PashaPasha Mini and Simply Beautiful

Jun 26, 2020

    1. My PashaPasha Simply Beautiful is underway to me and I would love to know more about her. I have bought a few outfits but for example (affordable) shoes are difficult to find. Who else has a PashaPasha Mini or Simply Beautiful or is waiting for one? If you own one, what clothes, shoes or wigs do you have?
    2. I owned a PashaPasha Mini doll before. ElenPriv on Etsy is a good source for clothes if you like the style. Don't buy there oversized clothes - they are way too wide. But the tailored clothes have a really good fit.
      Some 3D printed shoes and accessories can be bought in the shapeways PashaPasha shop, they are concepted for the PashaPasha feet and fit perfectly. I had an alpaca wig for her.
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    3. Pasha heads aren't easy to find universal wigs for, my tip is to get a hard shell wig cap from shapeways and glue your wig to that. :)
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    4. Thanks @nufa and @xxadrii. The outfits I bought are from Elenpriv, they are gorgeous so I hope I chose the right fit. Thanks for the tip on the wig cap/shoes, I will look into that. I ordered a wig from PashaPasha so I'll be ok with that but would love to have another one so I can change a bit.
    5. Do post photos of her please! :)
      I'm so curious about this new body..