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Participating in the online doll community?

Apr 27, 2007

    1. Do you feel it is important for one to be a part of the online doll community to get full enjoyment out of one's doll? Should trends in the hobby influence and affect how owners enjoy and play their dolls, or are they entirely superfluous to the hobby?
    2. I don't think you have to be part of the community to get the "whole experience" out of a doll, but it certainly has it's benefits. For some people, the trends will be a big deal and they will follow them for a long time if they have the money. Other people, (like me) don't care so much but might stay around longer because we buy what we want instead of what's hot. I can't afford every new hot doll, as I'm sure the majority of the board can't.
    3. Hmm, I think that being a part of the online community isn't a necessity to fully enjoy a doll, per se.

      It does, however, inspire one to improve thier skill in sewing, faceups and the like when they see the work of others that are more skilled or experienced than they are. And its a quick and easy way to get answers to questions and learn from the experiences of others.

      Its also a great way to find out about lesser known doll or accessory companies that might have just what you're looking for.

      Trends come and go, I don't pay much attention to them. But I do know that some people, and even some doll companies, can't help but try to keep up with the Joneses.
    4. If it weren't for the online doll community, I don't think I would have discovered these dolls in the first place, so it's awesome for that reason alone. ^_^

      The other benefit to the online community is that there's so much information! It's like having eight billion brains all helping you on your doll. If it were for all the excellent information on this site, I don't know if I would know what to use for my own face-ups, or if I would even try to do my own face-ups.

      I would say it isn't required or neccessary, but it can be very helpful.
    5. It was by the online community that I found these dolls in the first place, and I believe that's the case with many people, but if that was taken out of the equation... I wouldn't find the online community necessary...

      But I think it definately enriches the experience. Interfacing with other doll owners and being challenged by the amazing photgraphy, sewing and painting skills I've seen here has driven me to improve on all levels. I would even go on to say that since DOA came into my life when I was still learning how to socially communicate, that DOA has greatly improved my social skills in befriending and working alongside people from all walks of life with differing opinions.

      While I don't think it's necessary for owners to be a member of the online community, I think it'd be a shame to miss out on such a nice opportunity for news and friendship in the hobby. :)
    6. I think of the online doll community as an entity seperate but related to the hobby, much like forum communities for other interests -- not essential but definately supplimental. I enjoyed dolls in general long before I had access to any online community, in the same certain ways I enjoy BJD (particularly creation of dolls and creation of clothing and accessories).

      I've benifitted both educationally and inspirationally from doll forums (DoA especially) and sites, but I also found a need to step back from the online community to more fully enjoy my dolls, because I slipped deeply into a 'watching and not doing' mode for awhile. Now, I'm back and attempting to compartmentalize online facets of my life in a manageable fashion.

      I think that if one is easily absorbed by online content... or overly susceptible to peer influence, or easily influenced to overspend, the online doll community can be as much of a danger as an asset -- although responsibility for a person's boundaries lies with the individual, not the community.
    7. i think its important-without the internet let face it we would not know anthing! :lol: so yes its pretty darn important to me at least
    8. You sure don't NEED to belong if you don't want. Plenty of folks can just play dolls and be happy. I confess I was one of them for a long time. I had 4 dolls when I joined ConDoll, and I had 6 dolls before I broke down & joined DOA. I was never much of a joiner, but I daresay this place changed me.

      I did find the online community necessary at first, before I met so many other BJD owners in my area. Without knowing anybody else in real life, playing with the dolls was most rewarding by sharing photos online. I met all of my local SF doll-friends through DOA, and feel lucky that I live in a place where there's so many of us... People in very rural areas, I always wonder if it gets lonely with no doll-meetups? :<

      Now that I know DO so many other local collectors, one would think that I wouldn't need an online community. But let's face it, no. Addiction is powerful. :sweat Ceal has a very good point about getting so carried away on the internet sometimes preventing you from playing with your dolls at home! It's too easy.

      But the good things: I'm hooked on the globalism of these forums, being able to see what folks are doing all over the world; not to mention the News & Discussions, with other people being so fast to find new things and tell me about them; not to mention the Marketplace, where I find things that I'd never be able to find in stores or even on eBay. Online community expands the World According to Dolldom.
    9. You can sew clothes for your dolls and use them for photostories without being in an online community, but I think the community certainly makes it a lot easier to grow your skills or your collection. Like, I don't want to check every single company's page every day, so having a community like DoA with a News section has really helped me stay up to date on what's going on. Also, I personally think it's fun to share photos and such with friends, and it would be difficult to find such friends who enjoy dolls without an online community. Sure, friends you already have might be interested, but other than carrying your dolls around with you everywhere you go or taking out personal ads, I can't think of how else to meet dollie people. I guess you could be the evil converter who gets OTHER people interested, and then you have a friend-base? ;) The online community seems like so much less work, though.
    10. I feel like it's really important to interact with fellow doll hobby people. They are the ones who truly understand.
      None of my friends like dolls but they really love mine, still that's not the same it's nice to talk to people with the same passion and drive I've have.
      Saying that there's nothing fun about a clique, I'd never go for that, I just like to talk to people who think the same as me and people who think different.
    11. As others have said. I don't think it's necessary to get full enjoyment out of our resin darlings. But, it's lovely to show them off and let them interact as themselves with other resins, even through cyberspace. I think it's also nice to just have others to talk to about BJD's even if it's just to 'cooo' over pictures or for some advice. It's nice to have that kind of contact.

