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Parting stories

Mar 21, 2019

    1. A thread for people to share their doll parting stories! Im always interested in people's stories as to why they had to part with a doll. From small reasons such as the nose being not what you imagined to more bigger things such as the hobby not being for someone anymore or even having lost a doll.

      I have a parting story that is one of my friends theirs. She used to live close by and 14 yo me was really curious about her doll so when she called me over I zoomed there. I played with her doll and we gave it a new faceup and dressed it, she taught me about resin and we even made eyes for her doll, she was so nice she put the eyes I made on a little necklace that I think I still own.
      Fast forward to later that day, it's hot we both are dying and the ice truck is driving about three streets away, the music it plays atracts some neighbour kids that are playing outside too and we two scramble trying to estimate the time it'll take for the ice cream truck to get to our street. We are jumping to her dad to give us some money, he did and she grabbed her doll and put him in a small coin wallet looking thing. We go out and the ice cream truck is just two houses ahead and we zoom there I with the money she with the doll in her coin wallet and we buy that ice.

      The ice man was catering to a bunch of kids and seemed like he was struggling under the heat too. We get our ice, I pay, My friend puts her doll on the little counter they got and the ice man stays there for one minute to see if more kids come while we walk away. So we are inside, eating, finish our ice and then she remembers: HER DOLL!
      We both were panicking, looking for it everywhere till we remember that the doll was out there on the counter. We ran out and the truck was gone, naturally. We cried a lot that day, I really felt the loss even if he wasn't my doll. End of the story is: Her dad called the public pool because the ice cream truck belongs to them and asked if they could get the doll for them. She at the end got her doll one day later, the vendor in the truck having been called by the pool and instructed to give the doll to the manager once he clocks out.

      I wonder if the doll is still with her. It's been four years since I have had contact with my friend and consequently her doll.
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    2. Your friend was so lucky to get her doll back!

      Most of my stories are pretty boring. At 11 years in the hobby, I've bought, sold and traded more dolls than I can count, and it's usually the same old story: didn't look the same in person, hybrid didn't work, or got bored and wanted something new. That last part is most common for me, since I'm not happy just collecting, I like to bond with one group/story for awhile, then sell them and start something new.
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    3. That's a lovely story. :) However, I'm more like @CloakedSchemer - I've been in the hobby for a long time, and my partings are never interestingly sad or romantic. I usually know from the moment I open the box for the first time whether or not I'm in love with a doll. All of the ones I adored at first sight are still in my crew...and all of the ones I sort of went, "meh" when I saw them are gone. It does make me happy to see new owners taking pictures and loving the ones I sell, though, so in that regard I guess my partings are actually kind of nice!
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    4. I've sold and traded a lot of dolls in my short time in this hobby (about 2 years being really into it). My first anime-styled bjd I didn't bond with. She was a resin anime styled msd, luts kid delf coco in real skin brown. She was my 3rd or 4th full doll I believe. Her emotionless face annoyed me a lot compared to my other more expressive dolls. I tried to get her a new head, but at the time luts wasn't selling lone msd heads and I had zero luck finding one secondhand that matched her color. I ended up selling her and immediately buying a more realistic sd, which I also eventually traded because he was too realistic for my tastes. I discovered I like a good middle-ground between anime and realist styles. I now have another anime-styled doll (a vinyl dollfie dream this time), and I actually like his one. Plus she's easier to buy a replacement head for. xD
    5. I'vethe others been collecting for eons & don't have any great parting stories. I sell when I do a purge & sell off all the dolls that don't make my heart beat faster. Or I'll sell when I really need money for something. Probably the most interesting sale was when a lady posted a wanted ad in the Marketplace for a tan Dark Elf Soo She'd just posted so I wrote her back that I had one & would sell her. I really liked that doll but she just didn't fit in with the other dolls. She couldn't believe her luck; she'd thought it would be months before anyone answered her if they even did. I was able to make her happy & to move on a doll to someone who loved her more.
    6. I've only traded one doll body away so far, usually all the dolls I buy I already have something planned and I love them. I traded my Iplehouse body since the character I was supposed to be shelling was 17 years old and looked like a fully grown man with the body.
    7. I haven't sold a doll yet (but I will soon; there are a few on the chopping block) but there are a couple that have left me for different reasons.

      One BJD I actually traded for a Pullip! She was Mirodoll Wind, which I thought was a cute sculpt but the head had come free with an order. She wasn't a doll I had chosen for myself and had never bonded with, so I didn't feel bad letting her move on. The Pullip, on the other hand, was customized and I'd been following her in someone else's collection for years, so I jumped at the chance when she was listed for sale. The seller also very nicely hand-sewed several dresses for some of my other BJDs to make it a more even trade.

