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PashaPasha Dolls *BrEaTh & PuLsE* discussion

Jan 3, 2017

    1. 2016 saw the creation of PashaPasha dolls with head sculpts being Breath or Pulse.
      After @Dreadfulme shared these amazing dolls with me I could not resist the first pre-order.
      As I am unable to link a picture here and now I will add the webpage link www.pashapashanewyork.com
      I thought this would be a great place for anyone who has pre-ordered these beauties to have a chat, hang out and share our excitement.
    2. PashaPasha girls are 54cm tall and there are currently 2 sculpts (Breath or Pulse) and 4 resin colors (White Bone, Milk with Blood, Ebony Silk, Blood Blue) available to choose from. The artist has spoken of adding more sculpts and optional parts this year and more resin colors later on.

      Breath: has more open eyes, narrower nose, and more expressive eyebrow ridge. Teeth with a fuller mouth than other sculpt. Pierced earlobes

      Pulse: has wider set eyes and more neutral eyebrow ridge. Teeth with wider, less full mouth that appears less open that the other sculpt. Pierced earlobes

      White Bone resin color


      Milk with Blood resin color


      Ebony Silk resin color

      Blood Blue resin color



      The artist can be reach thru the following sites for more info, chatting, and pics

      Pasha Setrova | Facebook

      PashaPasha Official Page (@pashapasha_newyork) • Instagram photos and videos

      The first and second batches of dolls are currently being made. A new preorder will open in March 2017 (can't wait!!!!)

      Yaaay! Super excited there is a thread for these girls now! I am currently looking through fabrics and hair so I can decide how exactly to style my girls.
      #2 Dreadfulme, Jan 3, 2017
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    3. I'd not preordered Pasha Pasha doll, but i'm willing to join to the next preo-order, that's for sure. I like so much the easthetic of these dolls, face sculpts are both amazing. Thanks for opening this thread :)
      @HoneyRyder and @Dreadfulme which of the two sculpts you'd ordered and in which skin tone?
    4. :D!!!

      I ordered Pulse in Blood Blue and Breathe in Ebony Silk. I hope to join the March preorder as well but for some optional heads and hands for these two girls....

      , which girl and color do you want to order in March??

      I really can't wait to see their size in person since they are 54cm tall which I think is a nice inbtwn for msd and sd
    5. @Dreadfulme ... Pahahaha, I even get excited thinking about, what you're planning!!! I have been looking through pages and pages of pictures for inspiration of which I have 3 very different characters and only 1 doll. Until I actually have her I am not sure I will be able to commit to one.
      @$abbatha ... After a very difficult decision I ordered 'milk with blood' resin, it going to be my first resin which isn't white!!! Plus my first SD size doll too...I was really stuck between this colour and the beautiful blue which is on offer, it's really difficult sticking to my decision too, as the pictures shared so far all vary quite a lot due to monitors and different platforms etc.

      What about the cute shoes that are going to be available ... And the 3D stuff, still need to read up on that one.

      @$abbatha ... Oops I forgot to say, I ordered the Breath head sculpt :lol:
      #5 HoneyRyder, Jan 3, 2017
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    6. @Dreadfulme great choice! ;)
      Well i like so much Breath in milk with blood, cause it reminds me Elfdoll Homme color, i've enquired already to Pasha Setrova and she said that preorder will start in March, so i have time to save. IMO the size is pretty near to Serenade doll, but yeah i guess i can figure out just in real or possible maybe from owner pics :)
      @HoneyRyder yeah i love milk with blood, i love feet and shoes to be very honest. I guess that screen settings could change a little the real color, but to me this color is my fav one :3nodding:
    7. Oh yes, I forgot about the shoes... how on earth did I forget about those shoes? I definitely want them but I am also hoping for some other styles like maybe wedges? The furniture (it is furniture that will be offered, right??) I'm not really too interested in because I don't really use props that much, they always sit around and collect dust lol

      HoneyRyder, are you wanting to get some shoes and props for your girl? Do you have an idea on how you want her to look yet??

