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Pairing short boy with taller girl?

Jul 31, 2009

    1. Would you find it odd to pair up a 42 cm boy with a 43 cm girl? I know that that sounds dumb, but have any of you paired up your MSDs (boy+girl) together and the boy was shorter? I told my sister which doll I might get next, and this is how it went:

      sister: what're you looking at?
      me: oh, I'm looking at the doll I might get next. A boy with a masculine body, haha :XD:
      sister: really? Let me see! *looks* Aw he's cute!
      me: Yeah I might buy him and pair him up with my girl. Only he's one centimeter shorter.
      sister:What? Don't do that!
      me: why not?
      sister: Because! He's going to look like a short wimp compared to her.
      me: :|

      He's not exactly going to be so wimpy if has a muscular body, eh? So, do any of you DoAers have pics of your MSD couple, where the boy is shorter?

      Thanks! :D
    2. These are both Dollmore Kids so they are actually the same height. But the girl is wearing platform shoes so she looks taller. I thought the effect was cute, but they are supposed to be very young so it would be normal for the girl to mature more quickly
    3. I haven't done it myself, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It can be cute for the male in a relationship to be a little shorter than the female. Especially if you don't have set characters that they're meant to be from the start where the opposite difference is part of the characters in non-doll form.

      Edit to add: Well...I have two dolls on my wishlist that are meant to be a couple where the male is SUPPOSED to be taller than the female...but in dolly form he's going to be about 2cm shorter than she is. I guess I get to change the girl (a BBB Sprite) to have a RS body to make her smaller. *laughs* If only their heights weren't already set 'on paper' I'd happily leave them 'as is' on my wishlist!
    4. no it's not odd & dollmore boy dolls are truly adorable :lol: , -Rafel is in my wishlist-
      ... when you say muscular you mean more mature than dollmore's ? p.e. something like new dim happy boy but in 42cm? I'd be interested in such a boy too, would it be ok If I ask which one is yours? (thanks!!!)
    5. Nah, 1cm is barely noticable... plus that's what shoes are for... plus, who said guys have to be taller?! :D
    6. Put some low-heels on 'em.
      Like some dress shoes.
    7. If the doll happens to be the right for the character you have in mind, then go for it. I don't think it matters that he's 1cm shorter and in most cases, once you stick a wig on a doll, it's hardly noticeable anyway - unless you deliberately stare at the dolls when they're together, or you stick the girl doll in shoes with heels XD

      Besides, this happens in real life too. There are couples where the male is shorter than the female and it's perfectly fine, in fact I think it's kind of cute... but I digress now.

      In conclusion; if I ever made a couple where the guy was shorter in height than the girl, I would get a male doll that's shorter than the girl doll just to be true to their characters.
    8. I don't think there's anything wrong with it! Just like in real life, sometimes the guy happens to be shorter than the girl. So if the molds fit the characters, go for it!
    9. Nothing wrong with a tall girl! :D Go for it :D
    10. It happen in the real world, why can't it happen it the doll world? I say "Go for it", even though I'm many years too late for this reply.:lol: