New Company [Painted Wings] A new company in town~

Feb 15, 2017

    1. Edit: Wow! Thank you for your support! Our eyes are selling fast, and a number of them are already out of stock. We have a new batch of stocks arriving from YH in the first two weeks of March so if you were unable to purchase them before they sold out, just check back then! :)


      Hello, everyone!

      I'm very excited to finally announce the soft opening of Painted Wings. We carry eyes, outfits, and accessories for dolls, and have official dealerships with the brands we offer.

      At present, we have two brands on board for our soft opening:

      YH's premium glass eyes (only 16mm & 14mm in stock)
      Edit: Eyes pictured have just sold out!

      Madao's outfits for 1/4 and 1/6 sized dolls

      We will also have new stocks arriving from several other brands in the coming weeks, including jewelry and 1/3 sized outfits, so please check back again soon!

      Use the code softopening10 during checkout for a 10% discount on your order. Limited only to our soft opening phase! :dance

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    2. Hello!

      I love the eyes! Will they eventually be available in other sizes? I'm looking for 12mm.
    3. @verdigrisVagabond Thank you! Yes, definitely! We're working with YH to bring in more colors and sizes in the later shipments, including 12mm and 18mm.

      Keep an eye out for us in the news forum here, we'll post an announcement when we have the new sizes available for purchase~ :)
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    4. @izumiyavi I'm so glad to hear that! I'm looking to get similar eyes for two dolls who are sisters in different sizes, and your eyes are so beautiful and unique! I'll keep an eye out!
    5. Ooooh the dresses are perfect for what I've been looking for! About how long does one set take to get in seeing as it is made to order?
    6. @Winged_Maiden I'm glad you like them! Shipping estimates for made to order items defer depending on the creators. For Madao's products, we're looking at 15 to 30 business days before they're ready to ship. :)
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    7. OK great! Thanks for the quick reply! I have one more question at this time. About how long with the soft opening deal last? I do plan on getting a few of those outfits once the funds are in. ^ω^ Beautiful items, can't wait to see more.
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    8. @Winged_Maiden There is no definite end date for the soft opening deal, but it'll definitely last until the end of February at least!
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    9. Great news! Thank you so much. :kitty1
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    10. Can I ask if the color of these pupils is black or dark blue please?
    11. @Sonik It's glitter with a dark bluish-purple hue. Here's a closer picture of the eyes. I hope it helps! :)
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    12. Oh my, it's gorgeous! Thank you, I'll order them right away. :D
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