Parabox/Iplehouse hybrid?

Jan 24, 2018

    1. Hello! I currently have a FID Bianca, which has a very realistic look, and I want to achieve a more anime look without having to buy another complete doll. I have browsed around on DoA and I hadn't seen any other thread or forum related to this topic, so I decided to ask myself. I have been looking at a Parabox Ai-chan or Luna head and I was wondering if it would look okay on the FID body (or if it would even work). I am looking for any head that would help achieve this look on the FID body overall. Thanks a lot everyone.
    2. I tend to check shoulder width (and neck circumference) for vinyl/resin compatibility. It's not fool proof of course, since heads vary in size and shape - but it certainly gives you a decent idea.

      According to the Iplehouse website, the FID body has a 9.5cm shoulder width. Whereas, the Obitsu/Parabox bodies are 45cm (8.5 width), 47/48/50cm (10 width). So it certainly seems plausible to be proportionate.

      Oh, also I recommend getting a head in the size range of the body or it may look a bit bobble-headed. Before I traded away a 1/4 sized resin body I placed the default 50cm head on it just to compare...and it ended up looking a bit too big for my tastes. I wish I could find the photo now. :/
    3. @Azael Thank you, I never thought to compare the shoulder widths. I had been looking at neck circumference, and the heads definitely seems like they would fit the neck, but I was just nervous about it looking like a bobble-head. I really want to try to make it work, especially because Parabox heads are cheaper (which means I can save more for my next full doll purchase).
    4. *nods* That's another good thing, if it doesn't quite fit as you would've liked then you won't be out so much. :3