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Particular items you like to buy most for your dolls

Apr 30, 2017

    1. I think I am developing a love of bjd eyes a lot. Most are so pretty. I have more eyes than dolls. I have certain colors that my dolls wear and when I see a really nice style, I always debate to buy them. Any one has a thing that you just love?
    2. Doll clothing in general. One of the first things I noticed about the hobby was how absolutely fashionable these dolls could be. They have a wardrobe ten thousand times better than my own, and a lot of doll owners will echo that.

      I also love props and can't turn down a good one either. Between these two I could flatten my wallet pretty fast.
    3. I usually have a specific thing I like shopping for for each doll. Like with Aelic, his eyes and wig are set and done, so I loooove shopping for cute clothes for him. In Ilya's case, it's eyes (though I think I've finally found the perfect ones after months).

      Overall, I'd say my favorite thing would be clothes (...especially if they're for Aelic). :lol: Accessories and props are a close second though! I love finding in-scale props and accessories, especially in non-doll shops. It's exciting!
    4. I'm becoming more and more attached to jointed hands--at first, I had only a few, but now 6 of my 13 dolls will have them...

      I'm also slowly getting most of my dolls types of lace or rooted or "ventilated" wigs. I like being able to style them.

      I like doing a lot of things for my dolls myself (like the wigs), so the process of getting them their supplies is an exercise in learning what I'm too picky about to buy (so I do it myself) and what I don't want to spend time on (so I buy it; like jointed hands).

      My biggest money sink, however, is probably fabric. I sew, so having fabrics that feel and look exactly how I want can be pricey. But because they're dolls, they usually only need a yard max, so it's easier to justify than buying for myself.
    5. After each one gets their proper eyes (which I'm slowly sorting out), I'd like to see if I can take my cues from each individual doll to buy them what they need. I like to buy faceplates for Unoa best of all but not all my dolls are Unoa. ;) Otherwise, its like a game to find a special thing for each doll. A guessing game combined with a scavenger hunt x the number of dolls and then TRY to combine layaways and shipping at least once in a while, maybe!

      As far as purchased goods, I'm finding that each doll seems to require some defining thing that is a bit different for each one. Shiva has her helmet, 2 wanted jointed hands, one wants a particular wig, another needed a Fer...so it's more listening to/living with the doll and figuring out what their own thing is, then I can seek it out. Not once have I gotten something, put it on them and THEN had the 'aha, that's what was needed' moment...at least not yet. Nor can I seem to buy anything good before they get here, I've been trying to source some things for the Saint that will come home later this year and nope, it's not working. The closest to that was knowing Shiva would want the helmet offered for sale with her when we ordered her.
    6. Wigs and eyes, man...
      I'm all about those wigs and eyes... :3
    7. Props! They're my favorite, to pose them with, take photos of, or just have as decoration. My favorite are things that aren't really meant to be for dolls but simply happen to be in scale :)
    8. I love all the clothes and shoes but I have to say, I have a soft spot for wigs. My dolls could have the perfect hair, yet still I love to keep trying new ones. :)
    9. I'm a little obsessed with chokers. My first doll body is not here yet but I already got 5 chokers ready for him :love
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    10. Shoes & clothes for my girls. Currently I'm trying to focus more on my boys, but my girls outnumber them and are more demanding... so... :XD: Wigs used to be on the list, but currently most of my dolls have settled on a wig style so I can start to slim down the collection.
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    11. Props-- specifically toys, when it comes to Vince and especially Billy. I thought it would be clothes for Vince, but... I've made some of his things, my sister's made him stuff, but I'm not good at prop-making so it's the one thing I have to buy if I want him to have it.
    12. Wiiiiiiigs...I have no dolls and three wigs so far, and I have a whole shopping cart full of more that I'll buy when I have the money!
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    13. .
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    14. Wigs. Definitely wigs! I can't resist a pretty wig. It's so easy to change a doll's look by just plopping some new locks on their noggin.
    15. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! I can't seem to make decent shoes and I just love shoes in general and so do my dolls!
    16. I will say : wig/eyes actually
      but I also love re-ments and furniture
    17. I love buying eyes as well, as well as little accessories.
    18. Right now I would say props. They help "explain" a dolls' character to me. My problem is that it's hard to find SD sized items that aren't either expensive or if the item is not the shipping is extremely expensive!
      The other thing I buy often are wigs - they make it so easy to change the look of a doll.
    19. Now that I've learned how to make my own yarn wigs...I want to make multiple wigs for all my dolls! It's so much fun, and with so many color combos (endless!), this could spiral out of control.... I admit to making wefts just because it's fun...;)
    20. For me, it's gotta be props. I love miniatures, and they make a doll feel more real to me. I just got a harp for a guy I'm expecting, and even without its owner I could just happily stare at it. So small, so cool!