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Paging Yoyomy (Mio)

Jun 15, 2009

    1. I really hoped I wouldnt have to do this but I feel i have no alternative now.
      I commisioned Yoyomy (Mio clothing) to make 6 items for me, but before I did, I emailed her to ask how long I would be expected to wait as this was important to me, this was her reply to me

      {Thank you for your order.
      If you order now You can get your package within this month.

      This is your ordr list and my paypal address is ******@hotmail.com You can send that cost directly without a paypal invoce.

      BLOUSE 801 f-WHITE : sd girl : $59
      blouse 601 : WHITE : SD girl : $57
      HATS 601 COLOUR : B : SIZE SD girl : $45
      kNITS 803 COLOUR : G : SD girl : $32
      KNITS 804 COLOUR : B : SD girl: $32
      KNITS 806 COLOUR : G SIZE SD girl: $34
      Shipping cost : $14.4
      Total : $273.4

      Thank you so much and have a nice day! }

      This was on the 5th April, because she had promised that she would have the order finished by the end of the month, I went ahead and made the order and duly paid the $273.40. I have not heard a word from her since so I have sent a few emails asking about the status of my order but have not recieved any replies.
      On looking through some older posts here I understand that Yoyomy sometimes takes up to 3 months to complete commisions, well, that may be ok for someone who doesnt mind waiting but I believe that because I specifically asked the waiting time and was assured that it would be finished by the end of April that I am not being too impatient in asking for an explanation, even a reply to my numerous emails wouldve been a start.
      I dont know how to find out if she is still active on DofA or when she last logged on but I am becoming increasingly frustrated that I am being ignored whilst she has had my $273 for over 3 months now and I am afraid I will not see that money or my commisions ever.
    2. xinte ~ yoyomy was last on the forum 7APR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Update? Thanks!
    4. I'm sorry to report Zagzagael, that there isnt an update, I am still waiting to hear from Mio, as it seems are a few people on her website, however there are a very few on there who do not seem at all concerned by her 'dissapearance' and continue to wait patiently sure that she will be in contact eventually, unfortunately I am not one of them.
      I continue to become increasingly worried by the fact that she has a great deal of peoples money and has not been active on here, or her own sales website since April, and is not answering any emails.
      I do hope that she is ok, but would really like some explanation.
      thanks zagzagael for following up this thread

    5. I've ordered from Mio four times before in the future but I have never been made to wait this long. It literally has been four months since I placed my order as well. Just wondering where yoyomy has gone! Hoping for some updates!
    6. I have done several group orders with Mio. The wait is usually at least 4 months. She sometimes waits until she has a lot of items sewn or finished and then mails in batches of 4 or 5 orders. Also she sometimes can take as long as 5 months or a little longer depending on orders.. She ALWAYS comes through. She has no helpers and I think sometimes she just takes on a little more than she can handle in a short period. I don't think she liked to turn anyone away and really does want her clients to be happy..

      I know the wait is sometimes gruesome and many do not like to wait after paying high price for items but Mio has never , not completed her obligations as far as I know , as of this date..

      Hope all can hang in there and I am sure there will be a message from Mio sometime. I hope she is not ill. She did get quite ill a couple summers ago..
    7. I have also done several group orders and personal orders through Mio's website and her work does indeed take a very long time to complete. I have had orders take up to 6 months with little to no contact.

      Unfortunately, this is kind of par for the course with Mio. I hope you get your items! My suggestion is keep leaving messages and email her, she did respond to me eventually when inquiring about my group order, but I had to email her several times and she did miss deadlines repeatedly. I specifically told her I needed these clothes by a specific date (I was leaving to san fran to give my sister her doll- and I had bought Mio clothes for him to wear) and they did not arrive in time.
    8. I do appreciate your replies, it kind of confirms what everyone else says, that she takes a very, very long time to complete commissions, ok fair enough, but to not answer numerous emails from worried customers, or reply on her own selling website, to questions and concerns from April, is in my mind, a certain way to start people worrying.

