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Paging SpoonForkGirl.... I need my doll's arm back :(

Mar 15, 2007

    1. I sent my CP El's arm to Brooke (SpoonForkGirl)late Oct/early November of last year. She was going to tattoo it for me in exchange for some clothes. I sent her the arm and half of my end of the trade until it was finished.. She showed me pictures, it looked great, but the last I herd from her was the first week in January. She said she was going to be mailing it out the 2nd week in January and I havnt herd from her. I've emailed her on here, ebay, personally... I even MAILED A LETTER TO HER HOUSE with all of my contact information and she just will not get back to me :(

      Looks like my boy is going to be armless forever right now... I just wish I could get in touch with her so I could atleast KNOW whats going on =\.
    2. bump :(.........
    3. Bumping...
      I hope you get it back!