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Paring Down. Less is more?

Mar 7, 2011

    1. (If there's already a thread like this, go ahead and delete or merge. :) )

      After three years in this hobby and having bought many beautiful dolls, I found myself starting to pare down my collection. In all honesty I thought I'd be one of those who had shelves and shelves of dolls! Yet, I find myself happier, more content with a smaller number of dolls.

      Has anyone else ever felt this way or gone through something like this?

      I'm not talking about not being able to bond with a doll, simply after sometime you think "I love them but it's time to do some letting go."

      Just curious. :)
    2. I feel happier with a smaller crowd of dolls then one large group, too hard for me to keep track of all of them if I had a lot. lol
    3. Weirdly enough I just said this to my mom! I'm going through it right now. Just feels good to have a smaller amount for a change! I have really cut my collection down too, quite dramatically for me.
    4. I'm like that, too. Although for me it's more of 'pairing down', haha. :lol: I've found I am happier with just a couple dolls than I am with 10+ dolls. There were many dolls I collected before BJDs where I'd collect dozens of them but noticed I wasn't happy having so many, I felt overwhelmed by them. So I trimmed down my collection and in the end it was down to keeping only two.

      Then I would find another type of collectible doll and do the same thing again! :doh Collect lots, become unhappy with the flood, sell all of them except two. It took me a long while (I must be a slow learner, very stubborn or something), but I've finally realized two is just my perfect dollie number.
    5. I'm going through that right now too. I'm finding I'm happier with fewer dolls. That way, I can play with them all, and have them the way I want them.
    6. I'm going through this now. I do foresee a definite limit to the number of resin dolls I have, especially in the case of my current living situation, and as the numbers were really creeping up to that point, it's made me really think about what I want my doll family to be. So I've pulled some resin guys out for sale, and swapped some heads and bodies into new combinations, and cut things down enough so that I can go in and retool. I feel like now I have a much better sense of what I want in terms of dolls. I'm also trying to have fewer companies represented as it was starting to feel like a real mish mosh of sculpts -- they were lovely, don't get me wrong, but it was getting overwhelming. Now I feel like I have a better sense of focus.
    7. While my current number of 9 dolls may not seem like I'm cutting back, I do feel as though I've become content with the 'less is more' mindset. On my immediate wishlist I only have 2 more dolls I am hellbent on obtaining and aside from them only 3 more I'd someday like to own although it's not real disaster if I never do. While I do have my wishlist it's nothing more than a 'would be nice to have' rather than a list I am absolutely determined to complete. This is a big difference compared to how I was a few years ago when 20+ dolls were on my serious wishlist. While I don't think I'd feel overwhelmed with so many dolls, I just don't think I'd pay very much attention to them (as much as I personally prefer to spend).
    8. Not to a dramatic extent, but my wishlist has shrunk and I feel I'm much more focussed on what I want. I do occasionally consider selling off, perhaps with a thought to one day replacing child dolls with their adult versions, for example, but I don't know that I would unless forced by circumstances. I do want to pare down the number of floating heads, though, and weed through the clothing, wigs, and eyes. Get the current resin union closer to what I want them to be, and wait until financial/space resources allow me to get started on other storylines I want to collect. :sweat

      In the long run, though, no, I don't want a small collection. I'll probably end up with around 30.
    9. I used to have 10 dolls and I sell some of them finally.
      Now I have my most favorite dolls in my house.
      I fell full now ^__^
    10. I am definitely on board with the 'less is more' mindset. I've been a bit into the simple living idea and have gotten rid of a majority of my possessions over the past year or so, and my feelings towards them have changed considerably. I feel a lot of anxiety now along with buying anything and dolls are no exception. It's not just the money. Mostly that I think I just don't want to have any collections anymore.

      I'm down to two dolls at home but I'm waiting for two dolls and two heads purchased months ago to ship as well, plus two on my wishlist. It feels like too many. The two heads I know are going right back out the door when they arrive and I'm having to seriously consider everybody else.
    11. I never had more than 4 dolls at the time, but I was always lusting over a bunch and making plans. eventually, I'm not so sure what happened, as if the fun of it was gone, I decided to really narrow my collection and the few ones I had would be SPOILED with ENDLESS pretty clothes and I would work real hard to make good photography with them and maybe sew! and the few ones I have will STAY!! (I always sell my doll and replace them by new molds. now I will be real careful with what I buy! )
      before I made specific character for each dolls and this really limited clothing for each doll because it needed to suit it's personnality. now one doll will wear ANYTHING.
      already, I feel happier with it XD it's so much more simple this way!
    12. I have two large dolls, one tiny, and two more large ones on the way, and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. That being said, I have seen many other longtime doll owners who owns over 10 dolls (which to me is many) and still manage to do beautiful things with them.
    13. I've given it thought, but am afraid mine are so common they'd never sell. So I'll likely just keep them all.
    14. Yes, I had grand plans of a family of four (two SDs, two MSDs) plus their guardian (another SD) and little imaginary friends (tiny anthros). But I've had so many pass in and out of my hands - And so I'm deciding to keep the ones I want to give the most attention to.


      I'm thinking the ones I had were so common that they're more likely to sell... But never at full price.
    15. At one stage I had four dolls, and they "psychically overwhelmed" me! :XD: Yep, I got too many dolls, and too quickly (all four came home within 6 months, which is way too fast!). Working on all of them simultaneously was overwhelming and I got a little burnt out as a result. So now I'm selling two, and slowly working with the other two to get them in their perfect appearances.

      I'm quite sure I'll increase the family again (in fact, I have another doll on layaway now), but I've never wanted to own more than 5-6 dolls total. I just don't want many dolls. And I realize that it'd be better for me to work on one doll at a time, get to a satisfactory state of appearance/personality, before thinking of acquiring another.
    16. I honestly don't know how some people manage to have collections as large as they do! So far I can only seem to handle 3-4 dolls at a time, although I like many more than that. Its a bit frustrating but also good in that it means I have to be choosy and give up things I'm not 100% crazy about if I want something else. I think in this hobby its way too easy to buy too many - especially too quickly. I admit though - I've downsized my life thoroughly and I find having too many possessions in general makes me feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. That mindset is likely translating itself over ontop of the large price tag and my meager bank account.

      I just want to add that I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way! My best friend is the same way and we both felt like we were weird since the the large collection seems to be ideal for alot of people. It's kind of comforting to know we're not alone.
    17. I just pared down my collection too! I went from 9 to 3 and now I feel like I'll be able to focus more on them as far as getting clothes, refining their personalities, etc.
    18. I decided at the end of last year that I wanted to pare down and consolidate my collection into a smaller number of favourites.

      It didn't work like that though. Selling off the ones I wasn't really interacting with seems only to have cleared room for more dolls to come home! :lol:
    19. I've been doing the same thing over the last year or so... I do still buy a new doll occasionally, but far more have left the collection than have come into it. I still currently have a relatively large group here, but in a few more years, who knows? There's a part of me that would very much like to go back to only having two or three.
    20. I definately think less is more. I currently have two, and only want one or two more. I think i might find even four overwhelming, ideally I'd want to have only three, but its so difficult when theyre so pretty.