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Paging Roonodoll: Your Attention Please

Apr 10, 2008

    1. Roonodoll,
      All other attempts at communication with you have been ignored, leaving not many other options to pursue in trying to contact you. I would like a full refund on the dolls, as you stated you would do upon receipt of the tracking number. The dolls, and their clothing, wigs and shoes, are shown as being in Korean Customs since April 7th, the date the USPS Global Express Guaranteed that they would be delivered. All attempts at communication with you since I was told to ship them have been ignored. I would like a full refund on the dolls, as you stated you would do upon receipt of the tracking number. Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated as I would like the return of my funds and finally end this transaction.
      Thank you
    2. Roonodoll,
      This is to inform you that since I have not heard back from you on returning the funds , I will go to my credit card company, Chase, and have them dispute the charges. They will investigate, and do a chargeback for the funds that I have paid for the returned merchandise. I have all e-mails regarding this transaction, as well as pictures detailing the defective dolls, and receipts from Global Express and Customs forms documenting the return of the merchandise.
      I have not heard back from you regarding a return of funds, I sent a Paypal request as you stated you were having difficulty with Paypal. I will cancel that request by this Friday, April 18, 2008 and file a dispute with my credit card company, unless some definite arrangement is made to issue a refund.
    3. I am relieved to finally say that as of today Roonodoll did refund me the money that I paid for the dolls, and the funds have been safely transferred back to my account. I still lost over $100.00 to this whole mess, due to the cost of shipping the dolls back to Korea, plus the Paypal fees in order to get my money refunded, but I am very glad to put the whole, stressful situation behind me. I sincerely hope that this was an isolated incident with this company, but with everything I went through, I can never recommend this company or its products to anyone. Future buyers definitely beware--they sent out defective, shoddy, mismatched products and I lost money, time and great amounts of stress trying to get the situation corrected, and it still ended up costing me $102.00.
    4. I also had problems with Roonoo doll. Nothing to the extent of this but both the doll's I recieved had very poor resin quality and were extremely shiny. The bodies were also strung poorly my one doll lost her feet in transit because they didn't tie them on very well and some other flaws in the body. It was a lot of work for a brand new doll and they still don't stand or pose well at all. I don't plan on ordering from them again.
    5. I also wanted to note that the body is of rather poor quality. The head mold, however, is fine. Still disappointing.