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Panda's anyone? :)

Oct 14, 2008

    1. So, I just saw two panda BJD's (forgot the brands =_=) and I love this idea, because I love panda's :aheartbea
      Is there anyone who owns a panda BJD or modded one into a cute panda?
      I would love to see them :)
    2. I'd like to see pandas too! There might have been a bear mold that had been painted to loook like a panda. I remember seeing one somewhere as well.
    3. im so not a fan of animal dolls but when these first came out i actually wanted one.. that and the bobo mouse i think it was.. reminded me of my old rat before she died
    4. The cutest panda (Asleep Eidolon) is actually off topic because he has no knee joints...Maybe that's the one you were thinking of?

      I would love to see other dolls styled as pandas, that would be very cute ^^
    5. I have a doll factory one:

    6. The Doll Factory one looks more like a mouse to me. But she is cute, regardless!
    7. The two on-topic pandas are souldoll Kung-ya and Dollfactory Pepe.

      Asleep Eidolon has one but are off-topic and can't be discussed.
    8. On seeing your photo...

      and reading your comment...

      I finally realised who was my ValliMouse... it was a TypeB Pink Pepe Panda... not a mouse at all, but I think she is the perfect ValliMouse!

      Thanks for sharing. I am so excited about my new addition. Now the wait begins.
    9. I like the Souldoll Panda! :fangirl: So cute!
    10. They are cute too.
    11. omg <3 the black dollfactory one is now on my wishlist.

      why'd you have to go and do that :p
    12. The black dollfactory one is definitely more realistic... I'm just a sucker for pink >.>
    13. Me too. It's my favourite colour. My Panda/mouse is getting a pink mousie tail. Dollfactory are wonderful to deal with.
    14. I am hoping that Doll Factory will make the large size Pandas to go with the small ones....like the large Bobos....
    15. Nawww, aren't they adorable. I gotta say though, I like KungYa panda from souldoll more than the panda from dollfactory. (Can dollfactory's panda have it's eyes changed? I'm on dial up at the moment, so loading the sites page is a huge pain in the bum but from the pictures in this thread it looks like they are infact painted on?)

      Uber cute!
    16. My Panda is now a mouse with a mousie tail! Love Dollfactory. The eyes are changeable. I've put brown in mine.

      Not sure that I'd like a large Panda. I'd have to see what they look like.