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Passing on your hobby

Sep 4, 2011

    1. I've seen some mother and daughter bjd collectors and I think it's really sweet. BJD are alittle too young to have many of them though.
      So my question is would you encourage your children to get into this hobby or were you first introduced to this hobby by a parent or older relative?
    2. If I ever had kids, I'd think it would be cool to have them involved in the hobby. I wouldn't urge them to participate, but if they really wanted to, and were asking about how to handle the dolls, as well as how to do things for the dolls, like sewing, face ups... I would welcome it.

      I'd have to see how well they treated my dolls before I gave my 'blessing'. If I felt that they were being more careless than careful, I'd still let them be around my dolls, but I'd have general restrictions - like they can't handle them or move them without my permission. If they showed that they were being careful and responsible, as well as showed a general interest in having their own, I'd probably buy them their first doll if I could afford it. After that, I'd encourage saving for a second if that's what they wanted. Saving for a BJD helps one prioritize a little.

      If I had kids, I think I'd probably be equally enthused if my hobby inspired them to go into one of the other hobbies surrounding it - like photography or sewing.
    3. I would hope that my future children find something they want to collect and take care of.
      Creativity kinda runs in my family, so I would at least try to get them interested in a hobby like this.
      Then again by the time I have kids who knows if they'll be interested in boring old dolls haha!
    4. I wouldn't really want my kids in the hobby, but if they wanted to get dolls, I wouldn't stop them. The hobby is my thing, into which I escape from my responsibility, so I wouldn't exactly love to have my family doing it with me. The more "valuable" hobbies like reading, scouts and art, that would matter more to what kind of people they would become, I would definitely share with them, but this is just my silly relaxing-hobby. (Not in a bad way, it's my number one at the moment.)
      Still, it's very unlikely I'll ever have kids, so no worries there ^^;
    5. I would truly drag my children (if I have any) into this hobby. But they have to learn it the hard way as in I won't buy it for them, they will have to save up their own money to buy it, then they can truly appreciate its worth. :)
    6. I would love to pass the hobby to my kids in future (if I will have any). Its a creative hobby, something that you have to learn about, take care of and save for. Also at the end of my life, someone would take care of my little or not so little ones.
    7. I already encourage my son's interest in my dolls. He's almost 5, and has had a love of my dolls since he was 2. If his interest stays once he's out of his current stage of being destructive with his toys (mostly by chewing on them...just like me at his age) then he'll likely wind up with a smaller, Yo-sized, doll for a birthday or Christmas gift to start him off. If his interest fades, it's not so big a deal, either. But I would LOVE to share this hobby with my kids. I already share it with my sister, and gave her her first 2 dolls. I'm also slowly getting my husband into it. So why not my child, if he wants to join? My youngest, who is only 2, shows NO sign of caring about the dolls one way or the other, so far, but is obsessed with their tiny shoes and wigs. We'll see if that goes anywhere as he gets older, or not, but I don't really think that it will. Unless the end result of his obsession with the things for the dolls is that he enjoys designing and building/making things for the dolls with my dad, who is already planning on helping me build some doll houses for my tiny tinies, and props, furniture, and such for my larger dolls.
    8. I am not planning on ever having kids of my own, but I am going to be a aunt in the spring aka my sister is pregant. I am hoping that when my Niece or Nephew is older they might show intrest in one of my hobbies so we can do it togethere. Be it dolls, anime, or transformers I hope to pass somthing of child like wonder on to my coming niece or nephew and help them learn to use there Imagenations and have fun.
    9. I would definitely love it if my son got into them :P He already likes my tiny so I think he's well on his way xD
    10. Ha! I'm 36 and I got my mom into the BJD's. I'm an evil, evil enabler. :mwahaha
    11. It's funny, I do call my involvement in ABJD's a hobby on the forum, yet I don't
      really consider it one, personally. To me those who are active in sewing & like
      to mod or do any customizing are involved in the hobby aspect of these dolls.....
      I'm just a collector. I discovered these dolls and immediately showed them to my
      Mom and within several months we both had dolls.....she has "inherited" a few of
      mine *laugh* also. She wouldn't consider herself a collector, either. So what's my
      point? Well I guess it's that you can introduce anyone to these dolls without all of
      the concern of it becoming a hobby that "requires" time & money...that's a choice.
      You start with one doll.
      And if I knew of any child that showed interest in these dolls, is responsible, and I
      had permission to, I would happily buy one for them. I would sooner buy a child a
      BJD than I would a living creature (which is often how parents teach children to be
      responsible...often ending tragically too) and there are so many to choose from, it
      would not be hard finding a doll the right size & price. I would have loved one as a
      child....so it would be really nice to do that for someone! Sorry for the rambling XD
    12. This is an interesting point. I don't really consider collecting BJDs a 'hobby', per se; however, they do get you interested in other things that I could consider hobbies, such as art, sewing, writing, or photography.
    13. If I had a kid some day, I don't think I'd mind if they got into the hobby. After all alot of us do start out by being introduced by another.( For me it was a dormie freshmen year of college.) I'd have to make sure though they are mature enough to handle a doll before I'd buy them one. Otherwise they would have to save up on their own for it. I agree with LuLa78, good way to teach responsibility without a live creature being involved.