      Even without it, I would still enjoy Dante. I'd still love him regardless. I just like the network of friends and people with lots of knowledge to help me out with questions ;3

      Also, friends that have known me for years and years, don't quiet get my love for BJD's yet. They think they are pretty but nothing particularly special. If creepy at times because they are so life like. So I like trolling around here X3 People that understand!
    12. I think that people do get a fair share of enjoyment by being a part of a community, not just with dolls but in general. From a very basic type of viewpoint humans are social type of animals, we enjoy being with one another and interacting. That being said I don&#8217;t think that the community is what gives you the total enjoyment from doing something but I do think it can help enrich people&#8217;s experiences. I think even taking a step back away from direct interaction and just reading other peoples experiences enrich it as well. As far as trends go I think that they are a part of everything also and while they should be taken into account for what they are and enjoyed by those who find them interesting I don&#8217;t think that they should be the standard by which others compare themselves.
    13. I think it's extremely helpful, but maybe not something I'd say is "important". It gives you a sense of community and you find out a lot of information by belonging to doll boards online - and also, it gives you the opportunity to trade, sell and buy with much greater variety than just using doll sites and Ebay. You also then have access to some artisans that you would never even know about if you were not involved in the online community.

      Chatting with people within the hobby is always fun. This is a hobby that a lot friends and family really don't "get". Especially considering how expensive it is.

      So yes, I think it's helpful and somewhat important in the sense it gives you more interaction and variety.

      It certainly helps you feel like less of a "strange" person for being so into dolls.
    14. I think the online community is an invaluable resource about ABJDs. One doesn't need to actively participate in the community though to take advantage of its existance.

      I'd be really shocked if a single person said that trends should influence how doll owners enjoy their dolls, and skeptical if people say trends are entirely superfluous. Trends dictate what products are made, and everytime you buy something you reinforce that, whether or not it's intentional. Even if as an individual, one makes one's own BJDs and clothes them with 100&#37; handmade items that do not reflect any popular style, the general influence of trends on the hobby in general is undeniable.

      There are very few people who'd openly admit, 'I want this because everyone else wants it too' but I do think it happens.
    15. I don't think you need to be on an online doll community to fully enjoy your doll at all. I think people simply enjoy sharing their doll with someone who won't go "Oh.. yeah.. okay then. o_O" xD

      And I think some things in the hobby do influence some of us. Someone might not be into yaoi or lolita clothing until they come here and see it. (Am I looking at that the right way?)
    16. I think the online community can be important for people who have no people in their life with any interest in seeing or discussing their dolls. I think the online community is also important for finding your doll, taking care of it properly (they don't come with instruction manuals), hearing about special sales and events in a timely manner, and finding the things you want for your doll.

      Whether trends in the hobby should affect how owners enjoy and play with their dolls... I don't think they should, but I think it's unavoidable in some ways. I know as mature minis started to be available, many former mini owners were attracted to the more mature dolls and sometimes they eventually sold their younger-bodied minis or swapped their bodies. Having more mature dolls may change play style. Likewise, mini clothes early on seemed to be predominantly childish/lolita, then some goth lolita, and now less lolita and more of other contemporary styles. So I think the hobby trends affect what is easily available for a reasonable price.

    17. I'm with pawpaw. Being active in the community isn't necessary for enjoying your doll. Being active in the community helps you share that enjoyment.

      However, that being said, going to doll meets and getting positive reactions from people who understand the time, money, and effort you've put into your doll(s), does add to the pleasure factor.
      Positive feedback is always nice, no matter the endeavor. :)
    18. No. While chatting with other people who share my hobby is nice and I like it, it is in no way necessary for me in order to enjoy my dolls.

      The online community is great for keeping up with the news, doll announcements, the wealth of owner info and the site tips.

      Utterly superfluous. I do not have my dolls in order to curry favour, become popular with some group or validate myself as a human. I have them because they make me spend lots of money on them... er they make me happy and I adore them.
    19. My firend introduced me to BJDS. She lives away from my town now.

      i live in small area, and i've checked and no one within a 200 mile area has or even has heard of a BJD. So i dont have any doll people to relate too in person.
      I dont think i need to be in a community to fully enjoy the hobby. But i do consider it a life saver when in comes to the workshops. I also enjoy meeting and seeing other users dolls. I do consider doll communities a blessing
    20. I think the online community is a very big part of enjoying a doll, in my opinion. Without the online community, doll photographs would be for only one person to view, or perhaps to show your friends or family. (Who'd probably just go "huh? oh, that's nice," anyway) Photostories would be practically pointless. So I guess it depends on what you enjoy using your dolls for. If you just like engaging in imaginitive play, then I don't think the online community is as important as if you liked dolls to dress them up and take photos of them. Also, doll meetups would be incredibly difficult without being able to communicate in the network. You can also have just about anything doll related commissioned on here! It's a valuble resource, and I think it's a large part of the "BJD experience."