this thread and remembered reading her posts. I thought I'd share the info in case her location hadn't been pinpointed yet. (I know on the PR site it says MO, but not the city). I'm glad you have some contact info and wish you luck!
    17. I'm glad you posted this Keriko, I had been planning on ordering shoes from her. Thanks for the heads up!

      I hope everything gets resolved. :(
    18. Yes, it is her. Unfortunately I did not find this thread until this morning. I won an auction from her last night. Although paypal generally recommends waiting 7 days before starting a dispute, I called them about the situation and was told I should go ahead and start one now to try to either make sure I get my item or the money. Thank you for posting your information because she has 100% satisfaction on ebay and I otherwise would have had no way of knowing. I will let you all know what happens.
    19. I'm glad that our thread helped you, at least! Do tell us how the situation resolves. :)