      The second BJD I let go has an even weirder story. There are periods where I'm not super involved with the BJD community; I'm always enjoying my dolls on my own and working on them, but I'm not always on DoA, attending meets, etc. It was during one of these "community downtimes" many years ago that I purchased a BJD on eBay that turned out to have been stolen from a fellow DoA member! The doll was definitely legit, and it had been clear from the listing that it was going to be a "fixer-upper," but nothing could have prepared me for the doll's arrival. The state it was in made me instantly think the seller was definitely not a doll person at all, so a friend and I began trying to dig to find the doll's history. It didn't take long, thanks to the BJD's custom face-up and the Database on DoA (this was before Doll Profiles). And heartbreakingly, in the original owner's profile, it listed that this particular doll had been stolen! The story was all over DoA and LiveJournal, but due to my lack of community involvement at the time, I missed it! I contacted the doll's rightful owner right away to let her know I had the doll and wanted to send it back home ASAP. So that's the story of how I came to "own" a BJD for six hours...

      (There's more to the story; the owner and I tried to recover the money I'd spent but I'd have had to send the BJD back to the eBay seller. In the end, it was more important to me that the doll be returned to her rightful owner. The owner, in turn, sent me an absolutely beautiful doll as a thank you present! Because of her special story, I'm very attached to this particular doll. She means a lot to me and really exemplifies the absolute kindness of the community and of the selfless person who gave her to me. Also, I have since learned to always check the "stolen and missing dolls" thread here and to be mindful that recasts are not the only "bad" thing to look for when purchasing secondhand!)
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    8. I tend to be very sentimental, so letting go of a doll is hard for me, even if it's not really working. However, I recently ran across a "want to buy" thread while researching dolls for a new character. Someone here was wanting damaged anime-style heads and bodies. On a whim, I decided to offer an Obitsu I'd been having a devilishly hard time with. I've tried at least half a dozen characters on this doll, none of them worked, and it's been a long time since I've had any inspiration for this doll. Seeing how excited this person was to get the doll and work with it made me really glad I sold it, someone was finally enjoying this doll. I ended up being re-inspired by all of my own dolls.
    9. I'm not confident in my abilities to sell a doll online. The one time I parted with a doll, I wanted to reduce my collection, and she was the one I'd bonded least with. I gave her to a friend who was familiar with my hobby and I felt would give her a good home.
    10. I sold a Littlefee Ante, PukiPuki Ante, and PukiPuki Rose. I was in a financial emergency and I probably let them go for less than I should have and it was painful, but it needed to be done, and the new owners seemed really happy to have them.

      I also sold on an Iplehouse KID Lonnie - she was lovely but she didn't fit with my other dolls, and the difference in size made her difficult to buy or make clothing for. I'm glad I tried out that size but I won't get again, it didn't suit my collection.
    11. Iplehouse EID Victor. He was the first BJD I saw in person, the first I owned. I found him after Iple discontinued a few of their basic dolls. It was very disappointing for me, I fell for him so much! I saw that they have auctions, selling blank dolls with small imperfections. I started to hunt those events and he just appaer one day. That was a normal skin Victor on model type body, and with mobility joint. I said : that' all nice, but I want a real skin type, and I haven't got money. So I passed it. Hunt is continued, I follow those auctions like a hound every week. 2 or 3 months later there were a new auction, and there he was: on super hero type body. general tights in special real skin! I was overjoyed. I borrow the money asap, and wait till the auction ends.Than suddenly I wasn't sure that I want him or not, I bid in the last second I think. I was not happy, simply just numb.I waited 24 hours before pay him. Still not felt anything and couldn't understand why. When he arrived I was excited, I could watch his face for hours, "So beautiful." But that was everything and that he stands like a rock. His joints not worked well, He couldn't sit by himself... I want him a doll friend who is different than him. On IOS's website I just found my new boy. I couldn't afford another doll, but I dreaming about him a lot.
      Back to Victor: (I called him Alan) I wanted to love him so much. I spent time to make his face up. (My first face up ever!) Made him a wig. Sew some clothes, and buy a pair of doll boots and a pair of child sandals. Made funny photos with him. Once I sew a plaid shorts for him and I just find him looking me with disgust. Like he hates what I do with him. Few days later I woke up, and my first thought was: I must sell him. Less than 24 hours later his new owner bought him. Few days later he was on his way to his new owner and a loving doll family.
      Now I know that I hated him for his serious look, and I won't buy another too realistic doll ever. I like them, but afraid of bonding issues. Sorry for the long post, and for my english.:sweat
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    12. wrong tread sorry
    13. This past February, I gave my Fairyland PukiPuki to my mom as a birthday present. I love the look of them but I originally bought her on impulse, without a character, and I'd never been able to figure her out or fit her into any of my stories. And lately I've really wanted somebody to talk BJDs with in real life! I figured, my mom already likes other dolls, and loves miniatures, so it seemed like a good idea.
      She was very surprised. I'm still not sure if she'll keep her or not but it's been fun working on her together!
    14. I loved reading this!
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    15. Thank you! :)
    16. But I think that I feel terrible for the doll :...( I hope he finds his forever home!
    17. He does! His new owner is a nice woman with lots of dolls, and he become her grail doll.:)
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    18. I'd like to collect a few pieces of furniture to use as a room scene for my dolls. . .

      Chippendale Doll Armchair
    19. That's a very nice chair! I like to have some furniture too, and I like to make a diorama, but sadly I haven't got any space for it.