      Good choice for you too! :aheartbea

      The milk with Blood is a gorgeous color, if I can afford another girl later, then I will choice this color as well :-)
      #7 Dreadfulme, Jan 3, 2017
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    8. @Dreadfulme i would love to see what you and @HoneyRyder will do with your girls :D
      As me milk with blood seems to be the best option cause white bone seems too pale and blue blood is not my cup of tea, hey i love this color, but basing on my personal tastes after a little will become a boring color :sweat i'm basing this personal view as to me PashaPasha dolls have the vibe of artist/fashion dolls so too much colorful skin won't let me cope with her, hopes it makes sense. :sweat
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    9. @Dreadfulme ... Upon ordering this cutie, I was planning on her becoming a goddam sexy cyberpunk ( kinda me if I was 20yrs younger ha ha ) BUT, the more I researched this look and gathered ideas, I came to thinking that Yuki is probably more suited to this guise !!!
      I would love a urban punked up pirate too, maybe this will suit Pasha Breath??? As the aesthetics of the doll are so amazing, I want to be able to show of those gorgeous angles and curves...
      @$abbatha , it's so good to hear your opinion on resin colours. I think I am nervous because I have gone so far outside my comfort zone with colour !!! But for the past few months I am being drawn to the caramels and tan coloured resins more and more ... I know that I have chosen correctly for me, heh
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    10. @HoneyRyder i'm happy that sharing opinions with me helped you to feel sure about the skin tone choice, i got in past appalling experiences when a new doll came to me and skin color was so unappropriate for my needs/tastes or such..this happened also with Twigling Pietà, in first i've chosen pink color then pleaded to change with vivid cause pink was too plain.
      I think that your concept is amazing, cybergirl would be pretty interesting with some interference make up or metallic palette face up. Punkgirl is interesting concept as well, especially if you chose bold face up, to me all your ideas sound pretty interesting :thumbup
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    11. Yea your Yuki already has the look going on for her but there is no reason to not have two cyberpunk girls. Likewise, the punk pirate sounds lovely too, I can totally see it.

      The recent pics that Pasha has shown of the girl in the black fishnet dress with grey wig really makes my love grow for the Milk with Blood color. I understand and see how you feel the colors. :aheartbea :aheartbea
      Lol Im so doomed financially because honestly I love all the colors which is different for me because usually I don't buy white resin anymore. But I have an idea brewing for the white bone color as well. I am mostly waiting on a.) more funds and b.) new head releases
      #11 Dreadfulme, Jan 4, 2017
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    12. @Dreadfulme ... I have another idea on the back burner brewing, which is a strange Big Top Mistress which I think Pasha Pasha could pull off the best. I wish I had the skill of being able to sketch my ideas!!! Grrr I really am the worst at sketching. But I am thinking Cirque de Soliel, Berlin 1930's, with an amazing set of Boots !!!! Ha ha
      What are you dreaming up for your girl, I would love to know ??? It must be said that the photo shoot does show these girls look fierce in pairs
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    13. Oh that sounds like fun!! I love circus girls <3 I can't wait to see how you put it all together :)

      My girls are sybils ---- ancient, powerful oracles ... I will pm you the details as I can wanna have a public "unveiling" as I get everything together for them. :D
    14. Id like to know how much cost one pasha pasha doll, I tried to find it on the oficial shop but it is sold out now, I couldn't find the price. So please is someone could give me this information ill be grateful
    15. $800 USD plus shipping for full doll... heads are $200
    16. Thank you ❤️️
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    17. I missed this topic ^^''. Glad to see that the love for these beauties is spreading on DoA as well :3.

      I pre-ordered my Breath in White Bone back in december, I think. I paid for her in full, so I hope my waiting time would be a little shortened xD, I'm not sure about it though. I also asked for a sample in Ebony Silk as I was very impressed by her Breath in that color and I may consider to order another doll like that in the future.
      However I'm quite picky when it comes in skins colors and in tan in particular, so I want to check it in rl first.

      When I contacted Pasha the first time, she told me that the waiting time would vary according to how many orders would have been placed, so I'm not really sure about how much time it would take for finish them, but it seems that the first batch is already done, yay.

      Congrats everyone for their incoming dolls <3
    18. Congrats on your order!

      Hmmm... they started shipping out? Already? Where did you see that at? I haven't heard anything yet. I think I need to go check my email lol
    19. Oh, I am so happy to see Pashas dolls finally on DoA!
      I have been following her process for quite some time and I am absolutely smitten by these dolls! The shoulder joints are so innovative and cool, and the whole easthetic is so enchanting and unique.
      I really really wish I could afford one, but I am afraid that is not possible for me right now. But if I had that much money I would grab one in an instant! It would probably be Pulse in White Bone, but all the colors are really pretty.
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    20. No, I don' think so, but she wrote this on her instagram about a week ago ^3^:

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