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Sep 6, 2008

    1. I tried searching for posts on parabox, but couldn't come up with anything, so forgive me if this has been asked before...
      Has anyone ordered from Parabox before? I ordered a wig and a few other things, and its been 3 weeks, I've had on contact from them except for a broken tracking link sent a week after I placed me order. I sent a friendly message last week just asking for an update, but have heard nothing. Has this happend to anyone else? Or am I just an exception? I'd hate to think bad of a company based only on my experiences, and I do understand its an international order, but its just been such an awful experience to hear nothing!
      Thanks all!
    2. I've done three orders from Parabox in the past, though none more recent than april mind. Purely wigs, doll heads, eyes, just small things. I had emails from them within two days and my orders were shipped within three and arrived within a week of ordering. To me there were very fast, reliable and everything was perfect. Very strange to me that you have recieved no response from them and a broken tracking number O.o They only ever contacted me to say my order was shipped and nothing more, so they don't communicate much, but for an order to take three weeks from Parabox is quite odd.
      It does concern me actually, I was planning on ordering another few things from them soon. Hope your order does come through from them, I've never heard of anything of the sort happening from Parabox before, either on boards or with my personal experience
    3. Thank you for your reply. I've heard that their communicatin isn't great, but yeah, it took me almost three and half weeks to get my order. I am delighted with it now that its here, but I was a bit stressed by how long it took since I didn't know what was happening. Their clothes are just adorable, so I guess if I order from them in the future, I will just be sure to know it will take a while to recieve items :)