      Obviously if you have ordered from her before, you are not going to be concerned, but for first time customers like myself its a different matter, especially as I keep trying to point out,she promised me the items the end of April, I wouldnt have bought them otherwise.
      I also think its really strange that if you are sending her an email to enquire about making an order, she replies everytime within 10 minutes, but ask about the status of your order, you wont hear a word from her.
      I am really sorry if she is ill, but surely if she has been ill from April, she could have put an announcement on her own clothing website to reassure the many worried people posting about their orders.
      As you say, her clothes are lovely, but this is really not worth the wait and the worry.
      If I ever do see my clothes or money again, it will leave a very bitter taste, whilst I still have my new dolls so long without the outfits I envisaged for them, it has taken away a lot of the pleasure I should have had, and I dont have hundreds of $$ to buy them different outfits.

    9. This has still not been resolved.
      some people on her website seem to think she may be ill, but as she has not been on her own website ,answered any emails or been active here in 4 months it must be a very serious illness if that is the case.

      Has anyone actually been in any type of contact with Mio/Yoyomy in the last 6 months? Even just to place an order?
    10. Yoyomy has been on DoA on August 4th, did anyone hear from her?

      Someone on my sister's f-list has received her May pre-order these days. There had been no notice beforehand, although on the MIO website her status had been "work is in progress" since May. Still something is missing from the order and apparently there are other questions as well.

      Sis and I are also waiting for our order... or any kind of notice about what the status of our order is.
    11. I have just recieved my order from Mio with no problems, everything I ordered was there. I didn't recieved any update or email telling me it had been sent. So I'm sure everything will arrive eventually.
    12. Jessicat, when did you order your items?
      It does seem odd that some people are updating Mio's website saying that they have recieved their orders, yet still no word from the lady herself?!
      It really does seem a very strange way to run a business and a website, to never reply to any emails unless they are for orders, yes , I did enquire, under another name, about making an order, (I wasnt going to make one) and so suprisingly, she answered within 5 minutes!!! Yet if I inquire about the wherabouts of the order I made in April... nada,nothing, disappearded of the face of the earth!
      Well, lets hope I'm one of the lucky ones who eventually get their orders

    13. I placed my order on the 4th April and she sent me an invoice the same day. I've been checking the names of those who have recieved their orders and it seems they placed their orders around the same time as me.
    14. I ordered before Jessicat and still haven't gotten anything. Hopefully it wont be too much longer.
    15. So did I. I am confused now, I was always under the impression that the orders were processed in chronological order?

      And still no update on Mio's order page regarding status or shipping.

      Can anybody explain how this paging thing works? Because she has been on DoA since being paged, but obviously she didn't react to that.

      And only out of interest and for the record, what happens if someone on DoA doesn't react to being paged? Does it make a difference if someone is a professional dealer using DoA as a platform, or a private marketplace user?

    16. Why do you believe this member has been on the forum since 7APR?

      The Problem Transactions subforum is the preferred way for members of DoA to resolve issues encountered in the Marketplace. Where all these Mio orders placed here, through her Commissions thread, a Group Order, or a Marketplace sales thread? Or via her website?
    17. The orders aren't always processed in chronological. I remember Mio saying large orders took longer to process- which is why my group order was one of the last orders to ship. Smaller orders ship faster.
    18. Zagzagael,

      I think the vast majority of the orders, mine included, were made from here, group orders and individual orders. As Yoyomy/Mio includes a link to her website on her sales thread on DofA, I would imagine, that out of desperation, people are asking about their orders on her website as they cant get in contact with her here, but she is also not active on her website, although it seems that some people have indeed recieved their orders in the last month, unfortunately many others, myself included, havent!
      All most people on her website and here are asking for is a response and an update, and I still maintain that it is not a lot to ask for when someone has a great deal of your money for over 5 months !

    19. Thank you for the update and the information! We are not showing that she has returned to the forum at all - sounds as though she's busy sewing! Keep this thread updated as orders arrive.
    20. I'm just bringing this thread up to the top again, as I still have not received any of my order from Mio or heard anything from her.
      According to her website, quite a few people are now receiving their orders after 4-5 months wait. I must be the longest standing order, having paid at the beginning of April this year, which makes a 6-7 month wait. I guess the people who did not complain will get their orders first?!?!